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The June 2009 EMO Newsletter

The June 2009 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2009 EMO Newsletter. In this issue:

**Article: Magic & EMO by Silvia Hartmann
**Case Studies: Two short, simple & truly uplifting case studies by Vicki High and Lynda Jakiro
**News: How New Conference Techniques Have Enhanced My EMO Practice by Kim Bradley
**News: An Exciting New Book That Incorporates EMO With Magic

**Article: Magic & EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes: “A German person coined the slogan "Alles Flutscht Besser - mit EMO!" which can only loosely be translated as, "Everything works better with EMO".
This is true.
Reiki works better. Sex works better. Public speaking works better with EMO, and so does flower arranging, negotiating, marketing, singing, dancing, typing and thinking.
Amongst other things ...
But there are SOME things where "Everything works better - with EMO!" isn't true.
There, we need to say something else entirely...”

In this article Silvia Hartmann, creator of EMO, Project Sanctuary & The Genius Symbols, explains how magic is fundamentally flawed, it just cannot work... Without EMO that is!

To read Dr Hartmann's full article please click on the link below:



**Case Studies: Two short, simple & uplifting case studies by Vicki High and Lynda Jakiro

Decades Of Bitterness by Vicki High

A client visited my office, very disturbed about emotional baggage with her mother and from her past. She could not speak the name of an individual without crying and becoming quite upset. She had a list of several people that had this effect on her.

I offered to guide her through EMO and within fifteen minutes, she had dealt with issues of death, mother/daughter relationships and bitterness that had plagued her for decades.

Her life has been changed through EMO. She continues to use it as things arise from her past. She can speak about these issues without the emotional tears and pain. It is awesome!

For more information you can contact Vicki here:


Or visit her website here:


Ligyrophobia... (A Fear Of Loud & Unexpected Noises!) by Lynda Jakiro

I was on a train journey with a group of friends going to see 'Sister Act' in London last weekend and the friend I was sitting next to has always been terrified of bangs - balloons, fireworks, even someone suddenly sneezing or dropping something can send her into being a quivering nervous wreck. She was sitting on the train working herself up into a panic as she was just thinking about the possibility of bangs during the performance. She was planning to sit at the end of the row so she could rush out of the auditorium and was visibly nervous.

I asked her if she would like to try EMO and briefly explained what it was. She agreed and I asked her where the anxiety was. It was in her chest and her head. I hovered my hand in front of her forehead and the other in front of her heart chakra and told her gently to just keep softening, flowing and breathing and within a few minutes she had gone back to her normal colour, was breathing easily and said that the anxiety had almost gone, that she felt so much better and felt equipped and ready to deal with any bangs with none of the anxiety she had felt before.

Removing the original cause of the fear of bangs is waiting for another session, but the EMO enabled her to enjoy her day out much more and stopped her worrying about the possibility of something happening.

After the show, she told me that she had had to leave the auditorium because there were gunshots, and she had missed the end, which was such a shame because it was the best part, but the EMO had taken away her pre-show fears, which had helped a lot.

Lynda Jakiro

Lynda M. Jakiro Allergy & Complementary Therapist

For more information on Lynda visit:


Or contact her here:



**News: How New Conference Techniques Have Enhanced My EMO Practice by Kim Bradley

Kim Bradley Writes: “I had an amazing time at the conference this year and had some pretty deep healing experiences, especially with the crystals and with Life Line Healing. What has transpired since the conference inspired me to run the Master Class workshop earlier in June which was well received by all.

I will be hosting another Master Class on Sunday 20th September as I know some of you could not make the date in June. In the meantime, I hope you can learn something from how I have used the conference techniques with clients!”

To learn about the conference techniques that have helped Kim, and how they can help you, please click on the link below:



**News: An Exciting New Book That Incorporates EMO With Magic

Silvia Hartmann has recently finished a ground-breaking new book called “Magic, Spells & Potions”

At the heart of this book lies advanced EMO patterns that I know you’ll enjoy thoroughly. The book is basically a rework of magical principles (spells, potions, clairvoyance, intuition, etc) from the ground up now we’ve got the hindsight of EMO!

The book also includes an introduction to Silvia Hartmann's other techniques based on her book The Genius Symbols, which is an important part of using this new, modern form of Magic.

As this is a book from DragonRising Publishing, for quantity orders (3+) then you are entitled to a 50% discount (ET Trainers) or 40% discount (ET Practitioners). This discount also applies for other EMO/Energy Psychology books including “Oceans of Energy”, “The Love Clinic” and “Adventures in EFT”. If you see clients or give trainings then this is a great way of earning a bit of extra cash.

As an extra bonus, if you pre-order before Sunday 28th June you will be entered into the special launch competition. As well as this, each pre-ordered copy of Magic, Spells & Potions will be signed and individually blessed by Silvia Hartmann.

To order your copy, give Rachel a call in the office on:

+44 (0)1323 700 123

Alternatively, you can visit the website for more information:


Note: The eBook is available now for instant download.


I hope you have enjoyed this months edition of the EMO Newsletter. If you would like to submit articles or news pieces for future newsletters please do so by emailing Josh@DragonRising.com

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston

Communications Officer


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