The EMO Training Weekend, 28th - 30th April 2006

The EMO Training Weekend, 28th - 30th April 2006 On behalf of DragonRising in co-ordination with the Sidereus Foundation: "Announcing the EMO Training Weekend with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn & Steven Collins. The venue will be The Europa Hotel near London Gatwick International Airport United Kingdom between Friday 28th April and Sunday 30th April 2006. We chose this location as we are due to receive a high number of International visitors and London Gatwick is the best choice for anyone flying inside Europe. The hotel also offers a pickup and drop-off service from the Airport, further maximising your convenience."

So what is EMO?

EMO is an amazingly simple set of tools and systems for working with the Human Energy Body for Healing, Working with Emotions, Dealing with Stress and promoting Personal & Spiritual growth. First announced at the Oxford Energy Therapies Conference 2002, EMO has spread globally and now boasts 450 active practitioners and over 50 trainers. The first EMO workbook โ€˜Oceans of Energyโ€™ by Silvia Hartmann has sold in its thousands world wide.

Why is EMO such a Valuable Life Skill?

The health and working knowledge of your own Energy Body is critical to the life you live. Positive Emotions, Negative Emotions, Stress and our relationship with Incoming and Outgoing Energies all play a crucial role in not only how we lead our lives, but also how we handle decision making and other high-energetic states.

Anyone who has been in Love, Angry, Stressed, had โ€˜Butterfliesโ€™ or been scared of a Spider or a Snake will already know how there own body deals with extra energy that flows through the Energy Body. Both positive and negative memories can also become linked to highly charged Emotions which in turn can often lead to undesirable patterns of human behaviour. EMO will give you the tools and systems to work with energy shields & blockages to ensure your energy system is flowing as efficiently and productively as is possible.

EMO is completely logical and person centric. There are no charts to how things should be done and no complex rituals that need to be performed. Everything just makes sense โ€“ itโ€™s like having a map of the world with a big arrow saying โ€˜You are hereโ€™!

If you have ever worked with other energy modalities that โ€˜Just Workโ€™ then you will find EMO to be the perfect compliment for taking those ideas to the next level. Because EMO is logical you will find it works well and in harmony with your existing toolkit.

Why is this EMO Weekend So Special

This weekend really contains something for everyone from the complete beginner who may have read an article or two on the Internet, to the experienced EMOr who has been working with EMO since its inception. Furthermore, the EMO field has developed in leaps and bounds since its simple origins back in 2002. The testimonials from the people that use this system in there day to day lives have started to push back the boundaries of what we even thought was possible. From simple awareness of ones own systems, to connections with the Universe, God Energies and Creativity itself โ€“ EMO always seems to surprise us.

This EMO Weekend will be the first time when these findings and new trainings have been condensed into three days of learning by the Primary Developer of EMO herself, Silvia Hartmann. Each day of this training will take you one step further up the EMO ladder. You only need to attend what you feel ready for:

Friday 28th April 2006 - The EMO Experience Day
with Nicola Quinn & Steven Collins

The EMO Experience day is for everyone - regardless of prior knowledge. You will experience first hand how to use the complete EMO system for yourself. In the process you will learn about working with shields and energy channels through interactive group work in a fun environment. Bring Yourself, Friends, Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Sisters & Brothers - this really is the Experience Day!

Saturday 29th April 2006 - The EMO Practitioner Day
with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn & Steven Collins

The EMO Practitioner day builds upon your own experiences and learnings from the Experience Day within the setting of taking other people (friends, family, clients etc) through the EMO system. Attendance of this day comes with one years practitioners license included (ยฃRRP 15.00).

Sunday 30th April 2006 โ€“ The EMO Trainers Day
with Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn & Steve Collins

Attendance of this day will teach you how to present EMO at workshops to the next generation of EMO Practitioners. Becoming an EMO Trainer includes one years trainers licence (ยฃRRP 100.00) allowing you to easily recoup your investment.

For booking information, please visit the training website at

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