The Advanced Patterns of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

The Advanced Patterns of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques As a major new release, the first edition of The Advanced Patterns Of EFT by Silvia Hartmann, PhD, is now available in E-Book format, with the UK hardcopy edition to follow. Long awaited and an important contribution to the emergent field, this collection of highly advanced EFT techniques, treatments, protocols and patterns has been reviewed by a panel of peers from widely different backgrounds and healing modalities. Update 15/02/03 AK: The soft-back edition of this book is now available.

From the author of the highly acclaimed, bestselling "Adventures In EFT", the definitive guide to Classic EFT for self help and as the introduction to using EFT in client work comes an outstanding contribution to the emergent field of meridian and energy therapies - The Advanced Patterns of EFT.

These patterns are indeed, advanced and it is recommended that beginners in EFT start with "Adventures In EFT" before moving on to The Advanced Patterns of EFT.

Below are peer reviews from experienced meridian energy trainers.

Peer Review of The Advanced Patterns of EFT by Paul Cutright

First of all, this piece of work is nothing if not thorough and comprehensive! I appreciate the way the author begins at the beginning, i.e., reviewing the EFT treatment flow, building rapport, etc. in Part 1, Elegance in the EFT Process. Even in this section she introduces ideas and procedures that may be new to many EFT practitioners. One point in particular I find well taken is the Concept of Client Avidity.

Any practitioner will be served by the author’s introduction of some NLP concepts such as Timelines, Trance States, Metaphor and Language Patterns for Opening Statements. In my own experience of training people in EFT, language patterns for use in the Setup are among the most challenging for trainees to grasp.

Once the author launches into Part 2, The Advanced Patterns of EFT, there is no stopping her. Her material is well organized and flows logically from one major concept to another. Each concept, e.g., Energetic Relationships, Guiding Stars and EFT, Clearing Guilt, etc. is thoroughly explained. The personal stories and anecdotes are especially useful for making the material accessible.

I sincerely believe that this book will serve to take EFT and its practitioners and trainers to a higher level of competence and expertise. The author’s depth of commitment and experience abound throughout the book and serves as an inspiration in its own right. I am personally inspired by having read this book.

All in all, it is my belief that The Advanced Patterns of EFT will significantly forward EFT in the world.

Paragraph in Brief:

The Advanced Patterns of EFT by Silvia Hartmann is a thorough and comprehensive work that should be required reading by anyone who considers themselves a serious practitioner of EFT. This book provides a wealth of practical tools for taking EFT beyond the relief of simple anxieties and phobias. Ms. Hartmann reveals her breadth and depth of knowledge in a completely accessible and useful style.

Paul Cutright

Paul is an author, speaker, trainer and coach specializing in relationships as a spiritual path since 1976. He has been teaching energy work since 1989 and co-developed Relationship Energy Repatterning with his wife and partner, Layne. Paul has been teaching EFT, primarily via teletrainings, since 1999. He also created the only online EFT training called The Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio Program that allows people to learn EFT directly through their computer.

He has been in a successful romantic and professional partnership for 26 years with his wife, Layne. They are the founders of The Center for Enlightened Partnership and together they authored Straight From the Heart, a book on authentic, high performance communication in which they share the foundation of their long-lived personal and professional success. They have also taught at The Chopra Center for Well Being in La Costa, California, have presented at The International Conference for Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia and are members of Barbara Marx Hubbard's Evolutionary Colleagues with The Center for Conscious Evolution in Santa Barbara, California.

The Center for Enlightened Partnership

The Emotional Freedom Training Program

Peer Review - The Advanced Patterns of EFT - Nils Jacobson, MD

The book has two main parts: One, ”Elegance in the EFT Process” and two, ”The advanced patterns of EFT”.

Part one is a profound presentation of all possible aspects of the classic EFT process, down to the most minute detail.

Throughout the discussion, Silvia stresses two aspects: how to make the therapeutic work “elegant” which means easy-flowing and logical, and yet with deep respect for the client and his/her needs and choices. “Flowing with the client preferences” is a typical section heading.

