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🥇 Congratulations To Nimet Özkan, The GoE's Top Trainer For October 2017!

📷 Event Photos This Month:

Sutton, Surrey, UK
Nimet Özkan

Congratulations and thanks to Nimet Özkan for being the GoE's top trainer!

Nimet joined the GoE in 2016 and has now trained 111 people.

For more information or to contact Nimet see:

This month Nimet trained:

  • Elif Acar
  • Betul Aksoy
  • Zehra Askin
  • Celik Ayse
  • Eda Bag Ozkara
  • Sinem Bargan
  • Kezban bas
  • Yonca Cinar
  • Ozlem Ergun
  • Leyla Firat
  • Nazan Genc
  • Goncagul Guler
  • Pinar Guruhan
  • Gülsun Kemaloğlu
  • Sevil Köse
  • Erkan Özkan
  • Suna Koca Ozturk
  • Emel Sali
  • Eser Selcan Aydoslu
  • Hale Tuncay
  • Filiz Yilmaz

Nimet's Next Events:

🥈 2nd Place: Bridin McKenna

Bridin McKenna

Congratulations to Bridin McKenna for coming second!

Bridin joined the GoE in 2014 and has now trained 78 people.

For more information or to contact Bridin see:

This month Bridin trained:

  • Shauna Boyd
  • Majella Farrell
  • Gemma Fleming
  • Danielle Gallagher
  • Margaret Graham
  • Paula Kenna
  • Paul Mallon
  • Eva Mcalea
  • Rita McAtarsney
  • Ann McAuley
  • Rhona McAuley
  • Brenna McEwen
  • Teresa McKenna
  • Ita Molloy
  • Christelle Rankin
  • Stephanie Reid

🥉 3rd Place: Rania El Tahtawy

Rania El Tahtawy

Congratulations to Rania El Tahtawy for coming third!

Rania joined the GoE in 2016 and has now trained 37 people.

For more information or to contact Rania see:

This month Rania trained:

  • Hend Abd Elfattah Mohamed
  • Ryham Ahmed Abd Ellatif
  • Sahar Abdel Raouf
  • Marwa Ahmed
  • Taghreed Ahmed Abd Elnaby
  • Amany Ahmed Salama
  • Lana Elsayed
  • Nourhan Elshal
  • Shaymaa Mohamed Mahrous
  • Shaimaa Mohamed Mostafa
  • Mai Moushir Guemei
  • Rasha Saleh

🙏 Thanks Also To...

Aynur Apaydin Aynur Apaydin
Auk Murat Auk Murat
Wendy Fry Wendy Fry
Aisling Killoran Aisling Killoran
Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams
Saliha Eroglu Saliha Eroglu
Lorna Firth Lorna Firth
Ber Collins Ber Collins
Murat Aydın Murat Aydın
Suzanne Zacharia Suzanne Zacharia
Ilka Wandel Ilka Wandel
Maria Chappell Maria Chappell
Barbara Saph Barbara Saph
Alex Kent Alex Kent

📷 Event Photos This Month:

Sutton, Surrey, UK
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