Testimonial - The Dreaded MRI Scan

Testimonial - The Dreaded MRI Scan

Kim Bradley writes: "[The following is] a wonderful testimonial of a client who was experiencing extreme fear and anxiety about having to have an MRI scan.ย  I have found it is quite common for people to fear these kinds of tests. Whether it be the enclosed space, the strange noises, having to lie still, the fear of the unknown and the fear of the results, EMO has proved to be extremely effective yet again.

I know Liz wants her testimony to stand as a beacon to anyone who is currently feeling anxious, frightened or nervous about any medical procedure they are about to embark on."

Read on for Liz's EMO testimonial...

Liz writes: "I was recently referred to Charing Cross Hospital by my Doctor, who suspected that I may have suffered a minor stroke. The Consultant there required me to have a series of tests, which included an MRI scan. Being unable to lay totally flat without becoming giddy, and not liking enclosed spaces, I became extremely frightened about this appointment. I had been advised that it could take anything from 10 to 45 minutes to complete, and this filled me with absolute horror.

I have previously been to Kim for EMO Trance, to help me overcome my travel problems. Being susceptible to giddiness through movement I became very reluctant to attempt journeys on trains, buses etc. Kim helped me through this a while ago, and I now donโ€™t even think about undertaking such journeys. They have become a normal routine. So, I felt Kim would be able to help me through this new situation that I was facing. She spent an hour and a half with me, talking me through every step of the way, from when I got up in the morning, leaving the house and getting there by underground train, and then during the scan.

The dreaded day duly arrived and I managed to practise all the methods Kim had talked me through. During the scan itself these helped to keep me from panicking whilst enclosed in the scanner. However, I did experience a little giddiness after I sat up, but this passed fairly quickly. Kimโ€™s EMO Trance methods helped me so much.

I would recommend EMO Trance to anyone who feels they need some assistance in controlling their fears or phobias, no matter what these may be. So much can be gained from EMO Trance, as I have experienced on more than one occasion. Each time I learn more and am amazed how effective it is."

Liz โ€“ August 2010


Kim Bradley continues: "What Liz describes here is a "walk through" that I did with her the day before the appointment.ย  Starting with the feelings she was experiencing in the body at just the overall thought of the following day and then taking her from imagining going to bed that night with it on her mind to breakfast the next day and step by step right through to the end of the treatment.ย  We were able to heal many layers of anxiety over every eventuality that Liz was nervous about.

I also helped Liz to create a beautiful place to visit in her mind whilst she was laying in the scanning machine.ย  She found the tranquillity of her favourite spot in Portsmouth most soothing and drew her senses inwards to her inner world rather that feeling hyper alert about what was happening on the outside.ย  Although Liz did experience some giddiness upon sitting up, Liz has a neck condition from old injuries that we are working together to heal using Inner Awareness Massage, the wonderful extension of using EMO and Massage together to heal these injuries and allow the kinetic energy held in the muscle tissue to release more completely and permanently."

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