The February 2009 GoE Newsletter

The February 2009 GoE Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2009 GoE newsletter. Competitions, case studies and flying hearts... This months newsletter has it all!

In this issue:
**News: Transforming The Learning Experience With EFT by Silvia Hartmann
**Information: The Imaginary Tapping Techniques For Kids by Angie Muccillo
**Case Study: The Power Of EFT by Shirley Warrington
**Information: Have You Heard Of EMO?
**Competition: Win A Chance To Train With Sandra Hillawi!
**News: New Website Launch a success

**News: Transforming The Learning Experience With EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes: “As you might recall, I have stipulated for the latest of my correspondence courses that the participants should be "energy psychology enabled". But what does this mean?"

Read on for information why Silvia Hartmann, director of The GoE, requires new students enrolling on her latest distance learning course to be energy psychology enabled:

Transforming The Learning Experience

**Information: The Imaginary Tapping Techniques For Kids by Angie Muccillo

Children and EFT... Do they mix? Well, Angie Muccillo, author of Tapping For Kids certainly thinks they do! In her latest article Angie gives us an exciting new technique which can really help children use EFT anywhere.
Its called Imaginary Tapping!
To learn all about Imaginary Tapping, including how, when and where to use it, please click on the link below:

Tapping For Kids

**Case Study: The Power Of EFT by Shirley Warrington

EFT is a powerful tool. In this case study we learn about a women who suffered for years at the hands of a violent husband. This abuse left her broken, fearful and unable to move on with her life... Until EFT came into her life!

Shirley Warrington Writes: As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and GoE Practitioner I don’t always know until I meet my client for the first time what exactly my challenge is going to be. Over the years I have learnt to disguise my sharp intake of breath and try to keep that reassuring calm exterior despite the racing heartbeat underneath however there are times when you meet someone whose story can’t help but touch your very soul and at that moment you know without a shadow of a doubt why you trained to do what you do!

To read the full case study and to find out how EFT helped J, please visit the link below:

The Power Of EFT

**Information: Have You Heard Of EMO?

EMO was developed by Silvia Hartmann after working with EFT exclusively and intensively for five years. The first thing you need to know is that ...

EMO Does Not Replace EFT!

In this article we look at the many benefits of using two separate therapies in conjunction with each other. This techniques has proved to many people that two is definitely better than one!

To learn more about using EMO and EFT together please visit the link below:

Have You Heard Of EMO
**Competition: Win A Chance To Train With Sandra Hillawi!

Author of “The Love Clinic” and International trainer extraordinaire Sandra Hillawi has graciously offered one place at one of her international list of trainings.
Now, technically the competition ends today (Friday 20th 2009) but I have it on good authority that the DragonRising team are not drawing the winner until Monday, so you can still sneak in an entry before then!
Also, to keep everyone loved up this month, the Valentines page on DragonRising has lots of flying hearts zooming all over the place! How romantic!

To enter visit:

The DragonRising Valentines Competition

** Website Launch Success was launched last month as a way to help people deal with emotional strains. In just these few short weeks the website has already attracted thousands of visitors, helping each and every one of them in a unique way.

The reason the site has done so well in such a short time is because of people just like you who have linked to the site from bookmarks, blogs and social network sites. And you can help too! A simple link from your page or website can help people understand and cope with their emotional difficulties.
To celebrate the success of the website, the EMO team have commissioned an exciting new logo inspired by one of Silvia Hartmann's Genius symbol's (You guessed it! Its the symbol for Emotion!)
So remember to log in and link up!

Emotions And Feelings

Thank you to everyone who sent in articles for this months newsletter and please do send in more for next months!

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston

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