The whole presentation is clear, pedagogic and practical. Yet the style is not dry but personal, engaged, with case vignettes giving life to the theories and concepts.

I can easily appreciate that the presentation is not based on reading other’s work but on personal research, systematic study and experience.

Reading this part gave me many “aha” insights. It will be an invaluable reference in my continuing work with EFT, to increase my level of quality in what Gary Craig calls “the Art of Delivery”.

In part two, Silvia then presents “the advanced patterns” of EFT. Some of these are not new; I have seen them published on Silvia’s website or in email lists and even practised some, such as the “EFT Body Protocol” or “EFT As A Ritual”. Others are brand new to me, such as “Guiding Stars”.

Here Silvia’s style is even more personal, with sharing of experiences which gave new insights and set her on unbeaten tracks. She presents clinical vignettes which at once forever take place in my memory and sum up lots of
insights in a snapshot, such as the fat lady with wholesale buckets of strawberry ice cream.

For me as an EFT therapist, also this part is an invaluable reference treasure of more alternatives to help clients and myself find new paths in our lives. I am eager to start experiencing some of the patterns in my own personal work.

Also patterns which I have used rather often, such as proxy EFT, are described here with great clarity and new aspects which will make them even more attractive to use in the future.

I will return to this book many times, when I need fresh input and inspiration in classical EFT work, and when I gradually feel ready to try more of the advanced patterns of EFT.

Nils O. Jacobson, MD,

Dept. of Psychiatry, General Hospital,Kristianstad, Sweden


Hospital psychiatrist, was probably the first therapist to use EFT in the
Swedish official medical system.

The book’s first part is a most thorough overview of classical EFT work, to make it easy flowing and creative. The second part presents in detail some known and several new advanced patterns. They are presented around case stories which in a snapshot sum up lots of insights and set Silvia on unbeaten tracks.

The style is personal and engaged, yet clear and very pedagogic. Silvia Hartmann’s work is built on deep respect for the client’s needs and choices. I will return to this book many times when I need fresh input and inspiration in classical EFT work, and when I gradually feel ready to try more of the advanced patterns of EFT.

ADVANCED PATTERNS EFT – Peer Review - Edel Moylan BA, MSc

Silvia Hartmann’s latest book is a must for experienced therapists and fellow tappers. Her pragmatic, gutsy, down-to-earth approach draws you into her world of creativity, humour, honesty, and humanity. It certainly got me to re-assess how I am with my clients and how I may well improve my skills from the very basic essentials of rapport building up. She leaves no stone unturned and her obsessiveness shines through in the best sense of the word. Her synergistic approach draws from her vast experience in various realms of life, but most of all as a fellow human being. She draws from NLP, kinesiology, Grovian metaphor, TAT, Emotrance, Gestalt, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, ….

Her pioneering adventurous approach invites one to draw from one’s own creative wellspring within as well as adding her strings to one’s bow.

Energy Therapy is a living, breathing, growing, entity which continues to evolve thanks to people like her who tirelessly persevere in bringing it to the cutting edge. Even though Silvia continues to courageously cross new frontiers, she never ceases to hold the utmost respect and reverence for each individual and their world view and inner unique truth.

How many of us can get carried away in our enthusiasm to assist others and lose sight of their integrity and wisdom and life path which has absolutely nothing to do with us and our view of life?

Silvia’s scientific mind has the amazing capacity to draw numerous strands of life together in a holographic alchemistic sense and make previously numinous unfathomable quandaries, to my mind anyway, seem simple and ordinary and I wonder why I never saw the connections before. Her insatiable quest for in-depth knowledge of ephemeral transitory energy patterns and the workings of the universe provide us with commoner gardener knowledge of the galactic Starfields that she has cherished, ploughed and reaped on our behalf.

Edel Moylan, B.A., M. Sc.

Family Therapy, Dip. Biodynamic Massage & Psychotherapy, Reiki Master, etc.

