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The Science Behind Matrix Reimprinting

The Science Behind Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is an energy psychology technique which combines the use of the bodymind with quantum physics and New Science, for rapid personal evolution. Below is a little of the science and the scientists whose leading edge scientific understanding and dicoveries have inspired the basis of and techniques behind Matrix Reimprinting.

  • 95% of us are born with good genes’
  • ‘Our beliefs and perception of the environment are the control mechanism that shapes our DNA and health’ Dr Bruce Lipton
  • Data is encoded into us in the form of images. These images are literally the hard drive programming that determines how everything else operates.’
  • ‘In other words there would be no wrong beliefs if not for the false and destructive images that are stored in our hearts and minds.’ Pierce Howard PhD
  • 95-99% of your actions in a day are run through your subconscious mind.
  • These life altering decisions are often made in utero and the first 6 years of life. These decisions are unconscious beliefs which shape how we see the world and our place in it
  • Negative core beliefs usually have many, many legs holding the table top in place. We will continually draw events into our lives to reinforce these beliefs. Eventually these will manifest as physical and psychological dis-eases and can be seen both as the bodies attempt to adjust to these misperceptions on a cellular level and also as metaphor to draw attention to the issues which are not being dealt with.
  • Beliefs are the basis of all our lives, Our reality is viewed through theses filters. Our life may not follow our conscious desires and wishes, but our life is a printout of our beliefs.
  • Beliefs can change healthy genetic messages into unhealthy ones
  • If you don’t learn to deal with your beliefs they will deal with you through illness, financial and prosperity issues, relationships, feeling powerless and so forth
  • Our reality, our bodies, our goals, our truths about life, our memories, our possessions, our guilt, our fears, our loves, are reflections of our beliefs
  • Our beliefs are consciously available, not deep or hidden, but they may be invisible to us because we take them to be facts about reality, rather than beliefs about our reality
  • Wrong beliefs are destructive interpretations of images of past events held in our local fields, These beliefs motivate thoughts, feelings and harmful actions causing pain to ourselves and others
  • Based on these beliefs, we make good and bad generalisations which are out of our consciousness, Generalisations are useful, once we learn to open a door we don’t need to keep learning to open doors
  • The problem is… we also generalise beliefs such as - I’m not good enough, I need to be perfect, I need to be in control, I must please others etc
  • Wrong beliefs cause us to misinterpret our current circumstances as threatening, this shifts our nervous system into the fight/flight/freeze response resulting in a cascade of biological effects which determine our next perceptions, intelligence and quality of life
  • When triggered the Amygdala sends a signal to the hypothalamus. Through a series of hormonal messages between the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenals - the result is the release of Adrenaline Sugar and Cortisol into the bloodstream, this in turn controls/affects
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, intelligence, the reproductive system, digestion, sleep patterns, suppression of immune function, affects hunger and thirst and a host of other functions.

Effect of overexposure to Stress.

  • Adrenaline, cortisol, sugar released into blood
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Cholesterol production increases
  • Digestion shuts down, stomach acid decreases
  • Shallow sleep, muscles don’t relax
  • Thyroid function reduced
  • Ultimately adrenal gland burnout
  • Cells go into protect mode / stop taking in protein / hold in toxins
  • Suppression of immune function, white blood cells inhibited
  • Sexual function, periods, infertility, impotence
  • Body acidity increased
  • Gut flora reduced
  • Key organs become vitamin and mineral depleted – body strips essential nutrients; magnesium, calcium, selenium, etc, from bone in order to alkalise blood
  • Allergies develop - confused immune system starts to attack itself
  • Development of autoimmune disease – hypothyroidism, lupus, IBS,
  • Cognitive faculties compromised
  • Amygdala trigger threshold lowered; frequent state of hyper-vigilance
  • Past traumas surface more easily
  • Raised levels of anxiety, panic attacks, OCD
  • Exasperates stress resulting in depression
  • Lowered confidence and self-assurance,
  • loss of self-esteem
  • Indulgence in self-medication – quick fixes like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, medication

The Hearts intelligence

  • Thoughts are conscious reasoning about something
  • Feelings are subjective experiences of something
  • Beliefs are interpretations of something
  • Behaviour is a goal-directed action to achieve something
  • The images of our heart are the SOMETHING
  • Far more than a simple pump
  • The heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated centre for receiving and processing and transmitting information into the field
  • The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex
  • The heart continuously sends electromagnetic signals to the brain which influence the function of higher brain centres involved in perception, cognition and emotional processing
  • The heart radiates electromagnetic energy up to 10 feet from our bodies in a 360 degree sphere, broadcasting information 24 hours a day
  • The heart generates the body’s most powerful electromagnetic field, 60 x more powerful electrically and 5000 x magnetically than the brain
  • The heart’s field acts as a carrier wave for information for the entire body, pulsing waves of energy radiate out interacting with organs and other structures
  • A person’s emotional state is also communicated throughout the body via the heart’s electromagnetic field


