The EMO May 2009 Newsletter

The EMO May 2009 Newsletter Welcome to the May edition of the EMO Newsletter.

In This Issue:

**News: The EMO Roundtable 2009 โ€“ Free Download Available Now!
**Article: EMO Healing Hands Massage by Terry Lynch
**News: The EMO Master Class with Kim Bradley
**Article: EMO Aroma Energy Workshop by Silvia Hartmann
**News: The EMO Primer โ€“ Now In Russian!
**Article: Silvia Hartmann On EMO Language
**Reminder: EMO Events

**News: The EMO Roundtable 2009 โ€“ Free Download Available Now!

The EMO Rountable 2009 involves many of the worlds greatest EMO Practitioners & Trainers. This years Roundtable includes:

+ Silvia Hartmann Introduces The Round Table
+ Detlev Tesch Guides a Public Speaking Conflict Exercise
+ Kim Bradley Shares an Eating Compulsion Client Example
+ Sandra Hillawi Explains EMO Relationship Counselling
+ Conference Participants Share Their Impressions

The roundtable is available free from the DragonRising website as an mp3 file. To download your copy please click on the link and follow the instructions:

**Article: EMO Healing Hands Massage by Terry Lynch

A brand new experience for the client - a lady with a pain in the neck - AND for the practitioner. Here is a report by Terry Lynch from New Jersey, US, on her very first experience of giving anย EMO Healing Hands Massage" and feedback from the client on her experience of becoming involved in the client-practitioner dance and an equal partner in her own healing.

Read the full case study by clicking on the link below:

**News: The EMO Masterclass with Kim Bradley

EMO Trainer Kim Bradley writes: Louise and I are fresh back from this yearโ€™s annual EMO Conference where we had a fantastic time meeting up with old friends, meeting new friends, learning new techniques and hearing about the new direction of EMO.
I am inviting you all to a Master Class which will be a mixture of discussion and exercises as a result of the Conference so that you can keep up to date with the latest news and developments in this exciting field of healing.

For more details on this exciting one off event visit the link below:

**Article: EMO Aroma Energy Workshop by Silvia Hartmann

The Aroma Energy Workshop took place last month during the EMO Conference in Gatwick and we are pleased to present you with the full Presentation Notes by Silvia Hartmann. This includes Aroma Energy Exercises, information on Heart Healing & Heart Feeling with Essential Oils and much, much more.

To read this in depth and highly informative article all you need do is click on the link:

**News: The EMO Primer โ€“ Now In Russian!

It seems that almost every month I am bringing you news of another language that the EMO Primer has been translated into, and May is no exception!

A huge thank you to Diana Falby who has tranlsated the Primer into Russian. An estimated 145 Million people worldwide speak Russian so this translation will help people learn EMO who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

To read the Russian EMO Primer click here:

**Article: Dr Silvia Hartmann On EMO Language

EMO isn't difficult, but in order to make it work the way it's supposed to work, we do have to pay attention to the simple words and concepts we use. We have to make sure we get those words right, and understand the basic principles behind the EMO process. Here are a couple of examples that have come across my desk recently and which I would like to share with you.

***** Do make sure that the people you are treating or teaching understand this correctly.

As the examples show, even a slight mistake in the words we use can really put a blockage in the smooth flow of an EMO session.

The Metaphor Police Is Coming!

As you know, I am a metaphor specialist and I chose to NOT have ANY metaphors other than that of water for EMO. I did that for very good reasons, because in the past, energy healing has been literally be-devilled (had a devil inserted into it!) by the use of metaphor. EMO works so well because we are staying with the sensations of the body.

That way, we stay connected to reality.

The moment you lose this connection with the feelings in the body and you start to talk "about them" in metaphorical terms, you go off into cloud cuckoo's land and whatever you do there no longer impacts the body directly any longer. That's a direct cause and effect.

