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The March 2009 EMO Newsletter

The March 2009 EMO Newsletter Welcome to an extra special edition of the EMO newsletter!

This month, instead of articles that you have sent in, we are hearing from each of the presenters at this years EMO Conference. Each presenter explains what they are discussing in their workshop and why its so important for you to be there!

For the full Conference Schedule and to book your tickets visit:

In this issue:

**News: Detlev Tesch On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Sandra Hillawi On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Louise Bliss And Kim Bradley On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Ed Grimshaw On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Margarita Foley On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Nicola Quinn On The 2009 EMO Conference
**News: Silvia Hartmann On The 2009 EMO Conference

**News: Detlev Tesch On The 2009 EMO Conference

Hey, let's meet up in Gatwick!!ย  :))

You can't seriously want to miss out, can you?!?!

Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Sandra Hillawi, Lisa Bundfuss, Louise Bliss, Kim Bradley, Ed Grimshaw, Margarita Foley and yours truly will bring you the latest developments in EMO. Dive into two (or up to four) days of enjoyable EMO energy work and progress. Make friends with people from all over the world. Heal and have fun.

Have you heard about the Energy Party? That is not to be missed! Lots of energy in the dancingย  ;)

Oh, yes, and there are going to be really fascinating presentations.

Mine, for instance, will bring a different perspective on doing EMO. Usually we heal energy disturbances that show up when they have been triggered by an (outer or inner) event. Or we work on ideas and concepts etc.

I will show you a way to clear those energies that got stored in your system while life was happening to you - and that you may know nothing of.

We will clear away such patterns and damages in a very gentle and swift way.

The groups I have worked with have shown, that this is an extraordinary way of healing. Because mostly there is no energetic pressure building up at all, the healing is very soft and gentle and fast. There is no need to know what we are dealing with - although sometimes there may be some insights.

Heal and re-energize your life line with what I now call "EMO Life Line Healing" and you transform your life. - There was a "side effect" for a lady who was part of one of my groups: She spontaneously applied a special nutritional system one day after the session having resisted it for months before. Now it just "happened to her". Easily. No effort, no pressure, nothing.

This is a fantastic tool for yourself as well as for working with clients.

So, come and learn, come and heal, come and play, come and party.

Best wishes - and see you there!

Detlev Tesch
International Speaker, Coach, Trainer
EMO, Project Sanctuary Master
Telephone +49ย  228/47 37-92

**News: Sandra Hillawi On The 2009 EMO Conference

Hi, Sandra here.

I will be presenting at this years EMO Conference and I want to personally invite you to join us this year.

My topic this year is our energetic relationships with money. The workshop will be about clearing your blocks to money, whether that's related to 'The Credit Crunch', or to how you perceive your value and self worth, charging fees for the transformation work you do, or just creating greater flow for money in your life. I will also be sharing some real practical tips and strategies about promotion which will help you increase your business, with customisable flyers that are working for me and others to help generate new EMO clients and a few other surprise goodies.

The ET Conference is a really great event for energy workers in many ways. Its fun, you meet up with old friends and new ones. You learn new concepts and tools, and you get a chance to do some work on yourself and to get your energy flowing really well again. And we both know how much that means to us and what we can achieve when we are in flow. I know the energy momentum I get from the conference carries me forward for months after the event.

EMO is maturing and many of us practitioners and trainers are taking it in new directions, opening up opportunities for all of us, in our work of healing and helping those around us and for our own growth and success. I know what some ofย  the other presenters have been working as new projects and what they will be sharing at this event, and I'm really excited that I'm going to be there to learn from them all and have such great fun in the process.

I really do hope that you will decide to join us. Bring your energy to the conference; help us to make it a success and take away the energy from all of us to help you in your next step forward.

Glorious sunshine waves to you :-)

Sandra Hillawi
Author & International EMO Master Trainer

Whilst emailing earlier today, Sandra sent us a sneak peak of what will be appearing in her workshop:

โ€œGoing to talk at the conference not only about clearing blocks to money but actually some real strategies that folks can follow, with real action plans and customisable flyers and a demo audio track .....so hopefully a few at least will make use of it all and duplicate the success!"

**News: Louise Bliss And Kim Bradley On The 2009 EMO Conference

Kim Bradley and I have the privilege of attending and taking part in this year's EMO conference. Not only are we excited to be attending the conference which is dedicated purely to this life enhancing technique but over the moon with the opportunity to share one of the aspects of how we use EMO in our private practice and workshops.

Kim and I will be talking about the Energy of Food and how to transform your relationship with food. We aim to make it fun, give you an opportunity on how you can use it on yourself and how you can use it in your work with your clients. Helping people with their emotions is Fab helping then with their emotions related to food is mind blowing.

So for those of you who are already attracting clients that need this support then this is for you and for those looking for a new angle or wanting to attract new clients then this is also for you.

An EMO conference is a conference with a difference. It isnโ€™t just turning up to sit there and listen for hours upon end. An EMO
conference is about enhancing your lifeโ€™s journey, meeting like-minded people and interacting in the different seminar sessions by taking part in the exercises. Itโ€™s about self healing and learning new ways to enhance what you already do.

