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We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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The March 2010 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2010 EMO Newsletter!

In this issue:

** News: Save 10% on Tickets to the 2010 EMO Conference โ€“ Last Chance, Sale Ends 30th March 2010!
** News: The EMO Primer Now Available in Arabic by Neveen El Gamal
** Article: EMO & the Release of Blocked Emotions by Margarita Foley
** News: The New Book by EMO Practitioner Sally Topham โ€“ Available Now
** Article: Freedom Spells โ€“ Expanding the Concept of Soften & Flow by Silvia Hartmann

** News: Save 10% on Tickets to the 2010 EMO Conference - Last Chance, Sale Ends 30th March 2010!

There is currently a 10% discount on all tickets for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference, which is taking place in April, at the Gatwick Europa Hotel, near Gatwick International airport, so perfect for international attendees, as well as those from the UK. This discount ends tomorrow, 30th March 2010, so make sure you order your tickets now!

Now in its 8th year, the international EMO Energy Conference is returning bigger and better than ever, with a sparkling line up of passionate speakers sharing concepts, techniques and applications close to their hearts on the theme of Change.

Day 1 of the Conference will focus on Change Within, whilst Day 2 will be on Change In Our Community, with illustrations and case examples of applications for EMO in a variety of client groups. So whether you are looking for inner personal development and change for yourself, or skills for you as a practitioner, or you are looking for inspiration and ideas for taking EMO into new areas of work, this Conference will have something for you!

There is also a pre-conference Practitioner Training day, for those of you who are not yet EMO Practitioners, plus a post-conference Trainers Training for those who want to take their EMO to the next level.

You can learn more about the Conference, including prices and the full presenter line-up, by visiting the EMO Conference website:


** News: The EMO Primer Now Available by Neveen El Gamal

Last year the EMO Primer was translated into Arabic by Neveen El Gamal from Cairo, Egypt. Sadly this excellent translation was lost during the transition from the old website to the new. It has now been added to the new website and is available for download here:


** Article: EMO & the Release of Blocked Emotions by Margarita Foley

EMO Trainer & presenter at the 2010 EMO Conference, Margarita Foley writes: "As I observe the damage blocked emotions do in my own life and in the lives of others I have searched for ways to safely access and release these emotions.

What keeps our emotions blocked? I suggest there are 3 causes. The first is fear. The second is lack of awareness. The third is resistance."

This instructive article can be read by clicking on the link below:


** News: The New Book by EMO Practitioner Sally Topham โ€“ Available Now

Finding the River: The Energy Self-Help Guide for Surviving Life's Challenges, by EMO Practitioner Sally Topham is the latest book from DragonRising Publishing and is set to be the must have self-help book of 2010.

Covering a vast array of different therapies and techniques, including EMO and EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Finding the River has something for everyone. Based on Energy Therapist Sally Topham's own experiences during her 35-year journey of personal development and healing, the book has a wealth of knowledge and exercises just waiting to be discovered.

To learn more and to order your copy please visit:


** Article: Freedom Spells โ€“ Expanding the Concept of Soften & Flow by Silvia Hartmann

The original EMO instruction to "Soften & Flow!" is central to moving energy from where it is stuck, to finding its rightful place in time and space, where it belongs and might even be beneficial there.

Working with an EFT version of the Freedom Spells and quite by accident, it was found that we can expand the concept of Soften & Flow - thereby making EMO even more spectacularly successful and delightful.

This article from EMO creator Silvia Hartmann expands upon Soften & Flow and is a real must read for all EMO Practitioners:


Thank you for everyone who has contributed to this months newsletter. Next month is Conference month, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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