The Emotional Roots of Overeating : EFT & Weight Loss

The Emotional Roots of Overeating : EFT & Weight Loss Hello everyone, my name's Ed Wilkinson & I'm a life coach here in Australia. One of the things I've noticed over the years was how bad many (most?) people feel about themselves, and how that reaches out and affects all aspects of their lives.

It became especially obvious in the area of health and weight loss. Unless people felt good about themselves and their lives, it is far too easy to reach for the fridge and not move very much. How easy is it to succumb to the soothing lure of food?

I remember from my own experience many years ago, living in Hannover, Germany, out of work, dreadfully unhappy and wondering where my next dollar (or Deutschmark) was coming from. I ended up being 35 pounds heavier than I am now.

Although this emotional factor in being overweight is obvious to fellow EFTers, it seemed to be something new to many people I discussed it with. This encouraged me to write a simple book to help people lose weight by dealing with their emotional discomfort.

To be honest, from the EFT side of things you're better off using the work of Carol Look and others who have specialised in this particular area. My books are more of an introduction to the emotional roots of overeating.

However, the focus isn't just EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. They also introduce 5 other powerful
modalities that I've found over the years to be the very best available to
provide emotional healing. If you're looking for a few great tools apart from EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, you might want to have a read.

I've also produced a Lite Edition as a freebie which has everything except the 5 advanced tools. Even without those, the freebie is a real eye opener for those who haven't yet looked at how their emotions effect their eating.

So overall, EFT regulars won't learn much that's new (about EFT), but the average client who's overweight will learn a great deal about themselves and their habits of thought, belief, emotion and behaviour in this area.

What's more, they'll learn many ways to actually deal with those habits. While not as good as having one one one help from a practitioner, it does give them many powerful tools which can support your work with them.

To find out more, visit:

which has all the details.

If you'd like to read the Lite Edition for free, just send an email to:

and you'll receive a daily section of the freebie for the next week or so.

There's also an affiliate program available if you would like to share this book with your clients and others. The commission rate is 50% so it's a nice way to add another income stream to your business.

For more information on the affiliate program, please visit HERE

Any and all questions and/or feedback is most welcome, please DO tell me if you find a typo, an error, or something you don't agree with. Any suggestions to
improve these books are also more than welcome. Thanks!

All the best,


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