Tom Wynn - Energy Cone Technique (ECT) Developer

Tom Wynn - Energy Cone Technique (ECT) Developer

Energy Cone Technique is the latest member of The GoE's Meridian Energy family, and was developed primarily by Tom Wynn from 2001.

Tom Wynn, on the subject of developing ECT - โ€œI have been on a quest since 1990, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For me the pot of gold was to find something unique and special in the therapeutic field, something fast, friendly and final.

Eureka! I Have Found It!

At the First International Energy Conference, in Lucerne, Switzerland, in August 2001, I read a ladyโ€™s' palm.

As I surveyed the palm I was not sure that a spot on the palm was part of the palm, or an ink stain, I dampened my finger and rubbed the spot to see if it would shift. I was astonished at the reaction.

A huge surge of emotion flooded her body. At exactly the same instant I could feel a "Volcano" of energy erupt under the "Rubbing" finger. Also at the same time she put her other hand on her solar plexus, and held it there. I knew how to handle abreactions so let the feelings dissipate.

As the feelings left her body, the "Throb" in her palm under my finger diminished, finally ceasing altogether. The hand on her solar plexus also relaxed completely, and fell away. It was obvious that a huge emotional release had taken place.

I deliberately placed my finger on another "Spotโ€ on her palm and was astonished to get the same thing happen again, and again.

Each time I moved my finger about her palm, she also moved her other hand to different areas of her body, to where the energy of emotions were stored.

She became so relaxed that she almost fell asleep. As this was a known "Uptight" lady other people became curious.

They all wanted to try it out, to "have a go".

It was incredible and that was the start of ECT."


Energy Cone Techninque became the newest member of the GoE family in 2010 and Tom Wynn, along with co-developer Ray Manning, will be presenting the technique at the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference in November 2010.

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