The BSFF Treatment Steps

Here is the exact process of doing BSFF work. Please do all ten steps in this sequential order to get the fully effective results that are possible with BSFF. If you still have questions about the procedure, please ask me. I do want you to learn to use BSFF skillfully so that you, too, will get the wonderful results and freedom that it gives.

1) Notice the problem with your conscious mind. You do not have to describe, identify, or label the problem. If you have words or labels for the problem, fine, but it is not necessary for totally effective treatment. You only need consciously to notice that you have a problem. Just notice and treat. And, remember-- treat everything!

2) Treat each problem. That is, think, whisper, speak, visualize, write, etc. your cue word to treat that problem. Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work--immediately and instantly--for you. It thoroughly eliminates each specific problem with just one use of your cue.

Remember, your subconscious mind is always monitoring everything that you experience, including what your conscious mind is noticing and doing. It knows the entire history and purpose of each problem you are noticing, and it will faithfully respond to your intention to treat each problem when you signal your “faithful servant” by using your cue word(s).

3) Treat all angers and unforgiveness that you may have toward another person at the time that you are working on problems with that relationship. Likewise, treat any anger at God, the world, or life as it arises.

4) Treat each problem involved in every issue until you feel a sense of peace and comfort in relationship to the problem/issue you are working on. That is, keep treating until, when you attune (tune in to) it again, you have no more negative experience of any kind about it at all (in your mind, emotions, body and spirit) as your think about each problem or issue on which you are working.

5) Treat all problems that you have time for in your session, whether working with yourself or a client. Be sure to treat every problem involved in each issue that you work on during your session. This includes treating for any anger and unforgiveness (as it comes up) toward each person that you are working on.

6) Treat for these common problems. They appear for everyone, due to old subconscious programming in all of us. Treat all possible variations of these “stoppers” that you or your client may have.

¨ “I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me.”

¨ “I am afraid that these treatments won’t last.”

¨ “ I doubt that they will work.”

¨ “I doubt that they will last.”

¨ “I don’t trust myself to do things effectively in these new ways”

¨ “I doubt my ability to live these changes out in my life.”

Notice that self-doubt and self-distrust are extremely common problems in everyone. So, treat every instance of these that you can discover.

7) At the end of each treatment session it is imperative to clear up all anger and unforgiveness toward yourself that is related to the problems you have been working on in that session.

Do one treatment (use your cue once) for all angers at yourself about the problems that you have treated during that session. That is, you do only one treatment for the combined total of every problem that you have just been working on in that entire session.

8) Forgive yourself for all of the problems that you have been working on in that session. Again, just do one forgiveness treatment for the combined total of unforgivenesses toward yourself in all the problems you have been working on in that session. Your subconscious mind has been instructed to treat all angers and unforgiveness toward yourself each time that you treat for them.

9) Use whatever spiritual method you have to clear up (in your relationship to your Creator/God) the negative spiritual effects of the judgmental, critical and unforgiving attitudes you have been holding with the problems you have just treated. This is crucial in order to help insure that treated problems do not return.

10) "Dust yourself off," get up and go enjoy your new freedom! :-) Zap anything else that comes up as you go on in your life of new freedom and personal effectiveness.

That’s it. BSFF is deceptively simple, yet very profound in its effectiveness. Just do the treatments thoroughly for each issue and you will get wonderful results for most every type of problem, including many physical symptoms and illnesses.

Keep in mind that you do not have to believe that BSFF works in order to be hugely successful with it. It does work—because we are all made this way by our Creator. We simply did not know how to use these concepts before in such elegant and effective ways.

So, go for it! You do not have to settle for the vast majority of psychological and physical problems, post-traumatic stresses, and personal limitations that have been programmed into your subconscious mind. Now you can do the thorough treatment work that you have always wanted to do—with yourself and for others.

