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The GoE November 2010 Newsletter

The GoE November 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the November 2010 edition of the Association for Meridian & Energy Psychology's newsletter!

First of all, apologies for the late arrival of the newsletter this month. We have a good reason for this, honest! I'm sure you are all aware that earlier this month was the Energy event of the year, in the form of the GOE's European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference at Gatwick, England. We wanted to collate all of our feedback and more, in order to give you a full and vibrant view of the Conference, in case you were unable to attend.

In this issue:

** Article: Thank you for Attending the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference by Alex Kent
** News: The 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference Report
** News: The StressFish Guide to Easy EFT by Silvia Hartmann Available Now
** Free eBook: Restoring the Flow – A Primer in Logosynthesis by Willem Lammers & Andrea Fredi
** Blast from the Past: Lily Allen & EFT

** Article: Thank you for Attending the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference by Alex Kent

Alex Kent, organiser of the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, has written a personal thank you to everyone who attended.

Alex writes: “Thank you all for being a part of the AMT’s 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology conference. As we all return back to the place we call home, I trust that we all have taken away memories and new friends we’ll treasure for ever.”

You can read Alex's full article here:


** News: The 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference Report

At the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference with around 100 of the most dedicated and enthusiastic Energy therapists and psychologists converging on Gatwick, the Energy was buzzing! It is safe to say that a great time was had by all, with learning, networking and friendship-making aplenty, we could not be happier with how the event went.

Don't take our word for how great the Conference was, though! Here is some feedback from happy delegates:

“I really enjoyed meeting so many interesting and uplifting people. The networking is really important and beyond that, the connection to others. I did appreciate that they were from so many different places and countries. I was also happy with the presentations. I knew some of the areas better but even though, I thought every presentation gave me something.”
Cilla Lye, Conference Delegate

Thank you so much for all the really great speakers at the recent conference. Although I was only able to attend the second day, I found all the speakers, without exception, to be engaging, inspirational and enlightening. The conference organisation was excellent, and all your input, great.
Jane Leclercq, Conference Delegate

This was the first GoE conference I have attended but it definitely will not be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks given by everyone on such a wide variety of topics. I came away wanting to learn more and take more courses. It is such a joy being in a room full of like minded people, I met some lovely people and have made a couple of new friends which is lovely.”
Carole Smith, Conference Delegate

This year we have two full Conference reports. The first comes from Kim Bradley:

Kim writes: “The third European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference was amazing. Everyone agreed that there was something for everyone with new techniques to be learnt and known techniques developed. I particularly enjoyed socialising and networking with people of like mind and finding out how they are using these ground breaking techniques on themselves and in their therapy practice.

Our second report comes from Christina McPherson, an EFT Practitioner from California:

Christina writes: “The 2010 GoE Conference, held November 13-14 at the Hotel Europa near Gatwick airport, started off on a high note and did not let up until the picture at the end. The conference was kicked off by Sandra Hilawi, who questioned us on the elusive “X Factor”: what it is and how to get it. To break the ice in the room, we worked in pairs to release any blockages we might have to sparkling. The room livened up immediately, and I enjoyed the exercise with my partner, as we came from different energy therapy backgrounds.

To read both of the full reports, and to see the rest of the great feedback we have received, please visit:


** News: The StressFish Guide to Easy EFT by Silvia Hartmann Available Now

The newest EFT book, The StressFish Guide to Easy EFT by Silvia Hartmann, was launched at the Conference this month, and it was extremely popular. The book is designed for beginners with no experience in EFT or Energy Healing of any kind, but has the added bonus of making seasoned professionals fall in love with the technique all over again!

Hartmann’s unique easy-to-read and fun writing style allows all readers of any age to pick up and learn the basics of what is often described as the “wonder technique”.

The book is now available to order. Remember, GoE members receive a 40% when ordering 3 or more copies of the book, whilst Trainers receive a 50% discount when ordering 3 or more copies.


** Free eBook: Restoring the Flow – A Primer in Logosynthesis by Willem Lammers & Andrea Fredi

Logosynthesis is an innovative and comprehensive system for personal development. It is effective in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, and can also be used as a self-help tool. It enables people to find their innermost life path. Logosynthesis is simple, elegant, effective, and easily conveyed.

You can read an introduction to the technique, as well as downloading a completely free eBook, Restoring the Flow, by clicking here:


** Blast from the Past: Lily Allen & EFT

This month's Blast from the Past is from May last year, and is an article originally from The Sun, which discusses the use of EFT for overcoming chocolate addiction. It also features Lily Allen, an EFTer who uses the technique for weight loss.

To read the full article, please click the link below:


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this month's newsletter, and thank you to all of you that attended the Conference. The dates have now been announced for next year's Conference, so keep an eye out for more details as they appear:


Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Office

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