The GoE December Newsletter 2008

Welcome to the last GoE newsletter of 2008! It's truly cold outside (In England at least!) and nearly Christmas, but that doesn't mean that the GoE is relaxing. This months edition is just as packed with exciting news, case studies and articles as ever! In this issue: **Article: EFT and Me by Kelly Meisak **Case Study: Fear Of Anaesthetic by Jennie Baker **News: Teaching Children EFT- A new book comes to the rescue! **Review: Hear What GoE Practitioner Margarita Foley Has To Say About Tapping For Kids **Case Study: Emotional Causes Underlying Physical Pain by Kelly Meisak

**Article: EFT and ME by Kelly Meisak

Kelly Meisak Writes:  In February 2006 I skidded out of control in my car and crashed violently into a set of railings. My car was written off, but I exited unscathed and felt particularly lucky to only have suffered a bit of whiplash. A week later while styling a client’s hair in my hairdressing salon I collapsed suddenly. Never before had something of this nature happened to me and it was so strange and frightening. From that day onward I continued to get worse. I began fainting once or twice a day which built quickly to five or six. I suffered head rushes, constant dizziness, severe sweating, intense nausea and an exhaustion I never knew existed. At its worst I could barely walk, and standing for more than one or two minutes would cause me to collapse. My life truly fell apart around me. I went from being a lively stylist and manager of a busy salon who was full of health and fun, to the equivalent of an elderly bedridden woman, and at the age of nineteen it was a transition much faster and more abrupt than I could accept.

I wasn’t willing to go down without a fight. I saw several different G.P’s up to seven times, I visited every local hospital in the area as both an in and out patient and went through extensive tests, then also at three specialist hospitals in the city. As you can imagine, even getting out of the car to the doors of the hospital caused considerable difficulty and I eventually gave in to a wheelchair. In summer 2007 I was finally diagnosed with M.E/ chronic fatigue. Sadly however, being diagnosed did not mean that I could receive treatment. There was no treatment available through the NHS and they suggested I might have it all of my life. I tried everything; a chiropractor, Bowen therapy, herbal supplements, acupuncture, neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mickel therapy amongst others. Some made little dents in it, others made none but I continued to search, some might say obsessively. I was very aware that I had my health in my own hands and that if I didn’t do something about it, no one else would. I did however enjoy the searching; it gave me a sense of hope. I had always had a real passion for self help techniques and alternative therapies and to be honest reading all those books gave me something to fill those long days. It kept my mind active and productive and it’s only now that I realise how vital it actually was...

To read the full article please click on the link below:

**Case Study: Fear Of Anaesthetic by Jennie Baker

During our coffee break at work I noticed that M was tearful and was trying to hide her stress.  As she is a friend of mine I felt safe to enquire if she was alright and M proceeded to relate what happened.
M is a recovery nurse and was having a bad day.  She was on a late shift and had a lot on her mind as she was having an operation, as a patient herself, the following day.  Many years before she had a bad experience after surgery when she had many nightmares and flashbacks and was afraid it would happen again.  She really wanted this surgery to correct her squint for which she had waited 30 years.
As we both had 15 minutes to spare I asked her if she would be willing to try a calming called EFT.  She has had acupuncture in the past so she was open to the treatment.  She is really terrified of going under anaesthetic (sud scale 10).  After a brief explanation of EFT I proceeded to tap on her as she was tearful and was happy for me to do so.

To read the full case study please click on the link below:

**News: Teaching Children EFT- A new book comes to the rescue!

A new book published by DragonRising called Tapping For Kids by Angie Muccillo, teaches children how to overcome everyday traumas and troubles by using EFT.

The books uses songs, poems and raps to teach the tapping points to children and has some amazing illustrations. Also, as an exciting bonus, you receive 10 exclusive downloads only available when you purchase a copy of the book from DragonRising. The downloads include all of the songs, a certificate and a quiz!

Tapping For Kids is fast becoming one of the most popular stocking fillers of the year!

To learn more and to purchase the book click here:

**Review: Hear What GoE Practitioner Margarita Foley Has To Say About Tapping For Kids

I am delighted with Tapping For Kids. It is simply brilliant for children. It can be adapted to suit a particular group. The story form may suit younger children better but it can all be used very effectively with the 7 to 11 age group.

I also love the idea of CD's,posters, and quizzes, and the feeling meter. Even without all these it can be great for children. They can even make up their own poems, songs and stories from these. The pictures are clear and really explain the procedures so well. I also like the explanations at the end and the list of reference points for adults to tune into for further information. The Australians are very creative even if the ideas come from the US. I wish the book great success. You may not be aware but my dream is to teach both EFT and ET to children so I find this book especially inspiring. I wish it to spread across the globe and bring joy and peace and harmony to the hearts of millions of children and even adults.

Sometimes adults benefit as much if not more from children's books!
Margarita Foley, United Kingdom

**Case Study: Emotional Causes Underlying Physical Pain by Kelly Meisak

Kelly Meisak Writes: The basis of EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is that almost all physical pain and illnesses manifest themselves within the body due to stress. Stress actually comes from emotions; as we experience a vast array of circumstances, we feel emotions accordingly. However, in holding negative emotions within the body we cause disruptions in our natural energy field, and these disruptions then cause physical pain and illness as the energy is unable to flow freely as it naturally would. Never before had such a prominent emotional contributor been so apparent to me in relation to a physical ailment within the body. Notice how the subconscious begins with something seemingly insignificant, and gently unfolds its protection to reveal the layers underneath.
The client, who we shall call Mrs Brown had come to see me wondering if EFT could help relieve the pain in her leg. At the age of sixty-six, this painful vein which the client, although undiagnosed, referred to as a varicose vein had plagued her for almost twelve years. It often became dark, raised and painful after standing for a period of time. This was the first time Mrs Brown had ever used EFT so I spent some time with her before treatment to reassure her. I also encouraged her to be very aware of thoughts, feelings and images that came to her during treatment as many clients on their first session can ignore what they are being presented with, because they think it is insignificant.

To read the full case study please click below:

So that's all for 2008! I hope you have had a prosperous year and that the next one will be even better!

See you in 2009!

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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