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🥇 Congratulations To Nimet Özkan, The GoE's Top Trainer For February 2018!

📷 Event Photos This Month:

Sutton, Surrey, UK
Tralee. Co. Kerry, Ireland
Nimet Özkan

Congratulations and thanks to Nimet Özkan for being the GoE's top trainer!

Nimet joined the GoE in 2016 and has now trained 174 people.

For more information or to contact Nimet see:

This month Nimet trained:

  • Filiz Bora
  • Gonca Borca
  • Gonul Dede
  • Ipek Dede
  • Canan Guney
  • Elif Gulcin Keles
  • Ulas Ozkan
  • Tugba Piso
  • Zeynep Yigit

Nimet's Next Events:

🥈 2nd Place: Aisling Killoran

Aisling Killoran

Congratulations to Aisling Killoran for coming second!

Aisling joined the GoE in 2006 and has now trained 198 people.

For more information or to contact Aisling see:

This month Aisling trained:

  • Caroline Bardon
  • Olivia Connor
  • Brid Harty
  • Vivien Keenan
  • Jackie Layng
  • Angela May
  • Beth Merriman
  • Laura Murphy
  • Jill O’ Donnell
  • Imelda Wall

🥉 3rd Place: Bridin McKenna

Bridin McKenna

Congratulations to Bridin McKenna for coming third!

Bridin joined the GoE in 2014 and has now trained 111 people.

For more information or to contact Bridin see:

This month Bridin trained:

  • Lenna Dobbs
  • Deirdre Frondigoun
  • Tracey Hillen
  • Mary Leonardo
  • Catherine McClintock
  • Lorraine McDonnell
  • David Olphert
  • Ann Sullivan
  • Alice Vaughan

🙏 Thanks Also To...

Aynur Apaydin Aynur Apaydin
Sandra Hillawi Sandra Hillawi
Isaac Lim Isaac Lim
Wendy Leanne Beresford Wendy Leanne Beresford
Suzanne Zacharia Suzanne Zacharia
Helen Ryle Helen Ryle
Rania El Tahtawy Rania El Tahtawy
Wendy Fry Wendy Fry
Lorna Firth Lorna Firth
Barbara Saph Barbara Saph
Yvonne Maclean Yvonne Maclean
Ber Collins Ber Collins
Katerina Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko

📷 Event Photos This Month:

Sutton, Surrey, UK
Tralee. Co. Kerry, Ireland
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