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The Gentle Touch - Pain Release

Silvia Hartmann introduced on the MET list the work with "Gentle Touch", developed by Paul Newcomb, based on extensive chiropractic knowledge. It is a very simple self-help tool for treating muscular spasms, physical pain, healing of wounds, and in my (still short) experience an excellent companion to meridian-therapies; the two can complement each other well, it seems.

Paul is an extra-ordinary person, now 77 and about to go and teach EFT and Gentle Touch in Africa to those involved with AIDS-patients. His previous experience has shown that Gentle Touch is quite helpful in dealing with the physical pain that accompanies AIDS, and provides a huge moral boost to those so deeply afflicted: "here at last is something we can do for ourselves and our loved ones, at no costs".

An e-book, in fact a very reader-friendly manual and some additional information, can be downloaded for a little under $20 from The GOE Ebook store. The cost of this book goes towards supporting his work in Africa. So even if you decide that you find this work unhelpful (which would surprise me, please give it a good try!) your money is well spent, I'd say.

I'll do anything I can to support this work, and plan to post regularly on my experiences with Gentle Touch on the MET-list. Maarten Aalberse

Posted Feb 9, 2002   
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