I saw an EMO practitioner the other day ask a client, "What colour is the feeling in your chest?" That's EXACTLY the kind of thing we DO NOT want to be saying to a client, because that takes them AWAY from the feeling in the chest we want to be working on, and into another dimension altogether. If we want more information about the feeling in the chest, we ask the client, "How does that feel?" Now be clear to not ask, "How does that feel LIKE?" because "like" takes us into metaphor again, and again, takes us AWAY from the place we want to be working at in EMO.

You are looking for direct descriptions of how the body sensation feels, in direct kinaesthetic language, for example, "It feels tight," or "It feels hot and churning."

Often clients will go on to offer a metaphor like, "It feels hot and churning like a pot of boiling soup." If you look at that sentence you can really see and feel the place where the client is "losing the plot" - losing the real body sensation and going into their heads and starting to hallucinate, to all intents and purposes, about pots of boiling soup.

If we were doing Project Sanctuary instead of EMO, we could play with that metaphor now, establish the habitat, explore the domain, and start to develop that. That's a treatment style in its own right, but it is NOT EMOTRANCE! If that "drift off into metaphor" movement happens to your client, bring them back INTO THE BODY, which is WHERE THEY HAVE TO BE TO MOVE THE ENERGY LATER.

Ignore the "boiling soup" comment and say, "So it feels churning and hot right there in your chest? Very good. Let's work with that now ..."

If you stay closely connected with that level, DIRECTLY connected to the body sensations, EMO will work like a charm, so please pay attention and don't wander off into metaphor land - that's a different form of therapy altogether. A Simple Languaging Mistake With Dire Consequences

Here is the second example of where language is extremely important in making EMO work.

A practitioner reported that a client had gotten quite upset when told to soften and flow and that "it wasn't working for them". When I went through the session notes, I noticed the place where it had all gone wrong - a simple mistake in languaging.

Instead of saying, "Where does this energy need to go?" the practitioner had asked, "Where do YOU WANT THIS ENERGY TO GO?"

If you look at those two sentences, they sound nearly the same, but structurally, what is happening is totally different.

If we ask, "Where does the ENERGY need/want to go?" we are looking for THE NATURAL PATHWAYS of the energy, to try and FIND SOMETHING THAT IS REALLY THERE. We can discover this pathway, and then we can use it to flow the energy through it. The wrong form, "Where do YOU want this energy to go?" leaves the client in mental no-man's land.

"I don't know! What do I know where I want this energy to go? I don't know what's for the best, or what to do with that energy!"

And that was exactly the response of the real client - they got upset and didn't know how to decide where THEY wanted that energy to go. The client got upset, the practitioner didn't know what to do, and the session really went tits up - because of a simple languaging mistake.

So in conclusion, please do be careful with what you say to your clients, and if you are a trainer, really do be careful to make sure the practitioners get the basics right. EMO is really simple, but there are places where we can go off the rails with it and land up in the same confusion that has dogged proper energy healing since the dawn of time.

By using the right phrases that are designed to keep the client with the REALITY of their bodies, and keeping the entire session focused on the REALITY of what's happening in their energy systems, we get to make brilliant changes like the world has never seen before. In the simplicity and elegance of the EMO design, there is a PRECISION of how we work, and if you pay close attention to that, you will always get predictable, REALITY based results for your clients.

* Keep your language really simple, and very clear.

* When something goes wrong in a session, back up to the basics - Where do you feel it in your body? Show me with your hands! (or point in the right direction for thoughtfields) - This is only an energy. Where does that energy need to go? - Let's encourage the energy to move in that direction, soften and flow.

* If in doubt, check your trainings manual!

Silvia Hartmann

Designer, EMO

**Reminder: EMO Events

A quick note to all EMO Practitioners and Trainers. Please make sure you send in all event listings (this can be trainings, talks, meetings, or anything else where you are spreading the word of EMO) as soon as they have been arranged. This means more people will see the event and they will have longer to organise their work and other commitments so they can attend your event.

All event listings on the website are free to members of EMO and you can send them in (making sure you include dates, times and as much information as possible to entice people) by email on:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed articles to this months newsletter, they are always greatly appreciated. If you would like to submit an article for next months newsletter or you are interested in translating the Primer into another language please contact.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston

Communications Officer

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