Thought Fields: Your Portals to Success

Thought Fields: Your Portals to Success

The question here is: If the “Law of Attraction” is a universal force, comparable to the “Law of Gravity”, why does it not work for a lot people? The answer is pretty simple:

Thought Fields: Your Portals to Success

Making The Law Of Attraction A Reality In Your Life

with Dr Reto Wyss

Whenever the topic of “successful living” is raised these days, almost everybody talks about “The Secret” and the so-called “Law of Attraction”.

According to these principles, everything we experience in our life – no matter if it is something rather positive or negative - is a reaction on what we have thought in our past. It doesn’t matter, whether we like this concept or not: The “Law of Attraction” is a reality and it works very reliably in every second of our life.

In fact, our situation in the Here and Now is just a reaction on specific actions (e.g. thoughts, emotions, behaviour) that we did take in our past. It feels pretty logical that a negative thought, e.g. “I will not pass this driving test” will result - quite reliably - to failing the driving test. Thus, a positive thought like “I earn a million pounds a year” should – theoretically - result in exactly earning all this money.

The concept behind this is not new at all. Paul Watzlawick, one of the founders of the Palo Alto Research Centre proposed already 30 years ago a psychological phenomenon called “Self fulfilling prophecy”. Negative thoughts create negative realities; positive thoughts will result in positive life realities. All the “Law of Attraction” self help books and videos just promote the simple concept of consciously changing our present emotional, cognitive and behavioural being to a thoroughly positive attitude towards the immense possibilities of life.

Changing your thoughts, will change your reality! However, a lot of people that try to use this simple sounding concept of attracting positiveness to their life, come finally to the disappointing realization that the “Law of Attraction” does not work for them. And this has nothing to do with these people not trying enough. On the contrary, even if they use positive affirmations and visualize themselves over months or even years as rich, happy or successful: Their life doesn´t change at all. Why?

The question here is: If the “Law of Attraction” is a universal force, comparable to the “Law of Gravity”, why does it not work for a lot people? The answer is pretty simple:

  • The “Law of Attraction” works, however most of the people are not able to create pure positive energy fields that will attract and finally result in a pure positive reality.

Even modern physics agrees now to the fact that everything is energy. And if everything is energy then we have to reconsider the whole existing world as a form of free flowing energy. Silvia Hartmann talks about the “Ocean of Energy” and all the energy there inherits every possible representational form of reality - but it is not yet structured. The nice part is:

  • The potential of this free flowing energy is immense, and it can manifest in everything we really want.

A lot of people agree to this as long as they think about immaterial matter, like changing emotions or thoughts. However, there is often a great block in really accepting that our materialistic reality consists only of energy, too. Energy can become that dense that it can show up as a part of our literal materialistic reality. Related to that thought, Albert Einstein once said, that matter is only energy that does look like matter (materia).

“Pure” Thought Creates Reality

The question now is: How can we influence this free flowing energy in order to become not only a positive emotion or a refreshing thought but that it manifests into literal reality like a romantic relationship, a nice car, a better job or just more money in my bank account? If everything is energy then this is also true for my new partner, my new car, my new job! It is only a specific representational form of energy! Interestingly enough, related to money, the Americans even speak of “green energy”, as the dollar bills are green.

Out of an energetic concept of the world we really need to accept, that not only everything is energy but also:

  • Everything is possible as long as we can think of it purely!

Our pure thoughts (and Thought Fields) are the keys to the realm of creating successful realities!

Reaching goals and having personal success is like building up a new house. All the different materials that you are going to need to build your house are already part of this world! Everything is already here! But, first of all, you would have to develop a specific thought about the house you wish to live in.

After that you sketch a blueprint (which is already a denser form of energy) and finally you give the blueprint to your workers and they build the house according to your blueprint, with all the necessary material that is needed! Stone by stone your workers make your blueprint become more and more real, until one sunny day, you can open the door of your new home and walk in.

Creating personal success starts at the same point: With a clear, pure thought! At the end, however, when it comes to making your thought become reality, your helper is the “Ocean of Energy” itself!

Everything is already there!

The energy out there is waiting for your instructions and it will just “hang” on to your pure thought, which is the blueprint for what the energy shall manifest as.

And the great thing is:

This is absolutely for free, because it is your birthright to have success, be healthy and happy.

Developing An Energetic Blueprint

The process seems so simple. However, the crucial part here is to develop an energetic blueprint (in the form of a Thought Field) that is really pure and clear. And at this point a lot of people fail.

Attracting pure positive things to our life is very simple… as long as we master the very delicate and difficult task of identifying all the unpure- and unclearness in our energetic blueprint. And this is the only real secret to the story of being a magnet for all the good things in life.

With EMO we have a wonderful tool that is really able to remove all equivocalness from our Thought Fields.

Whenever we create a Thought Field for success, love or abundance, this energetic reality will interact with our energetic body system. Our body tells us with a 100% reliability whenever something in our energetic blueprint is not yet as pure and clear as it should be. As long as the energy from the Thought Field is not able to flow freely we cannot become “attractive”.

Moreover, with EMO we are able to transform every blockage – regardless if it is within the specific Thought Field, the energy matrix or the body - into free flowing energy. The important part is, that all these three energetic dimensions must be aligned with each other. And as soon as this happens, we will indeed attract everything we wish to become reality in our lives.

The portals to success, however, are the Thought Fields.

And with EMO we can, within the following 5-step-process, create pure and clear Thought Fields that are able to change your reality - and the “Law of Attraction” can do his work now, for you!

The 5 Steps To Create Attractive Thought Fields

1. Define your Goal

  • Is it really your goal, that you really want to become reality?

  • Be very specific about what you want to become reality

  • Consider the “Jackpot”, the absolute best thing that you want to become reality

2. Make a goal picture

  • See yourself in this picture, how you feel and act when you reached your goal

  • EMO all the blockages in your body until you feel an even energetic flow

3. Place the goal picture into the right place of your Energy Matrix

  • Move the goal picture slowly into the right, appropriate position (of reality) in your three dimensional energy matrix

  • EMO all the blockages in your body until you feel an even energetic flow

4. Energize yourself for 21 days

  • On a daily base: See your goal picture in the right place of your energy matrix

  • Make this goal picture (Thought Field) as dense, clear and real as possible

  • Suck the energy out – like an energy vampire – and feel how the new reality becomes part of every cell of your body

  • EMO all the blockages in your body until you feel an even energetic flow

5. Let it go – and watch out for what will be attracted and manifest!


First published in the EMO Conference Manual 2008

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