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The GoE February 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of The GoE newsletter

In this issue:

** News: Two New Presenters Announced for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference
** News: Would you like your own personal website for business or pleasure?
** Article: EFT For The Outsider – Events Model & Memory Enrichment by Carna Zacharias-Miller
** Report: Healing Retreat In Egypt with Sandra Hillawi
** Article: Pet Bereavement Help – Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss by Silvia Hartmann
** Competition: The Loved-Up Valentine's Competition
** Blast From The Past: EFT – Could It Benefit Adoptive Families?

** News: Two New Presenters Announced for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference

The latest presenters for the 2010 EMO Conference to be confirmed are EMO Advanced Practitioner Cheryl Hopkins, EMO Trainer & GoE Practitioner Margarita Foley and International GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi.

Cheryl Hopkins has been confirmed as the second presenter at the 2010 EMO Energy Conference. Cheryl is an Advanced Practitioner of EMO and the founder of Change It Live It, a socially driven learning and development company she created to clear out workplace attitudes and behaviours that suck the life and effectiveness out of individual, their organisation and society.
Cheryl's presentation "EMO In Business" is perfect for anyone who is planning on taking their practice to the next level.

For more details on Cheryl's exciting and informative presentation, please visit:


The next presenter that has been confirmed for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference is Sister Margarita Foley. Margarita will be utilizing her considerable experience as an EMO Trainer, Relationship Consultant, Events Psychology Practitioner and GoE Practitioner to help you understand how to move with change, letting it flow through your life, instead of trying to stop it, which can often leave us overwhelmed. 'From Change To Transformation & New Life With EMO' will show us how to accept change within ourselves and help us to help others with their own changes.

For more information regarding Margarita's presentation please visit:


Finally, the greatly experienced Trainer Sandra Hillawi will be presenting 'Making the Changes Within for Business Success' at the EMO Energy Conference. 'Making The Changes Within for Business Success' will give you the confidence to get out there and make your business work with the help of EMO, teaching you to identifying and making the internal changes that you need to create the outer changes you desire in your business, so that you can enjoy the success that is waiting for you whatever your business or project.

For more details on Sandra's Conference Presentation please visit:


The full line-up for the EMO Conference has now been announced:


** News: Would you like your own personal website for business or pleasure?

AMT administrator Alex Kent has just launched SpaceNode which allows absolutely anyone to setup and run their own professional website.

If you would like to be amongst the first owners of a SpaceNode then Alex will setup a SpaceNode for you for just £39.99 for the first year. The normal price is £59.88/year.

As well as having a professional site for sending clients to that is ultra-attractive to the search engines, you can also setup email addresses such as you@yourname.com for just £0.99/month/account.

To signup for your new website visit http://SpaceNode.com/signup/ or phone the GoE office on +44 1323 729 666 to discuss your requirements. You can also check what domain names are available for you.


** Article: EFT For The Outsider – Events Model & Memory Enrichment by Carna Zacharias-Miller

Silvia Hartmann's "Events Psychology" opens new doors to understanding human behaviour and healing what went wrong. Read the case of a woman who was scared of groups, and how Events Psychology and EFT turned out to be a winning combination, from Events Practitioner Carna Zacharias-Miller.

“Claire” is tormented by the belief that she is always the outsider in groups. Even if everything seems to be fine, she has this unsettling feeling, that, out of the blue, she can be kicked out. And if a group does not work for whatever reason, she feels devastated, rejected, and abandoned. She has no idea where these very intense emotions are coming from; there is no memory that could account for that.

To read the full article please visit:


** Report: Healing Retreat In Egypt with Sandra Hillawi

International GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi has just returned from the beautiful Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea where she hosted a healing retreat. Sandra has put together a report on the healing retreat, which includes a video of the event:


If you missed the January Healing Retreat, Sandra will be hosting another in the same location in June. This is not to be missed. For more information please visit:


** Article: Pet Bereavement Help – Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: “Pet Bereavement, Pet Loss or Animal Bereavement, the pain a loving owner feels after their beloved companion pet has died, is unfortunately little understood. People who suffer from pet bereavement are often at the receiving end of, "Don't make such a fuss, it wasn't even a person who died!" attitude from friends and family, and even counsellors and psychologists look down on them because it is "only pet bereavement".”

In this article, Silvia Hartmann explains what pet bereavement is, why it is important to help people heal the pain of animal bereavements, and recommends practitioners who can help with pet loss.


** Competition: The Loved-Up Valentine's Competition

Technically, Valentine's day is over now and we must put the hearts and roses away. Even so, the great DragonRising Valentine's competition is still running until Sunday 21st February. So for full details and how to enter, please visit:


** Blast From The Past: EFT – Could It Benefit Adoptive Families?

This months Blast From The Past is taken from September 2008 and is an article originally published in the August '08 edition of Adoption Today, the bi-monthly magazine of Adoption UK which offers support and advice to adoptive Families. The article looks at EFT and the ways it can be used to help adoptive families.

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:


That is all for this month, thank you to everyone who has submitted articles, case studies & news for this months newsletter. If you would like to submit an article for the next newsletter, please send them in to us.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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