The GoE October 2009 Newsletter

The GoE October 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the October 2009 GoE Newsletter!

This month we find out more about the new GoE website, an exciting announcement about GoE renewal fees for members and an interview by Gary Craig with GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer.

Important: We Need Your Photo To Launch Our New Website!

In this issue:

**News: Brand New Website – Coming Soon!
**News: GoE Pleased To Freeze Renewal Fees
**News: Anxiety & Obesity – New Research Into The Links Between Mental Illness & Obesity
**Article: English As A Foreign Language - Clients & Aspects by Silvia Hartmann
**News: Gary Craig Interviews GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer
**Events: An Important Date For Your Diary – Friday 23rd April – Monday 26th April 2010

** News: The Brand New GoE Website – Coming Soon is proud to be one of the leading sources of Meridian Energy Therapy news online! We get thousands of people coming to our site, looking for practitioners, trainers or perhaps just to read their very first article on these life-changing techniques.

Our website has done us extremely well over the past 11 years since we started out online. But now, is time for a change in the fast-moving world-wide web.

Some of the key features:

+ Much more searchable website - search engines are going to send loads more traffic to your membership profile.
+ Edit your practitioner description online
+ 'Facebook' style membership listings - submit your photo to be included
+ Articles & Events linked to your profile
+ Create your own website (eg: and use this as your profile page!
+ Have your own professional email addresses (eg:
+ And hundreds of other little improvements here, there and everywhere!

We are super-keen on promoting our wonderful members online and offline, so this next-generation community based system we are installing for our new website that can give you your own professional web presence online is something we are really looking forward to promoting over the next few months.

Watch this space, and in the mean-time - send in your profile picture!


**News: The GoE Pleased To Freeze Renewal Fees

Despite having kept renewal prices the same for several years, The GoE are pleased to announce that membership prices will be kept on hold for at least 6 months.

The news has come after discussions concerning the low price of membership, but due to the current economic climate it has been decided that it is best for all if prices are not increased for at least another six months.


** News: Anxiety & Obesity – New Research Into The Links Between Mental Illness & Obesity

Two new studies into stress and anxiety have had some intriguing findings. The first, a YouGov poll, found that 66% of young people aged 18 – 24 feel stressed or anxious at least once a week. The two main factors of stress for this age group is generally work and money issues.

The second study, carried out by the University College London, followed over 4000 35 – 55 year olds for 19 years, and has discovered a direct link between mental illnesses, such as stress, depression and anxiety, and obesity.

These two studies show a dire need for more trained professionals who can help people overcome stress and anxiety. Practitioners of Meridian Energy Therapies are in an excellent position to provide this help.

The full article, which contains more detailed aspects of these studies and ways to help relieve stress in clients, is available below:


** Article: English As A Foreign Language – Clients & Aspects by Silvia Hartmann

A short reminder - from EFT we know that in order to get the best results in a treatment, it is IMPERATIVE that the opening statements should be made in the same language they were laid down in.

We now further know from Events Psychology that the EFT opening statements that unlock the problem group are in fact THE METACOMMENTS relating to the event that caused the presenting problem.

Thereby, please remember when working with foreign language clients and/or aspects (i.e. the client now is 35 but the problem started age 7 (the aspect) when they still lived in another country and spoke/thought in that language) to at least bring out the metacomments in the right language to experience the full force of the energy stored around those very specific words and phrases.

If the original metacomments were in a different language, it is worth having the new ones in THAT language to keep the connection and resolution energetically and structurally correct.

That is also relevant for working with Choices, affirmations and tapping in positives during EFT and other forms of meridian/energy based treatments.

Silvia Hartmann


**News: Gary Craig Interviews GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer

Creator of EFT, Gary Craig, has interviewed GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer, mainly focussing on the curing of Sue's Asthma.

Sue Sawyer writes: “On a Sunday in late September I was curled up on the sofa, chilled out, watching X Factor with a nice long glass of G & T and telling my husband about just how brilliant all the students were at my training when... the phone rang. My husband pulled a face, which generally implies “It’s going to be my mother, shall we answer it”? After nine rings, he decided he would. He then turns to me with a strange look on his face and says, “It’s for you…. its Gary Craig”. I looked at him as if he was mad, I mouthed “What THE Gary Craig”, and he nodded, and he said he is calling from America!”

To read Sue's reaction to this unexpected call please visit:

To download the full audio interview please click below:

To read the original article from 2005 which documents Sue curing her asthma please visit:


**Events: An Important Date For Your Diary – Friday 23rd April – Monday 26th April 2010

The EMO Conference will be held at the wonderful Europa Hotel, Gatwick, on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th April 2010.

The conference has been growing in popularity for the last 7 years and next year will be no different, so keep those dates free!

To read the 2009 Conference report by Silvia Hartmann please visit:

That is all we have time for this month. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the October 2009 newsletter, remember to send in your articles, case studies and news for the website and November newsletter.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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