Thank You And Merry Christmas

Thank You And Merry Christmas

Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley write: We just wanted to close this year with a big *thank you* to everyone who has supported us in our first year. The support has been fantastic. We have had a brilliant year and have meet so many wonderful people on our EMO journey.

This year has seen us complete a number of training events from Self
Help to Advanced Practitioner workshops. Congratulations to everyone who
has attended one of the workshops. We have hosted many free
demonstration evenings in order to spread the word to as many people
about this wonderful healing technique. As you know we feel very
passionate about EMO and how it can help *EVERYONE*. We have had
the opportunity to write articles for several trade magazines and have
had the privilege of presenting and demonstrating EMO at several
events this year. We have attended many different and fun events from
the Vitality Show, CamExpo, Yes Group, Success University meetings and
even went north of Watford and had a great time at the Manchester Mind,
Body and Spirit Festival. We have worked with Amanda at Amanda's Actions
Kids at some very lovely venues including the Park Club Acton, Chelsea
and Fulham Football club plus the Deep Restaurant in Chelsea, famed for
the filming of Gordon Ramsey's "F Word".  Thank you to everyone who made
these opportunities possible.

We are proud to have introduced some specialised programmes to our
workshops including Harmony in the Home to support families in all manor
of situations. We started the year with our Weight Loss Programme and
are due to relaunch it as Transforming your Relationship with Food, as
during the workshops we identified it wasn't just about weight loss. Our
schools programme is ready for launching in the new year, this is
dedicated to helping children with emotional challenges including
bullying and tackling exam nerves.

We have had the honour of attending several charity and fundraising days
including Jane Trowbridge's Cancer Charity days, we have supported local
schools and the Buddhist Vihara. Anyone wanting support for their own
Charity events next year please let us know.

As many of you know we have added a forum to our website and would
invite all of you to join and give us your feedback and use it to keep
in touch. To subscribe please

Whilst we wanted to say a big *thank you*, we also want to wish you and
your families a lovely *Holiday Season* and wish you all much *success,
health, happiness and peace for 2009.*

Love and best wishes

Kim and Louise xx

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Kim Bradley
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EFT Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, England.

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