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The EMO August 2009 Newsletter

The EMO August 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the EMO Newsletter

In this issue:

**Article: EMO & Events Psychology by Silvia Hartmann
**News: Events Psychology & Two Free Downloads Available Now
**Case Study: EMO & Work In The Quantumfield by Petra Groschupf
**Article: Helping Animals Heal With EMO by Susan King
**Q&A: Treating Stroke Patients

**Article: EMO & Events Psychology by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann, creator of EMO, has written an article discussing what benefits Events Psychology has for EMO Practitioners, and how, truthfully, EMO Practitioners already know Events Psychology!

Dr Hartmann writes: “After consultation with the executive trainers from the GOE, it was decided that it is a good idea to update the GoE (MET Prac) trainings materials in line with Events Psychology.

This is going to make teaching MET which is essentially EFT and then branches out into other forms of Energy Psychology methods a whole lot more cohesive and a lot easier to learn and teach, as well. So I was asked by someone if we were planning to re-write the EMO trainings as well. I thought about it and then laughed and said, "You don't need to!"”

To read Dr Hartmann's full article please click on the link below:



**News: Events Psychology & Two Free Downloads Available Now

“Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself & Other People” by Silvia Hartmann is now available from DragonRising Publishing for instant download of the quality eBook, and the soft-back manual is set to be sent out in the post later this week.

As Dr Hartmann mentions in the article above, Events Psychology is not needed for EMO Practitioners, as many of the principles are already included in EMO. But this does not stop Events Psychology from being a highly informative read, well worth a look, especially if you practice other disciplines apart from EMO, such as EFT, Reiki & BSFF.

Dr Hartmann has also put together two free downloads which are available from the DragonRising website which can help you decide if Events Psychology is for you. The downloads are “Events Psychology & EFT” and “Events Psychology: The Case Studies”.

To access these free downloads you will need to log in to the DragonRising website and got to the Free Downloads Section. To download “Events Psychology & EFT please visit:


To Download “Events Psychology: The Case Studies” please visit:


To learn more about the full book “Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself & Other People” and to order your copy please visit:



**Case Study: EMO & Work In The Quantumfield by Petra Groschupf

EMO Trainer and artist Petra Groschupf has put together an article detailing her use of the Quantumfield with EMO with clients. This article also includes an excellent case study regarding a lady who was having trouble with her elbow after an operation.

To read Petra's full article is available to read here:


You can see some of Petra's art work here:



**Article: Helping Animals Heal With EMO by Susan King

Susan King, an EMO Trainer from North Carolina, United States, has written an article which shows how she uses EMO with dogs to help them overcome fears, especially that off thunderstorms.

Susan writes: “Until I learned EMO, I didn't have an easy yet powerful technique to teach people that allowed them to transform the emotions that can lead to making their animals more stressed and anxious.”

To read Susan's full article please click on the link below:



**Q&A: Treating Stroke Patients

This is a new feature that we have decided to include in this months newsletter, and, depending on its success, future newsletters!

The idea is simple, every month will include a question that has been sent in by a reader, this can be a practitioner, someone who has attended a self help workshop, or even someone who has just found out about EMO. Then, hopefully, other readers will send in answers to said question, which will be published in the next months newsletter!

So here we go, our first question comes in from Lynda Jakiro, an EMO Practitioner & Relationship Consultant from Hertfordshire, England. Lynda asks:

“I have a client who has had three strokes and he cannot communicate at all well and uses the same phrases over and over. He also cannot locate feelings in his body so it is difficult to soften and flow them.

My question is, has anyone treated a stroke patient and have they got any insight and tips for me?”

If you can help Lynda in any way please do Contact Us with a full answer and I will publish the best one in next months newsletter. You can also email in your own questions in the same manner, please do so, don't be shy! We all need advice at some point.


That is all we have time for this month. I hope you have enjoyed the August edition of the EMO Newsletter. Thank you to everyone who contributed this month. Remember to send in your articles, news, case studies and, now, your questions & answers for next month.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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