Try Modern Energy Tapping For Yourself!

Try Modern Energy Tapping For Yourself!

Here is a full Modern Energy Tapping protocol with Modern Energy Tapping diagram of theย Modern Energy Tapping tapping points and explanations for you to try and print out for future use.

Gain more Energy with Modern Energy Tapping!


Full instructions and diagrams to bring more Energy into your life in 7 easy steps.

  • We can all do with more Energy in our lives.
  • Follow these simple instructions to gain more Energy and become less stressed, more energized, and more effective.
  • Modern Energy Tapping moves us from stress to success in 7 easy steps.

Step 1:ย How much Energy do I already have?

On a scale of -10 to +10, how much Energy do you already have?

Pick your Energy number as it is right now.

A tip: Slide your fingertip along the scale until it feels right to stop to get your Energy number.

Step 2:ย Energy in the Heart Position

Now we place both hands on our heart of energy, take three deep breaths in and out.

We state: "I want more Energy!"

This is the Modern Energy Tapping Set Up.

Step 3:ย Tapping Modern Energy Tapping for more Energy.

Tap lightly on all the points starting on the top of your head.

On each point, say the word Energy and take one deep breath in and out.

Move on to the next point, always remembering to breathe deeply, until you have done Energy on every point.

Step 4: Return to the Heart Position and take three more breaths in and out.

Step 5: Now check with the SUE Scale again -ย how is your Energy number now?

Step 6: Get a even higher Energy energy number!

Now you can choose to tapย more rounds of Modern Energy Tapping on MORE Energy, EVEN MORE Energy and ALL THE Energy IN THE UNIVERSE to bring your energy levels even higher still.

Step 7:ย Rest and reflect on your Energy.

After you've reached your highest Energy number, take a little time to drink water, get some fresh air, and think about what you have learned about you and Energy in your life.


You have taken the first easy steps on the road to true emotional mastery, and you have expanded your energy system.

Well done!

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