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The GoE Meridian Therapy Practitioner Certification Trainings

The GoE Meridian Therapy Practitioner Certification Trainings

The GoE Practitioner Certification Trainings History In 1998, a dedicated group of experienced therapists and trainers came together to create a set of trainings that would go beyond the confines of any one existing Meridian Energy Therapy system and teach the principles of theory and practice in the entire field in such a way that it would encompass all the many techniques.

Note: This article refers to the original "MET Practitioner" and "MET Advanced Practitioner" qualifications. The GoE has since released a number of other qualifications for certifying energists, including the EFT Master Practitioner and EMO Practitioner. For a full list of qualifications see:

The GoE Practitioner Certification Trainings


In 1998, a dedicated group of experienced therapists and trainers came together to create a set of trainings that would go beyond the confines of any one existing Meridian Energy Therapy system and teach the principles of theory and practice in the entire field in such a way that it would encompass all the many techniques.

The main objective behind the training design is to enable practitioners to understand and use meridian energy therapies in their totality, above and beyond each of the many individual techniques - those existing now and those still to be developed in the future.

To this end, information and structure were assembled and the training was created by Silvia Hartmann who brought together input, information and original materials from Susan Courtney, Chrissie Hardisty, Silvia Hartmann, Gary Craig, Willem Lammers and Tom Bolton. In 2002, the Advanced Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer's Training Programmes were added with input by Christine Sutherland, Larry Nims, Tapas Fleming, Silvia Hartmann, and Susan Courtney, amongst others.

The GoE trainings have since been taken by many hundreds of therapists and health workers from Europe and all around the World and are universally accepted for the thorough, cross-contextual grounding they provide in the emerging field of Meridian Energy Therapies, which includes Energy Psychology as one of it's components.



The Training Design

This outstanding licensed training in 8 modules consists of three interactive components that together create the understanding and competence necessary to conduct professional interventions, with an absolute focus on training a practitioner who will support others in a safe, cohesive, ethical and effective manner.

These interactive components are as follows:

1. The lectures, materials and information presented by the trainer in the correct order and sequence and including unique, custom-made protocols for addiction treatments, memory retrieval, safety with clients and health issues.

2. The exercises that are designed to install the understandings received through the information presented and to bridge these understandings into practical action and congruent knowledge and ability.

3. The Certification paper, which brings a full review of the material covered in the training as well as taking the training from the learning environment and connecting it firmly to the actual practical environment of the practitioner through carefully designed questions and a client case history.


Training Contents

The Practitioner Certification training pre-supposes at the minimum a working knowledge of EFT from the participants. To this end, the trainers offer introductory trainings for groups of health workers who are not yet familiar with the field, often in conjunction with and before the start of a Practitioner Training.

The main topics covered in the MET Practitioner Certification Training are as follows:


Module 1 - Welcome to Extraordinary Healing

· Course Overview

· A Brief History of Meridian Therapies

· Ambassador EFT

· Therapeutic Applications

· Teaching EFT

· Circuit Work


Module 2 - Contacting the Problem

· Statement Formulation

· Observation and Calibration Skills

· Telephone Consultations

· Contacting the Problem without Words


Module 3 - Aspects & Testing

· Working with Aspects

· SUD & VOC; IE Scales

· Testing Results

· Treatment & Testing in Context


Module 4 - Working With Memories

· Safely Releasing Memories

· Safety Notes - Choosing When To Refer

· Dealing With Objections & Client Resistance

· Pin Point Work

· Phobia Protocol

· The Story Release

· Client Safety - Preventing & Treating Abreactions


Module 5 - Health & Physiological Symptoms

· Safety Procedures

· Medical Protocol

· Pain Protocol

· Emotional Components in Physical Manifestation

· Primary Gain & Secondary Gain


Module 6 - Addictions & Cravings

· General Addictions Protocol

· The Quick Anxiety Stopper

· Conditions for Releasing Addictions

· Cravings Protocol

· Homework

· Ecology, Future Pacing

· Algorithms


Module 7 - Flexible Approaches

· Client-Centred Interventions

· Add-On Techniques, Other Points

· Advanced Techniques

· Muscle Testing

· Psychological Reversal

· Corrections

· Creating Personalised Algorithms

· Short-Cuts


Module 8 - Tools For Therapists

· Therapist's Maintenance

· Beliefs Protocol

· Personal Development Applications

· Transference & Projection

· Structuring Treatment Sessions

· Intake Forms

· Homework Protocols


Exam & Certification (Optional)


