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The GoE August 2009 Newsletter

The GoE August 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the August 2009 edition of The GoE newsletter! This month we discover Silvia Hartmann's brand new book that is set to take the Energy Psychology world by storm, simple de-stress techniques and the merits of combining therapies to supercharge them.

In this issue:

**Introduction: Emotional Fitness For Life by Sandra Hillawi**

**News: The New Book That Helps Us Understand Ourselves & Other People**

**Article: Supercharge Your Treatments With Therapy Combinations by Janet Dedman**

**Article: De-Stress with http://StressFish.com/**

**Case Study: Using Matrix Re-imprinting To Access A Preconscious Memory by Sasha Allenby**

**Introduction: Emotional Fitness For Life by Sandra Hillawi**

In this superb article, international GoE trainer *Sandra Hillawi* gives a thorough introduction to her favourite energy therapy, EMO!

Sandra writes: “Lets talk about our Emotions, Emotional Fitness and Emotional Fitness Training!

Our emotions arise as our response to life, as we process the energies of life within our human spirit. The human spirit is an energy system. We cant see this energy system but we can feel it...as the feelings in our body accompanying our emotions indicating to us how we are handling the energies of life."

To read the full article please click on the link:



**News: The New Book That Helps Us Understand Ourselves & Other People**

Silvia Hartmann, already famed for her works on EFT, EMO, Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols, has discovered core principles of human psychology which can finally answer questions about who we are and how we can become the best we can be. The book is called *Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself And Other People* and will be released in both quality Soft-Back manual and quality eBook from the 23rd August.

There is currently a pre-order competition on, if you are one of the 5 lucky winners you will receive a holographic Events Psychology t-shirt with artwork designed by Silvia Hartmann. Pre-order the quality soft-back manual now and it will be signed by the author!

For more details on Events Psychology please visit:


For more details on the pre-order competition please visit:



**Article: Supercharge Your Treatments With Therapy Combinations by Janet Dedman**

In this article Holistic Therapist *Janet Dedman* shows how combining different therapies with either EMO or EFT can supercharge them!

This article includes a wonderful case study of using EMO to supercharge an Indian Head Massage, with some amazing results!

To read the full article please click here:


**Article: De-Stress With http://StressFish.com/**

Stress is one of the biggest problems for people in this modern world, and is one of the main obstacles that therapists have to help their clients overcome. That is why *StressFish.com* was founded. One of their newest items is a group of beautiful images of clouds & blue skies to release tension and ease anxiety, along with an exercise to show you how best to use the images.

Next time you have a client whose main problem is stress, why not recommend StressFish, or better still, tell them to take the time to look up and relax!

To de-stress & relax with the Clouds Anti Stress Exercise please visit:



**Case Study: Using Matrix Re-imprinting To Access A Preconscious Memory by Sasha Allenby**

In this client session, *Sasha Allenby*, co-author of the upcoming Matrix Reimprinting book available in October 2009, shows how to access and resolve a Preconscious Memory with Matrix Reimprinting in which her client had created the negative core belief that ‘people weren’t safe.’

To read the full case study please visit:


If you are interested in learning more about Matrix Reimprinting there is a *free* quick start manual and a *free* newsletter, which are both available here:



Thank you to everyone who sent in articles for the August edition of The GoE newsletter. Remember, you can send articles, case studies & news at anytime, you needn't wait for the reminder every month!

Until next time,

Josh Alliston

Communications Officer


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