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🥇 Congratulations To Kim Bradley, The GoE's Top Trainer For November 2022!

Congratulations and thanks to Kim Bradley for being the GoE's top trainer!

Kim joined the GoE in 2007 and has now trained 72 people.

For more information or to contact Kim see:

This month Kim trained:

  • Debbie Atkins
  • Claudia Bartosik
  • Dee Beer
  • Sarah Blanchard
  • Diana Broughton
  • Angela Cannon
  • Jacqueline Mary Carleton
  • Sarah Colbeck
  • Rachael Collins
  • Callie Di Nello
  • Jayne Dillon
  • Helen Fetzer
  • Nicki Fielder
  • Anita Graham-Bateson
  • Hilary Gurner
  • Jackie Hodson
  • Lucy Howe
  • Noeleen Kelly
  • Nicola Kenworthy
  • Kay Lyon
  • Julia Reeves
  • Julia Riewald
  • Tracey Trusselle
  • Lucinda Wallop
  • Julie Wright

🥈 2nd Place: Funda Saraç

Congratulations to Funda Saraç for coming second!

Funda joined the GoE in 2021 and has now trained 14 people.

For more information or to contact Funda see:

This month Funda trained:

  • Yasemin Altıntaş
  • Nurgül Başaran
  • Işıl Erdoğan
  • Tahire Hüseyniklioğlu

🥉 3rd Place: Siadbh Mc Givern

Congratulations to Siadbh Mc Givern for coming third!

Siadbh joined the GoE in 2008 and has now trained 95 people.

For more information or to contact Siadbh see:

This month Siadbh trained:

  • Lisa Brennan
  • Mary Fitzconway
  • Anne Marie Maxwell
  • Irene O'Connor
  • Yonah Russ

Siadbh's Next Events:

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