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The EMO February 2009 Newsletter

The EMO February 2009 Newsletter Greetings.

We have big news this month with the announcement of Dr Hartmann's theme for this year'sย  conference, as well as a great story showing how EMO can be used in practically any situation, even whilst watching television!

**News: Crystal Energy! Do You Love Crystals? By Silvia Hartmann
**News: Love Is... Competition Winner!
**Case Study: EMO, Reflexology and a Dentist! By Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley
**Story: Lost In Lost by Silvia Hartmann
**News: EMO Primer now in French!

**Crystal Energy! Do You Love Crystals? By Silvia Hartmann

Since the EMO Conference 2009 tickets came on sale many weeks ago now, we have been waiting with baited breath to find out what Silvia Hartmann, creator of EMO, would be presenting... And now we know!

EMO and Crystals, Crystals and EMO! Since 1978, Silvia has been intrigued by the amazing properties of Crystals and their energies, so this presentation is set to be informative and exciting!

Silvia writes:
โ€œCrystals are pure, they are beautiful, they are old and their energy is unique, for each one of them. Crystals are cooling and calming, energizing, and they certainly have the power to help us heal and change in the most remarkable ways... โ€œ

To find out more about this exciting presentation, please click on the link below:


**Love Is... Competition Winner!

Over the Valentine's weekend DragonRising were giving you the chance to win an extra special training with EMO Love expert Sandra Hillawi...

And now they have a winner!

Maybe it's you! Click on the link to find out:


**EMO, Reflexology and Dentists! By Louise Bliss, Kim Bradley and Inger Lise Howarth

Louise Bliss writes: โ€œ Kim and I wanted to share with you this month some examples of how a new EMO Practitioner is using the fantastic technique and how two of them felt immediately after their training.

Inger Lise Howarth is a newly qualified EMO practitioner and has provided us with two fantastic examples in her own words of how she has used EMO for both herself and then one on how she has applied it within her therapy practice. Helen Ryan has provided us with a testimonial on her own experience of attending the Practitioner Training and fellow EMO buddy also gave her feedback following on from her experience on her Self Help and Personal Development day.โ€

For both case studies, please click on the link:


**Story: Lost In Lost by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: โ€œKnowing something about energy flow, and how we experience and process information, which is also "only an energy!" comes in handy sometimes ... Well, to be honest, it comes in handy ALL the time.
But once in a while, the life advantage of EMO turns up in the strangest of places.
Do you watch Lost?โ€

In this fun and insightful article, Silvia delves in the bizarre world of Lost, but don't worry, EMO is there to make sense of it all:


**News: EMO Primer now in French!

A big thank you to Gisรจle Bourgoi who has kindly translated the EMO Primer in French. The primer is now available in 8 languages!

If you would like to help us by translating the primer into another language, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The French translation is available here:


So, that's February out of the way! We will be back next month with more news on the conference and lots more.

Our thanks go, as always, to everyone who sent in articles for this months newsletter.

See you next month,

Josh Alliston

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