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The Energist - April 2012

The Energist - April 2012

Welcome to the April 2012 edition of The Energist.

In this issue:

  • Quick Tip for Professional Energists
  • Case Story โ€“ EFT for Pain after Cancer Surgery by Denise Jacques
  • Tapping EFT for Cancer by Silvia Hartmann
  • Tenth Anniversary EMO Conference โ€“ This Weekend!
  • Case Story โ€“ EFT for โ€œI Am Not Good Enoughโ€ by Catherine Dixon
  • The Social Side of The AMT
  • Case Story โ€“ A Beautiful Cleft Lip Victim by Issac Lim

Welcome to The Energist

Quick Tip for Professional Energists #3


Quick Client TipWe are pleased to introduce the 3rd in our series of โ€œQuick Tipsโ€. This month's comes once again from Training's Director of The GoE Silvia Hartmann.

Silvia writes: As a professional energist, it's really good to stop every once in a while and consider what kind of clients you want to attract to your workshops and individual sessions.

In the olden days, it worked like this. The practitioner/trainer was this great enlightened being, and the clients were lowly worms upon which they showered their wondrousness.

Nowadays, we take a different tack. As we relate to those people, we have a chance to evolve ourselves in the process - we gain as much from them as they gain from us, at the very least.

So think about what kinds of clients you would find it particularly inspiring/educational/exciting/TASTY to work with at this time. This may have changed a lot since last time you did this exercise as you've evolved along the way, so don't think, "Oh yeah, did that last year, don't have to do it again ..."

Do take the time, just 15 minutes or so, to really think about it. Make a list of attributes about your perfect client and use your favourite techniques to have them be real and radiant, so that even the thought of clients such as this one makes your heart beat faster and your desire to interact with them grows and grows!

Very inspiring, very uplifting and of course, very effective to attract new clients which now in turn can help you evolve even further!

Case Story โ€“ EFT for Pain after Cancer Surgery by Denise Jacques


Denise JacquesEFT does not cure cancer; but EFT can help cancer patients in so many different ways to feel better, feel stronger and have a different experience altogether as they move through the various phases of their treatments.

This important EFT case story by Denise Jacques shows that EFT practitioners need not be afraid of working with cancer patients and that wonderful, positive, beneficial results occur when we address the energy system with EFT.

Denise writes: "Joseph came to me to see if EFT could help with debilitating on-going pain and discomfort from major surgery for cancer 4 months ago. He had since discovered that he had developed secondary tumours in his liver.

Joseph is a regular client of mine; finds EFT very helpful but has not yet worked on physical pain with me. Joseph was in his late 50s and had never experienced anything but minor health problems prior to his becoming jaundiced 5 months ago. Although he had dealt with the entire situation extremely well, it was a shocking experience for him and he was currently undergoing chemotherapy."


Tapping EFT for Cancer by Silvia Hartmann


Tapping after Cancer TreatmentMany new EFT practitioners are scared and worried about taking on cancer patients. This is very understandable for many reasons. Amongst those are the fear of being seen to promise a "cure for cancer" - which EFT of course is not; but there are also other fears which include being frightened of the enormity of the problem, of cancer itself, of handling not being able to "heal a person of cancer" miraculously, of the emotions involved, and also, the fear of cancer itself.

However, when we address these fears - which are only energy blockages, energy reversals and energy injuries, after all - we can find that working with cancer patients is one of the most rewarding, energizing, uplifting and beautiful experiences a modern energy practitioner can have.

Tenth Anniversary EMO Conference โ€“ This Weekend!


10th Anniversary EMO ConferenceWill you be in Gatwick for the Tenth Anniversary EMO Conference this weekend?

If not, then there is still time to grab a last minute ticket. We have put together a wonderful, sparkling line up of energy experiences, new patterns and techniques and never-before published EMO techniques to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of EMO!

The Conference is a two-day event, but it doesn't stop there. Here is the full line up of events:
We highly recommend the Fast-Track Practitioner Training on Thursday 19th, as it will give you the perfect introduction to EMO and teach you everything needed to practice EMO with you clients.

If you are more interested in having fun, then the Energy Drum Circle Experience with Mark Robertson is perfect for you. Learn to contact the source of unlimited potential within each cardinal direction of the Medicine Wheel, expanding your perception through sacred sound.


Case Story โ€“ EFT for โ€œI Am Not Good Enoughโ€ by Catherine Dixon


Catherine Dixonโ€œI Am Not Good Enoughโ€. That simple sentence, if believed, can have devastating consequences on a life, as GoE Trainer Catherine Dixon shows in her latest case story.

Catherine writes: "Sometimes we hear a message over and over again through different stage of our life yet it is only when something alarming happens that this message becomes insistent that we are forced to take action. Often what brings us to a treatment is not the issue itself but what lies behind it and drives the behaviour. One of the most powerful beliefs that can affect people in negative ways is the perception that in some way, they are not good enough. This can lead to crippling feelings of low self worth on one extreme to being over driven and having to prove your worth to the world on the other. This belief is often at the root of most addictions and obsessive behaviour."


The Social Side of The AMT


The GoE on FacebookWhen The GoE joined social network site Facebook in June 2011 we hoped to make a community of like-minded energy-workers, where we could discuss new techniques, promote events and promote the good work our Practitioners and Trainers do worldwide.

But we never expected quite such a fantastic response!

Over the last few months The GoE's Facebook page has stepped up a gear, growing to the massive number of 772 Likes. That number is ever-rising, with an average of 6 Likes a day (that's 42 Likes a week... 168 Likes a month... 2016 a year!), which suggests that it will be even more by the time you read this.

We are also rather pleased to say that we recently passed 700 followers on Twitter.

And don't forget our Meridian Energy Therapies forum, powered by Yahoo. February was the busiest month the forum has seen since July 2003, so it is the perfect place for a more in-depth discussion on all things Energy.

Anyway, the point of this message is to say โ€œThank You!โ€ to everyone that has supported our efforts.

If you are a Practitioner or Trainer please do come say hi and post details of upcoming workshops and articles. If you are a self-helper please feel free to ask questions, we have a host of experienced Practitioners who are happy to help.


Case Story โ€“ A Beautiful Cleft Lip Victim by Issac Lim


Isaac LimIsaac Lim, a complementary therapist, is registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health-TCM and member of Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine (MSCM) and of the Malaysian Psychology Association, shares this excellent EFT story about a young lady who had surgery and speech therapy so she "looked and sounded beautiful from the outside" but on the inside, still felt ashamed and disfigured. EFT helped her feel beautiful inside and out.

Jennifer came to me because of multiple emotional issues related to her childhood cleft lip. She is now a married woman with a beautiful family but her childhood issues continue to haunt her. When I first met her I had no inkling that she was a cleft victim as she was beautiful and extraordinary well groomed. She was however tense and I could sense her discomfort and anxiety in her shallow breathing. Jennifer frankly said she was uncertain how I could help her as her issues had been longstanding and she had tried counselling and other therapies to help her with limited success.


Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this month's feature packed edition of The Energist e-newsletter. If you would like to contribute to a future edition of The Energist please send in your article, case story or news item to Josh@TheAMT.com

Looking forward to seeing you in Gatwick!

Best wishes,



Josh Alliston
Communications Officer
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