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The Many Advantages Of Matrix Reimprinting

The Many Advantages Of Matrix Reimprinting

Karl Dawson Writes: Matrix Reimprinting is a cutting-edge technique created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It combines EFT with quantum physics, to create rapid personal change. It is noted for its ability to quickly transform your relationship to your past, creating shifts in your emotional and physical well-being in the present.

Matrix Reimprinting is based on the understanding that when we experience a trauma, part of us splits off and goes into the matrix, these dissociated parts become ECHOs - Energy Consciousness Holograms.

The traditional EFT Movie Technique is a powerful means to release what has happened in the past. The Matrix Reimprinting technique furthers this by allowing you to interact with these ECHOs trapped in past situations, helping to create new and supportive pictures and 'memories' in your field.

This facilitates many benefits, that increase EFTs effectiveness and allows wonderful work to be done in previously difficult client situations.

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting


The Matrix Reimprinting technique is easy to use. It is also very gentle on your clients. It enables your client to resolve a whole range of traumatic experiences without being re-traumatising.


Rewriting the past


One of the major benefits of Matrix Reimprinting is that it resources the client and enables them to rewrite their past. This is very different to denying that the past happened. Changing the images and 'memories' in the field in this way not only creates resolution, but changes the function of the cells in the present.


Resolving core issues


With the Matrix Reimprinting technique you can also quickly find and resolve core issues. In traditional EFT when someone expresses a belief such as "I must be perfect to be loved" your work as a practitioner is to find the early memories relating to this belief and resolve them with EFT. With the Matrix Reimprinting technique you not only resolve the memories which contributed to the core issues, you can also instil new supporting beliefs and experiences. This in turn affects and transforms your current belief system in the present moment.


Preconscious trauma


The Matrix Reimprinting technique also locates preconscious trauma, even trauma that has occurred before the first six years. Very few therapies or practices have tools for working with preconscious memories, yet the research of cell biologist Bruce Lipton indicates that this is when most of the damage is done to our perceptions of self. With the Matrix Reimprinting technique your client can interact with themselves as far back as in the womb, and can access and resolve preconscious traumas.


Reframes and cognitive shifts


Another benefit of the Matrix Reimprinting technique is that it commonly produces client driven reframes and cognitive shifts. One of the great benefits of the technique is that most of the work comes from the client (although if they get stuck at any point, guidance is needed from the practitioner). As the client leads the process, they decide what is best for them, in order to resolve the energetic disruption around the trauma. As the power is with the client, they are much more likely to reframe the situation themselves or emphasize their cognitive shifts. As practitioners we are well aware that these shifts indicate that resolution and therefore healing has taken place.




Similarly, the Matrix Reimprinting often leads clients to a place of forgiveness, particularly to the perpetrator of their traumatic experience. There are a number of schools of thought which believe that the purpose of any therapeutic intervention is to reach the point of forgiveness. This is not something to be forced on or feigned by the client, and there is often a sticking point in traditional therapeutic practices where a client will say they have forgiven their perpetrator consciously, but will not have forgiven their perpetrator on a subconscious level. The Matrix Reimprinting technique leads the client naturally to a place of forgiveness.


Psychological reversal and secondary gains


The Matrix Reimprinting technique also elegantly locates psychological reversal and secondary gains. By interacting with the ECHO we can begin to understand exactly why it is holding onto a problem or an issue for us which is keeping us stuck in an old pattern of thinking or behaving. The ECHO is most often trying to protect us, or filtering its understanding through the perceptions of a child, and we as adults continue to respond to our own worlds through those same childlike perceptions, until the energy around the memory is resolved. This creates more self-understanding from the client who can pinpoint their current self-destructive behaviours to early memories, and replace them with more supporting beliefs and behaviours.


Positive beliefs


On the same note, the Matrix Reimprinting technique can instil new positive beliefs into any past memory. One of the issues that many of us face with the traditional EFT protocol is because we always focus on the negative, there is often a void left when an issue is resolved. With the Matrix Reimprinting technique this void can be filled by allowing your ECHO to have experiences which create supportive beliefs and behaviours.


Disassociated clients


Another great benefit is that Matrix Reimprinting works on disassociated clients who have no SUDS levels. As EFT practitioners this client group is one of the most challenging to work with. The Matrix Reimprinting technique works perfectly with this client group as when the client works with the ECHO the technique works more effectively when the client is disassociated.


Trauma resolution


The Matrix Reimprinting technique is very valuable in its ability to send a message to the body that the trauma is over. It ends the trauma cycle where the trauma is constantly being replayed over and over in the matrix. This enables the body and the cells to respond in healthier ways, and begin to heal.


Resolving the irresolvable


With Matrix Reimprinting you can also help your clients to resolve issues which have previously been irresolvable. This is particularly beneficial when clients have lost family members or loved ones and not had a chance to say goodbye or resolve their differences. Using Matrix Reimprinting the client can release the emotions around unresolved relationships and let go of the ties which hold them in the past.


Law of attraction


A further benefit of the Matrix Reimprinting technique is that it utilises the law of attraction. As mentioned earlier when we have traumatic experiences and hold them in our matrix, we continue to attract similar experiences. With this technique once we resolve the trauma; we change the point of attraction and begin to draw more fulfilling and life sustaining experiences.




The results that I have seen whilst working with this technique are astounding beyond all measures. And these results are being replicated by the many practitioners I have trained who have implemented this technique into their practice. For more information please visit the Matrix Reimprinting Website. www.matrixreimprinting.com

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