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Toronto Conference: Energy Psychology and the Spiritual Connection

Toronto Conference: Energy Psychology and the Spiritual Connection It is now less than two months until the sixth annual Energy Psychology Conference- EC 2004. Conference Chair Sharon Toole tells us there is still time to take advantage of the low tuition fees being offered. For more information on the conference, links to the online brochure and registration form, please read below.

The conference: 'Energy Psychology and the Spiritual Connection' will be held at the Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada and will feature many of today's leading teachers and authors in the field of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Attendees will benefit from an impressive choice of 30 breakout sessions.

The main conference will take place during November 11th, 12th and 13th, with pre-conference workshops being held on the 10th November and post-conference workshops from the 14th through to the 17th.

Continuing education credits (Approved through ACEP) are available for nurses, social workers, professional counselors, MFT's and alcohol and drug counselors. A total of 18 credits and a certificate are included in the main conference tuition.

The conference is intended for the benefit of Psychologists, Physiatrists, Physicians, Chiropractors, Nurses, Social Workers, Councilors, Educators, Clergy, Energy Medicine Practitioners and alternative care providers. Students are also welcome to attend and of course the conference is open to anyone with a general interest in Energy Psychology, their own healing and individual personal growth.

For more information and details of how to register for this promising event, please visit HERE.

Please note that registration for each workshop is limited and you should sign up early to guarantee a place.

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