Galway, Ireland.

Peer Review - Advanced Patterns Of EFT - Dr Michael Millett

Advanced Patterns is the first publication to contain information on highly developed ways if working with EFT, energy psychology techniques and clean and precise use of language in one place - taking it all to a new level.

Overall, I am appreciative of the mindfulness contained in Silvia`s work.

Moreover, because of Silvia`s extensive knowledge, singular care, experience with therapy and change-work, this publication is filled with gems of wisdom not ordinarily found in a clinical or self-help book.

A very elegant advancement of established EFT and a practical and useful book by a skilled clinician containing some of the most powerfully healing interventions known to date.

I highly recommend it.

Dr. Michael G Millett

Elevated Therapy International

Peer Review - The Advanced Patterns Of EFT - Ananga Sivyer CTAMT Dip. Kin MANLP

At my first handling of any book I like to skim over the contents and introduction before I begin reading the main body of text. When I received my pre-press copy of Advanced Patterns in EFT I went straight to the contents pages and was delighted to see such topics included as working with metaphors, the harmony program principles, and the vortex pattern.

I then sat back to explore the text in-depth. If Adventures in EFT is the ultimate guide to learning and using EFT for self-help, and in my opinion, it is, then Advanced Patterns in EFT is the ultimate guide for any practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies.

From invaluable information on establishing rapport with clients through to varied and insightful approaches for working with deep rooted and complex problems, Advanced Patterns in EFT is the ultimate sourcebook for any student or practitioner of Meridian Therapies.

I shall wholeheartedly recommend this excellent manual to our students as essential reading.

Worth reading for the Vortex or Evil CD patterns alone, this is a most instructive and desirable resource and one that I shall be wholeheartedly recommending to our students as essential reading.

From invaluable information on establishing rapport with clients through to varied and insightful approaches for working with deep rooted and complex problems, Advanced Patterns in EFT is the ultimate sourcebook for any student or practitioner of Meridian Therapies. I shall wholeheartedly recommend this excellent manual to our students as essential reading.

Ananga Sivyer CTAMT Dip. Kin MANLP

Chandra Personal Development Services

AMT Licensed Trainer of Meridian Therapies

Author of The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom and The Meridian Journey

Peer Review - The Advanced Patterns Of EFT - Brian Connelly

From a therapist's viewpoint, this book offers an extraordinary guide to lateral thinking and is a treasure trove of ideas for the reader.

My only critique is that this book seems to be a collection of essays and so develops a little unevenly for the reader. But then, several of the topics could probably be expanded to become books in their own right, which is why it is so thought provoking!

For example, in the area of addictions, Silvia Hartmann certainly has excellent insight and experience to offer. She is sensitive to the critical nature of the entry process to treatment and her Guiding Star protocols are strongly evocative of the 12-Step approach. She will ring many bells for those of us involved in this difficult treatment area! Her forthright statement that no other kind of therapy can effectively address the emotional, non-cognitive core issues of addiction is right on target.

In her review of EFT treatments, she illustrates the principle of tailoring the therapy closely to the client's need, as only they can express it. She calls attention to the many avenues that can be explored in Inner Child work and provides wise advice in treating bereavement as a natural process. In particular, the Summary of Opening Statements (on pages 171-172) provides a structure that will be a handy reference tool for the practicing therapist.

Finally, Ms. Hartmann concludes with a bit of a "teaser" on her new EMO paradigm: "What do all Meridian Therapies have in common?"

Maybe, in the holistic view, we are inviting an energy exchange "discussion" between "parts" of the mind-body unity, beyond a mere two-way conversation with the therapist? What would be your guess?

If you are a therapist, you simply must read this book to stay up to date in the exciting and rapidly growing field of Meridian Therapies.

Brian R. Connelly, LMHC
Licensed Counselor & Therapist, Topsfield, MA
Emotional Freedom & Healing at:

The Advanced Patterns Of EFT - Available from

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