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The EMO February Newsletter 2010

Welcome to the February 2010 EMO Newsletter!

In this issue:

** News: Full line up for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference Announced!
** Article: Astrology of EMO by Helle Gylling
** News: SpaceNode launched! Would you like your own personal website for business or pleasure?
** Article: Can EMO Help Overcome Insomnia? By Wolff Coulombe
** Case Studies: EMO & Animals and EMO & Bullying – Two Case Studies by Teri Howlett

** News: Full line up for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference Announced!

The full line up of presenters & trainers at the 2010 EMO Energy Conference has now been announced, with presentations from presenters such as Dr Terry Lynch, Master Trainer Detlev Tesch, and EMO In Schools pioneer Kim Bradley.

You can see the full line up, with presentations on subjects such as Healing Hands, Advanced Techniques of EMO, Assisting Mental Health Patients and Helping our Animal Friends, by visiting the Conference website:


Please Note: Changes have been made to the previously announced presenters, so make sure you check out the line up.

** Article: Astrology of EMO by Helle Gylling

Helle Gylling writes: It is with a deep sense of honor and gratitude that I write this brief introduction to the astrology of EMO, a modality that has changed my life like nothing else. EMO literally means transformation of our emotions.

Let us first look at what the sky actually looked like when EMO was born and learn from the sheer beauty of the stars and planets themselves...”

To read Helle's full introduction to the Astrology of EMO, please click on the link below:


** News: SpaceNode launched! Would you like your own personal website for business or pleasure?

EMO administrator Alex Kent has just launched SpaceNode which allows absolutely anyone to set-up and run their own professional website.

If you would like to be amongst the first owners of a SpaceNode then Alex will set-up a website for you for just £39.99 for the first year. The normal price is £59.88/year.

As well as having a professional site for sending clients to that is ultra-attractive to the search engines, you can also set-up email addresses such as You@YourName.com for just £0.99/month/account.

To sign-up for your new website visit http://SpaceNode.com/signup/ or phone the EMO office on +44 1323 729 666 to discuss your requirements. Got to the sign-up page to discover which domain names are available:


** Article: Can EMO Help Overcome Insomnia? By Wolff Coulombe

In this excellent article, trainee EMO Practitioner Wolff Coulombe looks into the effect of Hypnosis in conjustion with EMO, when used to combat insomnia. This article also covers the common issue of multiple blockages, and how to deal with them.

Can EMO Help Overcome Insomnia is also a great example of how learning EMO can help friends & family members, as well as using it for self-help.

To read the full article, please visit:


** Case Studies: EMO & Animals and EMO & Bullying – Two Case Studies by Teri Howlett

*EMO & Animals*

I use ET on my dog Cassie she is 12 years old and a big girl, 80% Afghan hound and 20% Collie I started to use ET on her about a year ago, she was squealing with pain late one night, and scratching at her ears. I gave her a Rimadal pain killer, which calmed her enough that she would let me touch her. Then I softened and flowed the energy around her ears, and head. She relaxed and slept.

Her ears are not the problem they are clean and I had previously had then checked. Then vet had told me it looked like a nasty problem that would show up eventually but they couldn’t fix it. She is completely fine now.

I now use ET on her whole body especially around her hips which are becoming a problem (I also give her glucosamine Sulphate for her joints) The ET sessions are hands on like a gentle massage. I start at her ears and work down her body she wriggles all over the sofa in ecstasy. She is very active and runs and jumps. I flow her allergy on her back and the fur is now healthy. I finish with her nose and tail.

My Collie Buddy also a rescue is very nervous, I flow the energy around his heart, and I flow the energy around his missing testicles. He too loves it. My cats are completely addicted and I heal them too, using energy healing and then do ET they wriggle in delight. My vet is very curious because the animals problems are logged on their computer, then I take then in for their check-ups and the problems are healed.

My only problem is being pestered sometimes flattened by my dogs and cats for more sessions!

*EMO & Bullying*

I worked with a gentle man who was training to be a midwife. He was very distressed. The midwife doing the training also was his supervisor in the hospital. On the course she always failed his assignments. She said she would not have a man as a mid wife.

At work he told me that when he was working with a woman who was giving birth, it would be going smoothly, then if the supervisor midwife walked in and looked at him he would freeze, and the woman’s contractions would stop. He cried when he told me this.

I asked him where he felt the distress caused by this woman - it was in his whole head. We softened and flowed the energy in his head. The energy poured out for at least 5 minutes. He was the calmed and laughing. He left, I detected that his energy was still in the room so I took it and released it to the sky.

He did now ring me, so after 3 days I rang him and asked him how work was going.
He said it was very curious but the midwife who had caused all his troubles was now friendly polite and helpful.

The following week I saw him and he told me that a young lady from the Philippines who was also usually in tears after the bullying midwife had upset her. Had told him that she couldn’t understand why, but her bullying had also stopped.

Teri Howlett EMO practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Events Practitioner


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this months newsletter. As 2010 hurtles along, we move closer and closer to the 2010 EMO Conference and we could not be more excited. ET2010 will be the most exciting date in the energy calender this year, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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