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Welcome to the September edition of The GoE newsletter. In This Issue: Article: Versatility of EFT Applications by Catherine Dixon Case Study: EFT, Children and Tourettes by Dee McCall Article: EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ... By Silvia Hartmann. Case Study: An Angry Child by Joyce Waring Article: EFT- Could It Benefit Adoptive Families? From Adoption UK Magazine

**Article: Versatility of EFT Applications by Catherine Dixon       

EFT is best known as a therapeutic intervention to relieve emotional pain, toxic memories and collapse dis-empowering beliefs.  It is also a highly effective stress management tool in situations of panic and overwhelm. The key to the efficacy of this simple technique lies in the practitioner’s facilitation skills and how creatively it is applied.
To read the full article, which has two interesting case studies, click here:

** Case Study: EFT, Children and Tourettes by Dee McCall
I use EFT a lot in my practice - joined with crystal and spiritual healing. Earlier in the summer I was working on an eight year old who was brought to me by her mother. The child was suffering with tourettes. Luckily it was manifesting only physically and not orally but some of the tics were so severe that she was actually hurting herself with some of the involuntary moves. This delightful child is very bright and comes from a loving, supportive family.
Her mother commented that the tics were mainly exacerbated when she became excited - but during the sessions I discovered that there were quite a lot of irrationalanxieties present underlying some of the excitement. We worked on her fear of going up and down stairs, going out to feed her rabbits, going to the toilet in the night unaided (fear of 'bogeyman' in all cases).
Working on these fears through EFT improved the tics measurably (accompanied by bouts of involuntary massive yawning sessions)which helped her body to let go of tensions. We also worked on the perception of what she and tourettes must look like to others- but those worries weren't as substantial. The main difference I saw in this lovely girl after a few EFT sessions was that she had grown a lot in confidence and self-belief.
The last time we saw each other was before the school holidays when I saw few visible tics. Her headmaster commented to her Mum that there'd been a marked and positive change
in his pupil and he wanted to know the secret!

By Dee McCall
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**EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ... By Silvia Hartmann
Earlier this year, we started a project to help people who want to write a book so that their dream not only comes true, but that the book they end up with is something they can be proud of, WE can be proud of having published, and most importantly, that they should have a WONDERFUL expressive, creative experience with their first book.

Writing any book is a big deal; getting ready to write your FIRST book is a HUGE step. People who haven't done it don't really appreciate how challenging that is, and what it actually means to a person to have come to a point in their life where they not only feel they have something to say, something to contribute, but are also ready to put down their thoughts in writing for all to see, potentially for all times, to be judged upon, to be counted by.

I remember when I got the first copy of my first book ever in the mail and stood holding it in my hand. I was 28 at the time and the whole world changed for me in that instant....
To read Silvia's full article and to find out how EFT can help unlock creative talents click here: 

**Case Study: An Angry Child by Joyce Waring
This is a case study of a little boy called Kieron who was 8 years old on his first treatment but progress to 9 by his second. His mummy is one of my yoga students and was very stressed when he was diagnosed as ADHD and an angry child. She, her daughter and partner, were regularly invited to family and friends but the invitation did not include Kieron as he was such a "naughty boy". He regularly came home from school with bad reports from teaching staff and was waiting to see a child psychologist. We kept the first treatment short, teaching him where to tap (using EFT)when he got really cross and this worked with good results.
On his second treatment we did Emotrance. I did not have to explain anything to him, he knew exactly what I meant when I asked the questions.
"where do you feel it in your body?" Kieron replied "In my head" and he touched his temples with his eyes closed.
"how big is it?" Kieron replied by opening his arms as wide as they would go and said "this big"
"What colour is it?" Kieron replied "RED"
"What does it feel like?" Kieron replied "it is throbbing and banging"
I did the usual treatment with him and it worked so quickly that even I was amazed.
I asked him how he was feeling, he replied "It's gone"
I asked "Where has it gone?" he replied by bringing his hands/arms down in front of his face and down the front of his body saying "Whoosh"
We did a few more experienced situations and every time he used ET the release came quickly.

He then told me how he had just had his birthday and proceeded to show me a "dynasaur" that shot small ball bearing balls. I was supposed to have caught the ball but missed, leaving the ball to accidentally hit the television. Normally this would have send him "off the rails" but he kept very calm. As his mum was just outside I brought her in and asked her to tell him off as in a normal situation. She kindly obliged expecting real tantrums. Kieron just looked at me and smiled - not a good thing to do when you are being told off - but this was with the understanding that he now knew how to handle the situation. His mum then left the room expecting me to "pick up the pieces". I asked the above questions and got the same answers until I asked "How big is it?" and the answer was now "MILES". Kieron dealt with the feeling using ET very quickly.

He now comes home from school with letters from the staff saying "What a lovely little boy" "How well behaved" "One of the cleverest little boys in the whole class". His mum reports that he still has "tantrums" but just as a normal child. She did not want a Zombie.

She would be pleased to recommend this treatment to everyone and had given her name and address but she has since moved

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**EFT- Could It Benefit Adoptive Families? From Adoption UK Magazine
When adoptive mother Claire searched for a way to help her teenage daughter she discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short – involving tapping on the meridian points of your body with your finger-tips and likened to a needle free version of acupuncture. Here she and the therapist describes what happened.
To view the full article click on the link below:
This article was originally published in Adoption UK magazine, to view their website click here:

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