Heart Pictures

  • ‘The disruption of the body’s energy system can be traced back to a disruptive picture; the replacement of that picture creates a permanent healing effect.’
  • ‘Become aware and mindful of the fact that your past, current and future pictures are influencing your life, including your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing’
  • These destructive, often unconscious, images cause physical and non-physical illnesses.
  • On a cellular level these pictures are real life memories happening now
  • These holographic cellular memories about the perceived environment change our cells’ behaviour and DNA
  • Memories are only memories to the conscious mind. To the unconscious mind and heart they are current events. What are your specific “current events” that keep the body from healing and how can we address them?’


The Matrix

  • In 1944, Max Planck, the man many consider to be the father of quantum theory, shocked the world by saying there is a ‘matrix’ of energy that provides
  • the blueprint for our physical world. In this place of pure energy everything begins, from the birth of stars and DNA to our deepest relationships, peace between nations to our personal healing
  • There is a field of energy that connects everything
  • This field plays the role of container, a bridge and a mirror for our beliefs
  • The field is holographic, every part is connected to every other, each piece mirrors the whole on a smaller scale
  • We communicate with this field through the language of emotion
  • Human DNA has a direct effect on that our world is made of
  • Human emotion has a direct effect on the DNA that affects the stuff that our world is made of
  • The relationship between emotions and DNA transcends the bounds of time and distance
  • It’s our power to recognise and apply these realities that determine everything from our healing to the success of our relationships and careers
  • Ultimately, our survival as a species may be directly linked to our understanding of the unified quantum field view Gregg Braden

Matrix Reimprinting

  • The Matrix is another name for what quantum physicists call the Quantum Field, which others have called: the Field, the Mind of God, Nature’s Mind, the Divine Matrix, etc
  • Imprinting refers to the system by which humans take on the characteristics of their parents by observation and imitation
  • Most negative self and world views are developed in utero, at birth and the first six years of life
  • Our thoughts and behaviours become habitual patterns held in local fields
  • Matrix Reimprinting focuses on ECHOs and other times when important life-altering decisions were made
  • It’s simple, elegant and profoundly effective
  • Matrix Reimprinting utilises Gary Craig’s classic EFT techniques
  • The purpose is to identify, change and resolve trauma and un-resourceful habitual patterns that are held in our fields
  • By changing our information in the matrix, replacing it with more empowering images, beliefs and resources, we can change our lives
  • ECHOS are also referred to as Parts, sub-personalities, capsules, the inner child
  • Matrix Reimprinting is very effective in the following areas:
  • Easy to use and gentle on clients
  • Quickly finds core issues
  • Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years)
  • Allows client driven reframes and cognitive shifts
  • Locates PR, secondary gains etc
  • Fills the EFT void/creates positive beliefs
  • Works on dissociated clients with no SUDS levels
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained
  • Sends a message to the body the trauma is over
  • Resources the client and rewrites the past
  • Powerfully utilises the law of attraction
  • The ECHO phenomena occurs when, energetically speaking, part of our neurology ‘splits off’ in order to isolate traumatic events that were unbearable to the conscious mind due to the lack of physical and emotional resources at the time
  • Unfortunately, the problem is we subconsciously spend our lives listening to these ECHOs and their mistaken perceptions
  • These ECHOs are energetic realities existing locally in the matrix
  • ECHOs are locked in space and time. It doesn’t matter how long after the traumatic event you work with them
  • Subconsciously, these memories are current events still happening in the person’s life
  • The subconscious responds to these images; as long as they are locked into the fields that’s how life is perceived
  • These ECHOS have real personalities that not only react to the original trauma but react to present day circumstances
  • Matrix reimprinting is a collection of many simple techniques to change these images



A combination of deeply held & unconscious beliefs, traumatic events, stressful life and negative habitual patterns will eventually cause someone to be at significant risk of auto-immune and other serious physical and emotional diseases

Emotional healing means looking at our heart pictures, wrong beliefs and generalisations and judging them not on whether they are true or false but if they are resourceful or not.

If we change these pictures, altering these wrong beliefs, the stress goes away and the immune system will heal the disease

When you heal these wrong beliefs you will also heal the blocks to success, prosperity and relationships.

For more information on Matrix Reimprinting please visit my website www.matrixreimprinting.com

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Love and hugs, Karl

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