Some Feelings and Attitudes to Treat with BSFF

*Abandoned Agony*Afraid*Alone*Angry Anxious*Apprehensive Ashamed*At a loss*Betrayed*Blame (self or other) Bored*Burdened Cheated Concerned*Confused Crazy Crushed Cornered Defeated*Dejected*Depressed*Despair*Despondent*Devastated Disappointed *Discouraged Disgusted Dismay*Disoriented Distrust Doubt (of self or other)*Dread Embarrassed *Empty Emptiness Enraged Exhausted Extended (or Over-extended) *Fatigued *Fearful Hapless *Heartache *Heartbroken *Heartsick *Heaviness *Helpless Hesitant *Hopeless Humiliated Horror Horrified Hurt Inadequate Indignant *Insecure Invalidated Lazy Lethargic *Lonely *Loss *Lost *Mad *Melancholy Mortified Offended Outraged Overwhelmed Persecuted Pressured Punished Put down Put upon *Rage Rejected (or rejecting) Resentment Resistant Sadness (or deep sadness) Rage Rebellious*Rejected (or rejecting) Resentment Sadness (or deep sadness) *Scared Scorn Self-conscious Shame *Shattered Silly Sorrow (or deep sorrow) *Suffering Suspicious (of self or others) Terror Tired Tortured *Trapped Troubled *Uncertain *Traumatized Untrusting Unmotivated Unsure Untrusting Vulnerable Wasted Wary Weary Weird Worried Worn out

*These words are especially common when dealing with loss issues such as the death of a loved one. But any of these items in this list can show up in a variety of situations. Sometimes a person may have the feeling toward someone else, and also feel it toward themselves, e.g. feeling rejected or disgusted and feeling disgusted and rejecting toward the (perceived) rejecter at the same time.

Subconscious Fail-Safe System for Staying Stuck

(A Common Pattern in Resistant Problems)

Many issues will have most of these ten problems operating simultaneously, especially in chronic patterns and with extremely resistant, recurring, cyclical or very persistent issues. I call this sequence a “Fail-Safe System.”

Fail-Safe is a term that is used for back-up systems that must protect against critical incidents that would endanger life, or endanger a critical mission, e.g., space flight, antiballistic missile systems, or high level intergovernmental communications systems. Your personal freedom certainly is just as important!

Each of these Fail-Safe problems do operate like Psychological Reversals, but as with all PRs, they are simply problems easily eliminated with the same single Instant BE SET FREE FAST treatments. You usually need treat only once to eliminate each of these fail-safe problems for any issue. In other words, you just use your cue word(s) for each of these ten problems in the Fail-Safe system sequence.

These problems appear to operate in a hierarchy. Therefore, I recommend treating each of them in the following sequence, using these (or similar) statements. Of course, if you don’t use muscle testing, you can treat each problem as if it is there. If it is not there nothing is lost. The original issue will usually be gone after treating this sequence of problems, without further treatments. Here is the sequence.

1) “I want to be free of this problem.”

2) “I am willing to be free of this problem.”

3) “I am willing to be free of this problem now and continually from now on (permanently, forever, etc.).”

4) “I give myself permission to be free of this problem continually from now on.”

5) "It's okay for me to be completely free of this problem continually from now on."

6) “I deserve to be permanently free of this problem continually from now on.”

7) “I will do everything necessary to see to it that I am free, and remain continually free of this problem from now on.”

After treating for each of these seven problems, treat these final three, more global, catchall issues. Sometimes one, both or none of these statements will muscle-test negative. But, if they do show up, treat for the whole bunch in one treatment for each of these three catchall issues. You do not have to know how many there are.

8) ”There are still one or more problems that will make me keep or take back this problem.”

9) “There is still something in me that will make me keep or take back this problem.”

10) “I am still vulnerable to taking this problem back sometime.”

I frequently find one to three or more “still a problem’s” (sometimes up to in the 40s) and 1-4 “somethings” to treat for the issue that is being addressed. Now I just treat each entire set with one treatment. Most clients do not care what, or how many, there were. They just want to be set free.

This problem of vulnerability is virtually universal for every problem treated with BSFF—not just in this Fail-Safe sequence. I include it at the end of every treatment session with BSFF as a single treatment of all vulnerabilities to taking back any of the problems that were treated in the session.

There are many variations in the ways to state these seven steps, depending on the problem you are addressing. For, example, “ I want to have a good marriage, I want to be in charge of my life, I want to be successful at ____, I want to be humble before my God, I want to hear clearly from God, etc. They can be framed for any problem area. And, they can show up in any area of human experience.

Watch for these Fail-Safe sequences in everyone. If a problem or issue does not seem to be clearing after several treatments it may well be a signal that the Fail-Safe System is operating. Do note that there can still be other problems surrounding the larger issue that may still need to be treated, e.g., frustration about having this stuckness, irritation or impatience, and, of course, anger at self about it. But, this F-S sequence will get you through a lot of stuck places in treatment.


I am very excited and deeply gratified to bring this wonderful treatment method to you. It is a gift from God to you and to me. It is my fervent desire that you will use BSFF and BE SET FREE FAST. May you be as blessed I am with it.



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