The GoE July 2009 Newsletter

The GoE July 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of The GoE Newsletter. This month we discover how using EFT can help improve mental strength and affirmations, we also find out the dates for the 2010 EMO Conference!

In this issue:

**News: Reaches Another Milestone!
**Article: Moving Beyond Resistance – Using EFT To Develop Mental Strength by Cathy Dixon
**News: The New Book That Combines EMO With Magic!
**Article: Gary Craig's New New Certification – an GoE Practitioners View by Mary Jones
**News: The 2010 EMO Conference – Dates & Venue Announced!

**News: Reaches Another Milestone!

We are proud to announce that earlier this month our website achieved a brand new milestone – 9 MILLION page views!

The page views keep coming in with thousands of new views every day. I look forward to reporting to you our 10,000,000th view in the near future!


**Article: Moving Beyond Resistance – Using EFT To Develop Mental Strength by Cathy Dixon

Cathy Dixon Writes: “If you intend to get to a destination and you decide to go by train, would you turn up at the station and tell the ticket officer that you don’t want to go to Manchester, you don’t like Grimsby and you are unsure whether to go to Birmingham? The attendant would expect you to know where you want to go and what time you need to get there.
Why should affirmations be any different?”

In this article GoE Trainer Catherine Dixon looks at the effects EFT has when using it to develop mental strength. To read the full article please click here:


**News: The New Book That Combines EMO With Magic!

Silvia Hartmann, Director of The GoE & creator of EMO has rewritten the foundations of Magic for the 21st Century by combining it with EMO!

By throwing out the dusty old spell-books and by challenging the roots, structures and beliefs of centuries old witchcraft, Dr Hartmann has created techniques that will finally make magic work for you in ways you never believed to be possible.

As the book is published by DragonRising you can still receive your GoE Trainer (50%) or Practitioner (40%) discount when purchasing three or more copies. The softback manual is due to be released on 20th July, whilst the quality illustrated eBook is currently available for download.

For more information please visit:

**Article: Gary Craig's New New Certification – an GoE Practitioners View by Mary Jones

Mary Jones, an GoE practitioner and trainer, recently became one of the first UK people to be EFT Certified under Gary Craig’s new certification program. Here, she tells the GoE about her experience and reflects on what the new program now means for the AMT’s own practitioner training program.

To read Mary's full article on the certifications please click on the link below:


**News: The 2010 EMO Conference – Dates & Venue Announced!

Exciting News: We have just been informed that the venue has been provisionally booked for next years EMO Conference!

Anyone who attended this years conference will agree that it was a truly exceptional weekend and everyone who attended learnt a great deal, including the presenters! The Europa Hotel which was the venue for the 2009 was in a wonderful location with excellent facilities, therefore it has been decided that it is the perfect place to host the 2010 Conference.

As for dates, it is traditional for the EMO Conference to be held in April, so the dates to keep in your diary are Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th , Sunday 25th & Monday 26th April 2010.

Please Note: These dates and the venue are all provisional and are subject to change.

We will let you know more information when it becomes available. Until then, why not read Silvia Hartmann's full report on the 2009 Conference here:


A big thank you to everyone who sent in articles for this months newsletters. As always, if you would like to submit an article for the newsletter please do not hesitate as they are greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,
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