The EMO April 2009 Newsletter

The EMO April 2009 Newsletter Welcome to the April edition of the EMO Newsletter!

As you may be aware, late last month we held the 7th annual EMO Conference and this month we have a full length report from Silvia Hartmann. But thats not all, we also find out how to change a feeling of failure into a feeling of power and learn more about EMO around the world.

In this issue:

**News: EMO Conference 2009 Report by Silvia Hartmann
**Case Study: Feeling A Failure by Maggie Noskeau
**News: The EMO Primer โ€“ 2 More Languages!
**Article: Around The World With EMO by Sandra Hillawi
**News: EMO Trainers Introduce EMO

**News: EMO Conference 2009 Report by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes: "The really cool thing about EMO presentations is that you don't just get information - you get to work with that information, make it personal to yourself, use the EMO processes to really get to grips with the topic, to change your mind if necessary.
"Whole body learning, if you will, and THAT makes a huge difference on every level, from how interesting something is, to how much you come away with at the end."

This full report from Dr Hartmann looks at the whole exciting weekend in Gatawick, along with many great pictures from the conference.

Read on here:

EMO Conference 2009 - Full Report

**Case Study: Feeling A Failure by Maggie Noskeau

In this case study Maggie Noskeau delves into the life a problems of a dejected and frustrated man who was greatly in need of help.ย  The man in question believed his life to be a faliure, but Maggie knew that with the help of EMO, all this could change.

To read the full case study please click on the link below:

Feeling a Faliure

**News: The EMO Primer โ€“ 2 More Languages!

The EMO Primer is now available in 8 languages! The two newest languages have been brought to us by Laura Moberg, Jaroslav Danicek & Alice Blahova, so a great big thank you to the three of you! Jaroslav and Alice were kind enough to translate our Primer into Czech and Laura has translated it into Croatian.

To read the Primer in Czech click here:

The EMO Primer Czech

If you would like to read the primer in Croatian please click here:

EMO Primer Croatian

**Article: Around The World With EMOย  by Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi Writes: โ€œI appear to have fallen into a role of International Ambassador for EMO. Iโ€™m not quite sure how it happened, but it seems to have been a natural evolutionary process. Having been at the launch of EMO in 2002 and having been one of the most active UK trainers since then, now that EMO is becoming more mature there is a growing demand for our international friends asking for workshops in their home country.

2009 is a big year for EMO Internationally!โ€

To read Sandra's full article click on the link below:

Around The World With EMO

**News: EMO Trainers Introduce EMO

If you have been on the EMO websites homepage recently you will have noticed the exciting new feature. When you visit the homepage you are treated to a randomly generated recording of one of our latest Trainers introducing EMO to their new practitioners. These introductions are from their hearts and go into how they found their way to EMO and how they have personally benefited from the techniques.

To hear the recordings just visit:

There is a block on the left hand side where you can pause and skip the recordings.

Thats all we have time for this month. We always like to receive feedback, reviews and articles, so feel free to send them in to us.

Best wishes,

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