The GoE August 2008 Newsletter

Welcome! It's August and it's time for the GoE Newsletter. All in all it's been a exciting month, World Success Day was... a success! And Silvia Hartmann's new project The Genius Symbols is out later this month (We can't wait!). So here it is, read, enjoy and learn! In this issue: + News: 08-08-08 World Success Day Was A Triumph! + Article: Overcoming War Trauma By Sarah Bird + Article: Project EMO by Silvia Hartmann + Article: Sandra Hillawi give gives your Love Life a Makeover! + News: Sharon Cass Toole is getting ready for the Tenth Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto this coming October + News: We are all counting down to the release of Silvia Hartmann's new Book The Genius Symbols and DragonRising are giving you the chance to win a VERY special prize!

**News: 08-08-08 World Success Day Was A Triumph!

Silvia Hartmann's 'World Success Day' was indeed a great success. Dr Hartmann has told us that she was inundated with responses from people who thought it was a marvellous idea and that they would be toasting their success on the 8th of the 8th, this year and every year from now on!

Dr Hartmann was interviewed on a great deal of radio stations such as BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Talk 107 among others. Articles also appeared in a number of newspapers across the country including this one from The Argus in Brighton:

**Article: Overcoming War Trauma by Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird writes: I am working with Harold McRae, Tapas Fleming and Sara Arey and Dick
Morrell in Columbus Georgia USA.

Harold has put together a workshop for combat veterans and active service personal and their spouses, who are suffering the effects of PTSD. This has been taking place over the past 10 days. We have had about 40 participants during that time.

To read the full article along with a statement from Brian Davis, an ex-special forces solider that attended the workshop please click here:

**Article: Project EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes: Today, I had a personal experience of something that shook me up and really brought me face to face again with - well, how different the world is for someone who knows how to do EMO, as opposed to someone who does not.

I too have had plenty of experience with this now, and when I look back on how APPALLINGLY painful and destructive emotional situations of the past were for me, like a marriage break up, unrequited love, the loss of a parent, mortality issues, uncontrollable floods of emotions and
emotional disturbances due to trauma, I can only shake my head and say, "We REALLY, REALLY need to make more of an effort to help out our fellow human beings here and SPARE THEM this needless SUFFERING!!!"

Find out what else Dr Hartmann has to say and exactly what Project EMO is here:

**Article: Sandra Hillawi give your Love Life a Makeover!

In our relationships and with our human spirit we are talking about emotional and energetic build up and pressure. We feel painful emotions as blocked energy in our body. When we get mad, it’s a pressure in the head, neck or chest. When are hurting, it’s a pain in the heart. When are worried, its in the stomach or the head. This is the energy we need to clear out. We need to open the energy release valves and just allow the energy to flow out. How? It’s so simple...

Find out how here:

**News: Sharon Cass Toole is getting ready for the Tenth Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto

Sharon Cass Toole writes: "We are currently gearing up for what promises to be the best conference yet. Do yourself a favour and mark your calendar for what is promising to be a very special event."

There is a great deal more information on the Conference, including how to to book your tickets here:

**News: Silvia Hartmann's astounding new book The Genius Symbols!

Silvia Hartmann defines what it means to be a Genius and she offers YOU the chance to become one. Be like Da Vinci, be like Telsa, be like Einstein... Be a Genius!

The book is to be released on the 23rd August 2008 and the publishers, DragonRising, are offering you the chance to WIN in their very special competition. All you need to do is Pre-order your book or e-book before the 23rd.

Find out more here:

So, there you go. I hope you have enjoyed this months newsletter and remember to keep us informed with any other news you may have so we can update the website!

Thanks for all your contributions,

Josh Alliston

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EMO and LOVE : UK Workshop Tour with Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi, GoE Trainer and Master Trainer of EMO and Author of The Love Clinic has set dates for a UK workshop tour to introduce people to EMO and following the media success of her new book The Love Clinic, to show how EMO can be successfully applied to improve our relationships.

At each town two workshops will be offered Saturday and Sunday focussing on :
1) learning to love ourselves more ....aka 'fall in love with yourself and you can love anyone' !!
2) healing and improving our relationships with others...or 'the love life makeover' workshop !!

If you would like to experience EMO and/or these important topics appeal to you, you can attend these workshops in :
Priced 'so low that everyone can go' from £50 for group bookings to £65 single booking this is a great opportunity not to be missed and a guaranteed weekend of transformation and a chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues old and new!!

For dates and towns on Sandra's EMO workshop tour visit her blog site:
Or contact Sandra direct for details


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