Certification & Qualification

Practitioners certified through these trainers have the right to use the letters C.P. GoE which stands for Certified Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies through The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies. Although this certification does not in and of itself convey license to practice counseling or psychotherapy, it is recognised to qualify an existing practitioner for additional practice insurance to cover Meridian Energy Therapies.

The practitioner training is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the basic principles of the developing field of Meridian Energy Therapies and to prepare the practitioner to practice these unique forms of mind-body treatments with confidence and excellent success.

It is highly recommended that this training be taken for it brings together the underlying principles of Meridian Energy therapies and is the first step towards true mastery of not just one technique, but the entire field and all its rich and varied individual contributions.




The Advanced Practitioner Certification Training is designed to be taken no sooner than 3 month after completion of the Practitioner Training to broaden and widen the practitioner's range and scope.

The Advanced Practitioner Training introduces three further and very different forms of METs, namely TAT, BSFF and ET. It also includes Advanced EFT protocols, add-ons and applications.

It represents the outstanding opportunity for the practitioners who are already firmly grounded in the priniciples of MET work with clients to experiment, to learn and to try out many different approaches and techniques for themselves and to be able to discuss how and when to use these approaches to maximum benefit with fellow experienced professionals.

The Advanced Practitioner Training also includes more information on Kinesiology and very importantly, energetic states and clean and precise use of language, and introduces metaphor work that in conjunction with any of the MET approaches represents some of the most powerfully healing interventions known to date.

As the basics and most important core concepts of treating others with the new forms of Meridian Energy Therapies has already been established, there is no exam for the Advanced Practitioner Training. However, the trainers reserve the right to withhold or delay certification if they believe that this would be in the best interest of a participant and their clients.




Module 1 - The Role Of Kinesiology In MET Treatments

The Role of Kinesiology in MET Treatments

Kinesiology & Energy Flow

Exercises In Kinesiology


Module 2 - Advanced Applications of EFT 1

Slow EFT

Special Points Protocol

Combination Techniques

Conflict Resolution

Choices Method


Module 3 - Advanced Applications of EFT 2

Proxy (Surrogate) Work

The Vortex EFT Pattern

Interface Work

Gauge Work


Module 4 - Metaphor & Language

Trance States & Clean Language

Metaphor Elicitation & Use In Treatment & Testing

Metaphor Exercises


Module 5 - Tapas Acupressure Technique

Introduction To TAT


TAT Exercises



Module 6 - Be Set Free Fast

Introduction To BSFF

BSFF Demonstration

BSFF Exercises



Module 7 - EMO

Introduction To EMO

ET Demonstration

ET Exercises



Module 8 - METs & The Public

Conducting EFT Introduction Workshops

METs in the professional practice






These levels and trainings procedures are available to Advanced Practitioners only.



Trainer's Individuality

The training contents are standardized to ensure a cohesive quality of training and yet of course, allow room for the trainer's individuality, to add their own uniqueness to the trainings and to allow the flexibility to respond to the group on the day in the most supportive fashion.

For a full list of current licensed GoE trainers please click HERE.

In Conclusion

The GoE Certification Trainings represent a thorough and most importantly, cross-contextual grounding in working with Meridian Energy Therapies at the professional level.

The GoE Certification Trainings have no equal and are recognised around the World as being the most thorough and comprehensive training available in the METs.

Completion of the all-important, foundational Practitioner Level certification enables the successful participants to become a full member of the GoE with all benefits and rewards this entails.

For details of forthcoming trainings, please visit TheAMT.com or consult the trainings diary at TheAMT.com/events/


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