Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders with Energy Psychology

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders with Energy Psychology

Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW, DEP, and Tom Altaffer, LCSW, are finding ways of bringing energy therapies and especially their new technique called Ask & Receive to intervene in the causal cascade that is autism. Finding and healing allergies, resolving toxic exposure, changing and retraining neurology, resolving trauma and encouraging ego development are creating happier and more functional futures for many children with autism. Because of their power, ease of use, and flexibility, energy therapies are vital to bringing healing to this needed population.

The last fifteen years has seen thousand fold increases in children with Autism and similar increases in related “spectrum” disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders and others. These are all disorders that occur in childhood and can have devastating impacts throughout the person’s lifespan. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent trying to isolate the cause and to find effective treatments with little result. Virtually all of this money has been wasted or misspent because the researchers were focusing too narrowly on genetics, behavior and disease rather than environment, neurology and trauma. Luckily alternative medicine providers have been able to find parts of the puzzle that at last are coming together into a coherent model of Autism.

Sandi and Tom have been working separately for many years to help children and families struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and have recently joined forces to find ways of combating the underlying causes of autism. These causes can best be thought of as primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary cause of autism is an environmental/toxic insult to a genetically sensitive individual occurring between conception and three years of age. There are a large number of potential environmental causes ranging from viruses, bacteria, physical trauma, toxic exposure or profound allergic response which can act together or individually to provide the original insult to the brain of a sensitive individual.

The result of this insult is to cause brain-swelling leading to diffuse changes in brain growth during this formative time in brain development. The effect of these brain changes for the infant is profound sensory and motor processing disorganization. This disorganization is considered the secondary cause of autism. Practitioners who have focused specifically on treating the toxins and allergic responses at the heart of the autistic experience often report dramatic improvements in function but cures are rare because of these neurological consequences. Brains of children with autism are different than others and require treatment to both support and retrain the neurology.

The tertiary cause of autism is actually responsible for the “hard” signs of the disorder such as inhibited social relations, retarded language development and profound self focus. These symptoms are the consequence of early childhood trauma on the infant’s ego development. The variation between individuals on the autism spectrum is the result of the severity of the initial insult, the duration of the insult and its timing. Because the trauma which results in autism occurs so early in the infant’s life, he gets trapped in extremely early stages of ego development in which other people don’t exist or even where he is simply lost in experience without the ability to discriminate figure from ground or words from noise. Therefore biology (trauma) creates distorted neurology (perceptions) that in turn creates problems in psychology (behavior). Ask and Receive can produce positive changes in all three areas.

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