The GoE October 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the GoE newsletter. Firstly let me thank everyone who has contributed by sending in articles and news. Keep up the good work! This month was the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Manchester, and the GoE had the good fortune of having a number of practitioners representing us at the event. Lets hope they spread the word and bring us lots of new and enthusiastic members! In this Edition: **Article: EFT Through The Seasons- New Protocol by Silvia Hartmann **Article: Matrix reImprinting with EFT by Karl Dawson **Case Study: Balloon Phobia by Kim Bradley **Practitioner Interview: We talk to GoE Trainer Irene Lambert **Video: Overcoming Radio Nerves by Nicola Quinn

**Article: EFT Through The Seasons- New Protocol by Silvia Hartmann

The light is changing in the Western Hemisphere - winter is on its way. For many people, this heralds the onset of "the Winter Blues", a form of depression put down to an electro-chemical reaction in the brain that happens under low light conditions.

For many other people conversely, the change in light is a wonderful thing and they get excited, shake off the lethargy of summer and rub their hands gleefully to get going on lots of projects, interesting things to do, see and feel, and eagerly looking forward to the first fall of snow.
Today, I saw a man who had been suffering from Seasonal affective disorder or SAD as the fascinating acronym may be, and it turned out that the reason he got sad every October was nothing to do with our planet turning merrily through its seasons, as it does, but in fact with a severe trauma that had happened to him as a teenager and the date it happened was October 11th. That was the day when "the light went out"....

To read the full article and to see Silvia's new protocol please click on the link below:

**Article: Matrix reImprinting with EFT by Karl Dawson

As one of only 29 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Masters worldwide, I've spent the last 7 years at the cutting-edge of the personal development movement. I've trained over 500 people to become EFT practitioners, developed my own specialist course on EFT for Serious Disease, and lectured on EFT all over the world.

In EFT it is recognized that to heal any condition we have to heal the mind and the body simultaneously, and that most of myriad of diseases that are part of our society all have their origins in life stresses, beliefs and traumas. These traumas can easily be resolved with EFT, and the results ultimately affect the physical body.

Inevitably, as I have spent time working with EFT so intensely, I have begun to develop my own variations on the original EFT protocol. One such variation is producing results that are so far beyond the ordinary, that it has become the main focus of my attention. I have named the technique Matrix Reimprinting...

To read Karl's full article please click here:

Or visit his website here:

**Balloon Phobia by Kim Bradley

This is a story to lift the spirits of any recently qualified EMO Practitioners. It dates back to when I first qualified...
This testimonial shows just how portable EMO is and that even 20 minutes of it at a party can make a difference to someone. I was fresh from my Practitioner training, only 1 week previously, when I was at a party and there was someone about to go into a panic attack over balloons. I was faced with a make or break situation. I ignore this lady’s distress or I offer to help. I had had 2 glasses of wine already so was feeling a little brave as I offered my help. Thank goodness I did... Here is Carol’s story in her own words...

To read Carol's Story please click on the link below:

**Practitioner Interview: This month we talk to GoE Trainer Irene Lambert

1)What is your name and what is your company?
My name is Irene Lambert and my company is Willow Natural Therapy Clinic

2)When did you first become involved in Meridian Energy Therapies?
I first became involved in Meridian Energy Therapies in 1999

3)What level practitioner are you?
I am an GoE Trainer

4)Which of the Meridian Energy Therapies do you use most at your practice?
I mostly use EFT, about  99%

5)Do you use multiple  therapies on single clients?
Occasionally,  I am also a Kinesiologist and Reiki Master

6)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Have staff working at Willow Natural Therapy Clinic and will have trained even more students.
Plus other things I have on my vision board.

7)What advice would you give someone hoping to become a Meridian Energy Therapist?
Wonderful effective techniques for yourself and clients.  Train with one of the best who offers much more than the basics and shares their experience.  ME!

To find out more please visit Irene's website:

**Video: Overcoming Radio Nerves by Nicola Quinn

AMT Trainer and author of Life Without Panic Attacks, Nicola Quinn, has recorded a brand new video about using EFT to overcome her nerves of appearing on a radio station as a guest, talking about her new book.

To view the video please click on the link below:

That's all we have time for this month. I hope you have enjoyed our newsletter and October has been a productive month for you.

Thank you to everyone who sent in articles and to those who helped to spread the word of The GoE at MBS in Manchester this month.

So until next time, keep sending in your articles!

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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