The GoE November 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of The GoE Newsletter. This month we have a great deal to tell you, from an exciting new EFT book to be published by DragonRising, to the first EVER Skype EMO Training. **News: An Exciting New EFT Book Published By DragonRising. **Article: The Many Advantages Of Matrix Reimprinting By Karl Dawson **Article: Emotional First Aid For Children- EFT To The Rescue! By Angie Muccillo **Case Study: Helping Resolve Adoption Trauma With EFT By Baya Salmon-Hawk **News: The First Ever EMO Course Via Skype by Sandra Hillawi

**News: An Exciting New EFT Book Published By DragonRising

Tapping For Kids is a brand new book published by DragonRising and written by Angie Muccillo. The book is aimed at helping 7-11 year old children overcome fears, worries and everyday traumas.

“Tapping For Kids” offers a thorough introduction to EFT told through story, activities and rhyme, enhancing children’s learning and capturing their interest in EFT. Full of ‘kid friendly’ explanations, poems, exercises and specialized tapping scripts designed to encourage kids to tap everyday as a normal part of their lives, this book is ideal for reading and sharing with your children and can be used as a teaching resource in the classroom or as a tool in therapy.

The book will be available from the 1st December 2008 from the website below and is a must have for all the children in your life!

**Article: The Many Advantages Of Matrix Reimprinting By Karl Dawson

Karl Dawson Writes:  Matrix Reimprinting is a cutting-edge technique created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It combines EFT with quantum physics, to create rapid personal change. It is noted for its ability to quickly transform your relationship to your past, creating shifts in your emotional and physical well-being in the present.
Matrix Reimprinting is based on the understanding that when we experience a trauma, part of us splits off and goes into the matrix, these dissociated parts become ECHOs - Energy Consciousness Holograms.
The traditional EFT Movie Technique is a powerful means to release what has happened in the past. The Matrix Reimprinting technique furthers this by allowing you to interact with these ECHOs trapped in past situations, helping to create new and supportive pictures and 'memories' in your field.
This facilitates many benefits, that increase EFTs effectiveness and allows wonderful work to be done in previously difficult client situations.

To Find out all of the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting please click on the link below:

Or visit the site:

**Article: Emotional First Aid For Children- EFT To The Rescue! By Angie Muccillo

Angie Muccillo Writes: While many of the physical wounds of childhood like scraped knees, broken bones and bruises heal and repair in time, a child’s deep emotional hurts can stay with them for much longer and if unresolved can certainly go on to affect a person’s developing self esteem and relationships with those around them...

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can REALLY hurt me.” Words do stick, as do children’s impressions and interpretations of these words and actions (or lack thereof). Children who are equipped with EFT, have at their disposal an emotional first aid kit for repairing and healing their emotional wounds when they occur. Sometimes in the acquisition of a “physical wound” is an underlying story or emotional trauma that can be repaired with EFT. Listening to and tapping on the event that caused the child’s physical wound can reveal and heal the emotional wounds gained in the process.

To read Angie's full article just click on the link below:

Case Study: Helping Resolve Adoption Trauma With EFT By Baya Salmon-Hawk

Baya Salmon-Hawk Writes: I wrote this up because it was a very swift resolution of a deep trauma that happened to a new born baby. This is a good illustration of how EFT can work when we have no idea how to proceed. Getting the client to tap on whatever the physical symptom is whilst relaxing and announcing the attention of allowing whatever needs to come to the surface come can bring the most astonishing results. I had no idea that a baby could make this sort of decision and yet it had!

Rebecca came to see me suffering from anxiety and a very bad back that was not responding to treatment. She has received EFT treatment in the past for panic attacks and this had been successful.

She told me that she had been adopted at birth, was very happily settled in her adoptive family but had lately decided to search for her birth mother, found her and that she was coming to visit in six weeks time. Her feelings of anxiety and panic had started then...

To read Baya's full case study please click on the link:

**News: The First Ever EMO Course Via Skype by Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi Writes:  I am delighted to share that the first ever EMO training that took place over the internet using Skype and Web Camera technology on 25th-27th October 2008 was a great success. As the Trainer, I was at my home and office in Gosport, south coast of the UK and my student, Dr Janette Isaacson Professor at Seattle University, at her home in Seattle, west coast of the USA and 8 hours time difference!

For the full review, with some great pictures, click on the link below:

That's all we have room for this month. A big thank you goes out to everyone who has sent in articles for the newsletter and I look forward to reading more!

One more Newsletter before Christmas, so feel free to send in themed articles for next time!

Thank you,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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