If you're free the conference weekend and your sitting on the fence on whether to attend, practice what you preach, EMO that feeling and see what conclusion you come to.

The topics this year are outstanding, sometimes we deliberate and procrastinate and think can we afford to go this year, the question should
be can you afford not too!

Look forward to seeing you there
With love Kim and Louise x

Kim Bradley & Louise Bliss
Emotional Freedom Training

**News: Ed Grimshaw On The 2009 EMO Conference

Over the last few months, we have been faced with a period of increasing uncertainty, some people seem a whole lot more anxious, fearful and caught up in financial considerations. The need to increase one's skill set and develop increasing flexibility are clearer than ever. The EMO conference will be an exciting opportunity to develop fresh skills, learn ground-breaking techniques and make new friends. It is a shame that more people will not attend and benefit from the breakthrough tools and be better placed to override any credit crunch.

When you arrive at the conference you will experience some brand new material combining positive states with conversational change. One of the misconceptions of hypnosis, is that it needs to be done with the person in deep sleep or completely unconscious. As those who have studied EMO already, this is clearly not the case. In this day and age we now have a deeper understanding of how feelings are generated and how they can be used positively to change people's lives. Just think about how it might seem, if you were able to feel great every day, rather than just overcome some negative experience or a bad feeling. We need to start thinking about generative change rather than just a remedial Kwik-Fix. How many good feelings, would you like to experience regularly?

The other night I listened to the radio, and there was a discussion about road rage and how it can be treated using anger management. The anger management consultant was arguing that anger was always a conscious decision. This is not my experience, every positive or negative emotion when experienced naturally, on a day-to-day basis is triggered and experienced unconsciously. through trance work and hypnosis, we can slow the process down and begin to take greater control and choose our emotional responses. Just think what it might be like to change their anger and rage into joy and wonder. So I hope you take the opportunity to learn some of these new skills and I look forward to seeing you at Gatwick in April.

Ed Grimshaw
Generative Business Solutions

**News: Margarita Foley On The 2009 EMO Conference

Hi everyone,
I am really looking forward to meeting you all at the Conference at the end of April. This year I am doing a presentation on โ€œCreating Peace with EMOโ€. Those of us who were at the Conference last year had such a wonderful energising experience that I have no doubt this year will be even better. It seems we are continually finding new ways that EMO can be used to enhance the quality of our lives! During the year I did the relationships consultancy course and I have been using it ever since. I share it with a group which I facilitate and many of them are in awe at its effectiveness and ease of use.

EMO has transformed my spiritual practice. Coming to the Conference is a highlight for me. I have made some wonderful friends and I am looking forward even more to meeting people this year. Being at the Conference is an opportunity to catch up with friends and to exchange ideas and experiences and to push the boat out to new ways in which EMO can be used. Each year there is something new and exciting. Letโ€™s make this Conference, โ€œthe best Conference yetโ€.

With Love and a shower of Shining Energy to each of you

Margarita Foley
EMO Trainer & Project Sanctuary Master

**News: Nicola Quinn On The 2009 EMO Conference

There used to be a joke, that EMO would never have been invented if it wasn't for my constant whingeing. That is debatable though goodness knows how much more I would have whined over the years without it!

I am extremely excited this year to be co-presenting three brand new ET patterns with Silvia. I love it when we are on stage together, takes me back to Oxford, when my nose was publicly insulted for demonstration purposes (you had to be there..)

I love the energy of each conference and how every year there are fresh faces eager to find out more about the easiest most natural energy technique in the world today. And of course old friends, it really is like coming home and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Come along too. Find out how to move forward, how to make energy work for you, how to nourish your mind, body and spirit from the fantastic oceans of energy that are available to us all.

Look forward to seeing you there :)

Nicola Quinn
Author, Composer & Co-Creator of EMO

**News: Silvia Hartmann On The EMO Conference

EMO is a lot more than just a therapy. Thank goodness! It is also a research tool, to find out more about the energy system, about how we think, act, and why we do the things we do.

This being so, I take the opportunity of the Annual EMO conference to share some ideas and topics that I find particularly exciting, and that are fresh, bright and new, of THIS TIME.

I don't know if you've got some crystals gathering dust in your home, perhaps from the earlier days of getting interested in mind, body, spirit ideas, and crystals were one of the first things you were drawn to. That was certainly the case for me; I've always loved crystals and have been deeply fascinated by them.

Earlier this year, I started combining EMO with crystal energy and that's just so beautiful, such wonderful feelings and so much scope for using the power - clear, unconditional, PERFECT! - of the crystal energy to remove blocks that probably can't be moved in any other way.

I'm going to show you how to do crystal session for yourself and with clients and groups, something to be very excited about!

The whole conference is good fun, and a great opportunity to practice EMO and GET THAT ENERGY FLOWING!

There are lots of extra events - including the mysterious symbol evening! - and of course, the energy dancing party, so do come along, join us, do something AMAZING for your energy system, pick up LOADS of new ideas and techniques and have FUN!

See you at the Europa bar,

Silvia :-)

Dr Silvia Hartmann

Thanks to all of our presenters for their articles. Next month is back to normal for the newsletter so don't forget to send in your articles!

For the full Conference Schedule and to book your tickets visit:


See you at the conference!

The EMO Team

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