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The GoE November 2009 Newsletter

The GoE November 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of The GoE newsletter!


 In this issue:

 ** News: EMO In Schools – The Worlds First Student Practitioner

** News: https://goe.ac// Reaches 10 Million Page Views

** Article: Emotions & Their Effect On Pain

** News: http://1-EFT.com/ The New EFT Website From Silvia Hartmann

** Feature: A Blast From The Past – An EFT Sceptic Gets “High On A Brain Wave”

** News: EMO Conference Tickets To Go On Sale Next Week – Up To 50% Off!

** News: EMO In Schools – The Worlds First Student Practitioners

AMT Practitioner and EMO Trainer Kim Bradley has been working tirelessly since November last year to kick start project EMO In Schools, and we are pleased to announce that the first training, which took place in Haydon School, Middlesex, was a great success!

19 students were trained up to be fully licensed EMO Student Practitioners and we have had nothing but great feedback from them.

To read Kim's full report please visit:



** News: https://goe.ac/ Reaches 10 Million Page Views!

We are pleased to announce that the GOE's website https://goe.ac/ reached a whopping 10,000,000 page views earlier this month.

This is a massive mile stone, one that we are pleased to have reached before the website is decommissioned and turned into a SpaceNode in the next few months.

The current GoE website has been running since 2002 and has been a great resource for thousands of people wanting to learn more about Meridian Energy Therapies, and has helped many more find a practitioner in their local area. However, everything must come to an end, and we know that when the new website is launched it will be even more popular!

Like the GoE website, the EMO website has been wanting an overhaul for some time. Unlike The GoE, we don't need to wait for the new website, it was launched earlier this week! The new EMO website is a SpaceNode, just like the new GoE website will be. Below are just a few of the new features on the EMO website that will also be on the AMT.

+ Complete visual re-design to make the content more friendly and easy to read.

+ This website is a SpaceNode hence it's easy to update, easy to network with other websites and also is about as Search Engine optimised as is humanly possible. One example is the hyperlinks, eg:

old: http://EmoTrance.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2
new: http://EmoTrance.com/learn_emotrance.htm

+ The new hyperlinks make it much easier to link to our content from your own websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

+ We have installed our own Search Engine on our site to make our ever-increasing content easy to find. We have our own search robot which visits our sites once per day, keeping all the articles, member listings and events up-to-date.

+ Each article submitted by a member includes an automatic link back to their members page. This has the benefit of always keeping contact details about an article in one place, eg:


+ Members can update their own profiles as often as they wish. Just login with your SpaceNode login (which is the same as you use for DragonRising.com) and the system will recognise you. This makes it much easier for non-primary English speakers to keep their page up-to-date and be found for search engine queries in their own language.

As for the future, I'm hoping by the end of the year, we'll be able to give all members their own SpaceNode, either on their own domain for a few pounds per month (such as my http://alexkent.com/ or Silvia Hartmann's https://energyeft.com/) or in a sub-directory of our main website for free (such as http://emotrance.com/members/alex_kent/).

More details about the new EMO SpaceNode have been posted on the EMO forum:



** Article: Emotions & Their Effect On Pain

EMO, EFT and other therapies are well known for their abilities of helping people deal with negative emotions, but many people are sceptical of their ability to help relieve physical pain.

New research carried out in Canada has shown a direct link between emotional well being and psychical pain.

 To learn more about this study please visit:



 ** News: http://1-EFT.com/ The New EFT Website From Silvia Hartmann

 http://1-EFT.com/ is the newest website on EFT and has a great selection of articles by Dr Hartmann, from tips and hints to improve EFT, to brand new EFT protocols.

 Articles include: “Adrenaline, Fear & EFT”, “The EFT Body Protocol” and the first public release of the excellent “EFT Heart & Soul Protocol”

 To read these excellent articles, plus many more, visit:



** Feature: A Blast From The Past – An EFT Sceptic Gets “High On A Brain Wave”

 As many of our readers have only recently started receiving the GoE newsletter, we thought a new feature was in order, A Blast From The Past! Each month we will include an old article from the past 8 years of The GoE website, articles that are still as relevant now as they were the year they were first published.

 This months article is taken from March 2007 and was originally featured in the Daily Telegraph. It documents journalist Max Davidson's first EFT session, sceptical and unsure about "the weird & wonderful world of Meridian Energy Therapies", Max finds himself strangely relaxed and at peace after a session.

 To read the article please visit:



 ** News: EMO Conference Tickets To Go On Sale Next Week – Up To 50% Off!

 Next week the EMO admin team will start taking bookings for the 2010 EMO Conference, which will be held at the Europa Gatwick Hotel, United Kingdom between the 23rd and 26th April 2010. Prices will be fixed the same as the 2009 Conference and they will be offering a massive 50% discount for early-booking this month (a saving of £495 for a non-member on the whole 4 days including trainers certification)! They are also looking for ticket resellers and affiliates, so if you can bring a few people to the conference get in touch.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this months newsletter. If you would like to contribute to next months newsletter, please send in any news, articles or case studies to us via the Contact Form.


Best wishes,

Josh Alliston


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