TimeLineEFT Practitioner

TimeLineEFT Practitioner

AMT trainer Peter Delves is providing the first TimelineEFT Practitioner training in Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK from 29-30 June 2013.

Here he explains how and why he developed this EFT training courseย ...

Iโ€™m sure you know that EFT is tremendously effective; that is provided everything is set up properly. However getting to that point, before then tapping, requires a lot skill of skill. If someone thinks that they just need to know the tapping points to solve any problem itโ€™s a bit like acquiring a shiny new spanner and believing you can now fix cars. Sure it will help, but you also need to know how the car works.

People are even more complex than machines of course. Also, most of what you are working with is invisible. Therefore having a structure to work with is incredibly helpful. That is why I have always found timelines really beneficial to both me and the client. Patterns are brought to the surface and the means to change them can be elegantly applied.

Everybody I know who has experienced timelines has said how powerful they find them, and when you ally this approach with EFT, the progress that you make can be truly remarkable. Timelines are very much associated with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is how I first discovered them. They were an integral part of a three day course by Robert Dilts on โ€œBeliefs and Healthโ€ for which he has written a book.

There are two fundamental ways that you can use a timeline. The first is to get the client to connect to it while sitting in a chair in a hypnotic way, as favoured by Tad James and others. The second is to stand with the client and enable them project their timeline along the floor. This facilitates a more dynamic of working where the client moves and connects with different aspects of their lives, because what they are projecting is more than a line but their subjective reality. When this is described to people it sounds interesting. When they do it, it moves from seeming interesting to feeling powerful, moving and real.

When I first learned timelines, there was no EFT, so the preferred methods for bringing about change were NLP techniques such as anchoring. Now that there is EFT we can integrate the two approaches, which is why I have called it TimelineEFT. Not only can you solve small or big problems with this approach but you can enhance the positive more easily too. Moving around with the client instead of being stuck in a chair makes it a more fluid coaching process. You can also find it easier and more natural to tap on the client.

My experiences have led me to produce a very focused training called TimelineEFT Practitioner. This brings together protocols which I have learned from others and some that I have developed myself. We explore ways that you can utilise timelines with EFT to bring clarity and change to emotions, capabilities, beliefs, health, success and life purpose.

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