The GoE Conference - Europe 2002

European Energy Therapies Conference Oxford University Oxford, England Main Conference: August 2nd โ€“ 4th 2002 (Pre- and Post Conference workshops July 31st โ€“ August 1st and August 5th โ€“ 7th) Sponsored by the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies (AMT),ย  In affiliation with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Conference Co-Ordinator: Susan Courtneyย  We are happy to announce the First European GoE Conference which will take place for three days in August, 2002, at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Read the rest of this article - there are outstanding opportunities available for the right people.

The GoE Conference will include introduction as well as advanced events and pre- and post conference workshops. Full Certification Trainings will be offered in conjunction with the conference.

As this is a big media event which will draw considerable numbers, there are opportunities for enthusiastic people to be at the conference for reduced rates or even free of charge, to assist on workshops and meet the top presenters personally and get to know them. There are also opportunities for European presenters with original materials and innovative or interesting presentation subjects to bring their work to a wider audience.

To be kept informed and to be able to personally help shape this conference with your contribution, interested meridiantherapists/energypsychologists are invited to join the special GoE Conference list below where announcements, special offers and also presentation requirements will be made available first and in many cases, exclusively.

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The Conference Web Site Is Now Open - full presentations, workshops, presenters, trainings and lectures list, accomodation and travel information and on and off line booking. Click HERE to visit the Conference Website.
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