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The EMO September 2009 Newsletter

The EMO September 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2009 edition of the EMO Newsletter! In this issue:

**News: DragonRising Autumn Sale – EMO Products Up To 50% Off!
**News: The EMO Website – Exciting New Changes
**Article: Energy Vampires Amongst Us by Silvia Hartmann
**News: Meditation Soundscapes – The Brand New Instrumental Album by Ananga Sivyer Now Available!
**Case Study: Schizophrenia & The EMO Wow Factor by Joanne Frost
**News: EMO At 'Healers In London'
**Q&A: Treating Stroke Patients with EMO

**News: DragonRising Autumn Sale – EMO Products Up To 50% Off!

As you may well be aware, *DragonRising* is the publisher of all EMO related products, from Oceans Of Energy (the essential EMO book) by Silvia Hartmann and The Love Clinic (called “a Wonderful book” by Dr. L Solaz) by Sandra Hillawi to Soften & Flow (a superb EMO Energy Healing session) by Ananga Sivyer & Dr Hartmann.

Well, I am pleased to announce that these, plus the hundreds of other great products that DragonRising make will soon be available in the Great DragonRising Autumn Sale, with up to *50% off!*

The sale starts tomorrow (Wednesday 30th September) and will continue until Wednesday 7th October. I hope you can take advantage of these great deals.



**News: The EMO Website – Exciting New Changes

A brand new EMO website is currently being developed which will be geared towards better serving EMO Practitioners & Trainers. These updates are effecting our ability to update user accounts, so if you have sent in changes to your listing and they have not been updated yet, please be patient.

The new site will be a *SpaceNode*, the future of social & business networking, so we will keep you informed with the changes.



**Article: Energy Vampires Amongst Us by Silvia Hartmann

*Silvia Hartmann*, creator of EMO writes: “I was asked to write an article on "Energy Vampires" and it soon became clear to me that in fact, if you're an EMO practitioner, you have the honour to be *an expert on the topic!*

Energy vampires are quite real and it's a fascinating phenomenon from which we can all learn a lot.

Here is my essay on the topic”


**News: Meditation Soundscapes – The Brand New Instrumental Album by Ananga Sivyer Now Available!

*Ananga Sivyer* is a highly respected personal development coach, Energy Healing researcher and long time collaborator with Silvia Hartmann, and we are pleased to announce the arrival of her much anticipated instrumental album, *Meditation Soundscapes!*

DragonRising Publishing have made previews of each song on this beautiful album available on their website absolutely *free*. To listen to these wonderful samples please visit:


To learn more and to order your copy of this high quality MP3 download please click on the link below:



**Case Study: Schizophrenia & The EMO Wow Factor!

In this case study EMO Practitioner *Joanne Frost* from Norfolk goes into detail about her client who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has trouble integrating himself into society.

Joanne writes: “I qualified as an ETP in 2008 but it has only been this year that I have been able to truly start to appreciate that wow factor of EMO”

To read Joanne's full article please visit:



**News: EMO At 'Healers In London'

EMO Trainer *Kim Bradley* will be presenting EMO at 'Healers In London' next month. 'Healers In London' are a special events group dedicated to deepening and sharing education on all things body & spirit.

The event organisers have this to say about next months event: “Join us for ‘Healers in London’, a special events group dedicated to deepening and sharing education on all things healing and nurturing to the body and spirit. We run a monthly event to support healers, therapists and well-being professionals with their holistic businesses and practices. We also host regular events for everybody with an interest in the healing arts, to share our knowledge, techniques and inspiration.

Come along to Quantum House, Euston, on *Thursday October 22nd* at 7pm to see the *talented Kim Bradley* demonstrate the benefits of one of the most exciting new energy medicines, EMO. This energy psychology technique facilitates powerful healing and development on all levels of your life, body and being, is well researched, and has been described as ‘energy nutrition.’

As one client, Steve Bishop said, “EMO is an amazing experience of just how good you can feel, how much more powerful you can be and how much more there is waiting- just for you.”

'Healers In London' takes place at Quantum House, 66 Churchway, Euston, London, NW11 1LT.

The EMO intro costs £4

For more information you can visit the groups FaceBook group:



**Q&A: Treating Stroke Patients with EMO

Last month EMO Practitioner and Relationship Consultant *Lynda Jakiro* wrote in to ask a question about treating stroke patients with EMO:

"I have a client who has had three strokes and he cannot communicate at all well and uses the same phrases over and over. He also cannot locate feelings in his body so it is difficult to soften and flow them.

"My question is, has anyone treated a stroke patient and have they got any insight and tips for me?”

Well, we are lucky enough to have a response by author and international EMO Trainer *Sandra Hillawi*.

Sandra writes: “Hi Lynda. This sounds like a severe case and I'm not sure how much EMO can do. EMO requires that we can feel the feelings physically, if not in the body, then we search or sense outside the body and work with these energy disturbances. Also, remember, we are initially focussing on the emotions. So your direction should be along the lines of :

How does he feel being in this situation?
How does he feel remembering what happened?
How does he feel about what was going on running up to the last stroke?

Although he doesn't feel his body, does he feel his emotions? If he is unable to answer, you can direct him to indicate with a nod or with his eyes if he can feel anything in the body or outside the body in response to each question then direct him to work with this energy to soften and flow in through and out. Explore, its a new area, to see if there can be an experience of sensations from the energy body.

If not, I would actually recommend EFT, with you tapping the client, directing his attention on the answers to the above questions,and tapping for him, again to help release his emotions and stress about the situation.

Another area to explore would be the boundary between where he can feel and where feeling stops.
Often people describe the numbness as a heaviness. If so, you could explore if this heavy energy can soften to any degree by intention. Bring your own energy into the area too, with your hands.

I have had some success with a stroke recovery where the effects of the stroke have not been so extreme and numbness was limited to smaller areas of the body only. We explored not only the emotions but also the physical sensations in the body also, indicating where energy was blocked.”

Sandra has written a full article on treating stroke patients, which can be found on her blog:


To learn more about EFT please visit:



Thank you to everyone that has submitted articles for this months newsletter, please keep your news, articles & case studies coming in, they are greatly appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed reading the exciting new developments in the world of EMO and that you will be taking advantage of the great offers in the DragonRising sale.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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