The EMO July 2009 Newsletter

The EMO July 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of the EMO newsletter! We have a packed newsletter this month with a brand new EMO book that is available now, along with an exciting competition and some intriguing articles that explore some trainers first trainings!

In this issue: **Article: Using Tomatoes & Healing Life Lines by Kim Bradley **News: My First Trainings by Ruth Bray **Story: The Even Flow & A Story About A River by Silvia Hartmann **Article: Supercharging Your Treatments With Therapy Combinations by Janet Dedman **News: 2 New Languages Of The EMO Primer! **Article: An Emotional Remote Control by Dalia ElGebaly **News: The Major New Book That Combines EMO With Magic! **Article: EMO & Art by Petra Groschupf **Competition: Review A Book – Win £25 with DragonRising Publishing!

**Article: Using Tomatoes & Healing Life Lines by Kim Bradley

How New Conference Techniques Have Enhanced My EMO Practice - Part 2

In this excellent article EMO Trainer Kim Bradley looks once again at how the 2009 EMO Conference has enhanced her EMO practice.

This time we have some superb case studies including Life Line & Tomato Healing...!

Kim Bradley Writes: “Last month I reported on how I have begun to use crystals with EMO and how noticing the clients’ posture, and getting them moving, helps to get the energy flow going. This has been particularly useful recently as I have helped a couple of people via Skype, one in the USA and another in New Zealand. Telephone EMO is just as effective as you will see in my next case study...”

To read Kim's full article including her full case studies please click on the link below:


**News My First Trainings by Ruth Bray

Ruth Bray has recently completed her EMO Trainers Training and was keen to hold her first training in her home town of Graigue, County Cork, Ireland.

Ruth writes: “July 4th and 5th will always be ‘red letter’ days in my diary as on these dates I held my first EMO teachings! A small group gathered on the Saturday, a very curious group. A mixture of clients, with some working knowledge of EMO, therapists and some enquiring minds. EMO is new to this area; I have been working as a Practitioner here for 3 years now so slowly there is awareness.”

Also included in this article is some great feedback from a trainee who attended Ruth's evening. Here is a sneak peak at what Siabh thought of the training:

Many Thanks for sharing the truths of life in such a wonderful style, ease, innocence and clarity!”

To read Ruth's full article and to find out what else Siabh had to say please click below:


**Story: The Even Flow & A Story About A River by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: “In EMO we talk about establishing The Even Flow - the perfect natural state of being. Every system has such an inbuilt Even Flow, and one of the reasons that EMO is so easy and natural to use is because that inbuilt drive towards Even Flow helps us out and powers up our healing efforts to a much higher degree.

Here is an amazing true story about a river that really demonstrates this principle...”

To read Silvia's full story please click on the link below:


**News: Two New Languages For The EMO Primer!

The EMO Primer has now been translated into a staggering 12 languages from its original English thanks to Stefan Kosak and Neveen El Gamal who have translated it into Hungarian and Arabic respectively.

Neveen is a Practitioner from Cairo, Egypt who trained with Sandra Hillawi in 2008 whilst Stefan lives in Zurich, Switzerland and was trained by Detlev Tesch earlier this month.

Once again let me say a big thank you to Neveen & Stefan. If you would like to translate the Primer into another language please do not hesitate to contact us. The full list of languages that the Primer has been translated into can be found here:

To read the Hungarian Primer please visit:

To read the Arabic Primer please visit:


**Article: Supercharging Your Treatments With Therapy Combinations by Janet Dedman

This article documents EMO Trainer Janet Dedman's own experimentation with different therapies, and how she has achieved superb results in combining them.

Combining therapies has always been a much debated subject. Many feel that therapies that work do so because they have been designed in a certain, specific way, and by mixing them together dilutes the effectiveness of them. Others believe that combining therapies is a vital practice and the only way to help clients with severe problems.

To find out Janet's view on this subject, with two great mini case studies, please click on the link below:


**Article: An Emotional Remote Control by Dalia ElGebaly

Here is a short article from Egypt's first EMO Trainer Dalia ElGebaly on how her first training went:

EMO being an 'Emotional Remote Control' was one of the comments that was said by one of my trainees in my first EMO Self-help workshop personal experience. For me, as the first Arab EMO trainer, I didn't expect to have great feedback from the trainees about EMO, although I had this great experience myself practising.

I thought that feeling the energy in their bodies will be something strange or may be unacceptable specially for those who know nothing about energy before, or the idea of healing is not there, or maybe it is the first time for them to attend any thing to do with personal development. The thing that I discovered is that it was easy for them to get it, and they began softening and flowing everything, like playing a game. Just as I did when I first learnt EMO, they could not believe that there is finally a technique that enables them having a control over themselves, their lives and their feelings and emotions. They began saying yes it is true, it is working, it is really effective!

Those people that went through the experience easier than others were those who deal with energy often. Even after taking off their hats, backgrounds, experiences and other healing techniques & therapies there is still something that they appreciate to keep it with them. EMO is so easy for them to believe after feeling the effects. I hope I can spread this easy, fast, effective technique all over the Arab world with soften and flow.”

For more information and to contact Dalia please click on the link below:


**News: The Major New Book That Combines EMO With Magic

Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EMO & The Genius Symbols has rewritten the foundations of Magic for the 21st Century by combining it with EMO!

By throwing out the dusty old spell-books and by challenging the roots, structures and beliefs of centuries old witchcraft, Dr Hartmann has created techniques that will finally make magic work for you in ways you never believed to be possible.

As the book is published by DragonRising you can still receive your EMO Trainer (50%) or Practitioner (40%) discount when purchasing three or more copies. The top quality illustrated softback manual and eBook are both available from the publisher's website as well as all good bookshops.

For more information please visit:


**Article: EMO & Art by Petra Groschupf

EMO Trainer Petra Groschupf Writes: “I am an Artist who creates paintings. One day I wanted to paint a new painting, but I didn't have any ideas for a new picture. So I got the great idea to use EMO for this problem.

First I went into contact with the field of the pure awareness and I found a point in my body and in my thoughtfield. I let it soften and flow.

The next was the creative energy. I felt a shield around me and I let the energy flow through my body. Then I got the message to go into contact with my spiritual guiding. I let this energy flow through my body as well.

The next day I was working with a patient's body. Suddenly pictures came up and I observed the energy transformation. The result with the work of EMO was my spirit painting. Now I get great ideas for my paintings and I know the way to get it them is EMO. Now I do not think when I am painting, I only need to follow the inner impulse and the flow of energy.

After this process I felt myself energized and peaceful in my heart.”

You can see the results Petra had with using EMO when painting here:


**Competition: Submit A Review – Win £25 with DragonRising Publishing!

DragonRising, the publishers of all the major books on EMO such as Oceans Of Energy, Living Energy, Energy Magic and The Official Introduction Guide To EMO, are giving readers of their books the chance to win £25 by submitting a review.

This is an ongoing competition and the rules are simple:

1.Write a review of at least 100 words on one of their products and send it in to them via the DragonRising contact form -

2.If it is accepted and added to their website you will be automatically entered into the competition

3.At the end of each month they will randomly select one winner from their list of new reviews and that person will win £25 credit to spend on the DragonRising website

4.If you win you will be notified by email with details of how to use your credit. If you are unsuccessful you will not be notified

5.The names of winners will be posted on the DragonRising website

For more details on this superb competition please visit:

I hope you have enjoyed this months packed newsletter! Thank you to everyone who has submitted articles, keep up the good work. If you would like to submit articles for next months newsletter please do so by emailing them to

Best wishes,

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