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The 58 Day Migraine Versus EMO

Mary Eaden Parker writes: At the beginning of July I awoke in the night with a terrific headache. I took the customary painkillers to no avail. I went to work as usual and within an hour I walked out, unable to deal with this pain. This action is so unlike me. Later that day the pain was so bad my husband took me to the A&E department of our hospital. From then the medical treatment stepped into action. I attended A&E twice more. I visited my doctor and within ten days was sitting in front of the Consultant Neurologist.

The pain was ceaseless and debilitating. Doctors, more doctors, medication, I could not have had more attention. I was admitted to the Neuro Unit of a seriously competent hospital. More medication. And still the overwhelming pain. I was C.T. scanned and had a lumbar puncture. The staff were amazing but they did not know what was causing the pain.


When I was discharged the hospital suggested that alternative therapies might be helpful.

Whilst in hospital our house was burgled and both my husband’s and my own cars were stolen. Could things get any worse?

During this time the pain was unrelenting. I found myself withdrawn, angry and tearful, and the pain continued. We paid for a scan to find some reason, some cause for this pain. The scan revealed nothing. The pain was there 24/7 and was beginning to change my personality and it was taking away my life. I am usually optimistic, cheerful, and dare I say humorous. All that was gone.

Who was I?

What had happened to my life? My friends and family searched for anything and everything to ease this pain. My husband was wonderfully supportive but he had lost his wife. He was at a loss as to what to do. The pain would not go away.

A friend of my daughter recommended that I call Sally Canning, I was at the end of my tether when I spoke to her answer machine. Sally called me back and even though it was Bank Holiday she made time to see me. My husband took me as I was not capable of driving, my concentration and strength had left me. Noise was horrendous and it was impossible to touch my head. I was weak and in pain when I arrived. I was optimistic with a degree of scepticism.

Sally asked me to identify the pain, and the associated feelings, and together, slowly, we proceeded. I had a strange and unusual feeling.

What was it? I don’t know. Then I sat up, I nodded, I shook my head. It didn’t hurt! WOW, it didn’t hurt! This was me – hearing the telephone hurt, my hair hurt, so much that I couldn’t touch it or wash it and had it cut off. It didn’t hurt! The tears came again, but this time for the most uplifting reason.

That hour and a half changed my life. Since seeing Sally Canning I have started driving again, I have started to regain my stamina, I have a life.

I have been to see Sally again to release some of the emotions that this experience gave me. I have thrown the medication away, and I can see the good and beautiful things, which had become distant whilst wrapped in this pain. I still have twinges in my head but they are becoming weaker as I get stronger.

The doctors said “A migraine trapped in my head”, I say a miracle.

Thank you Sally Canning

And thank you for EMO!

Mary Eaden Parker

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