Food Anxiety, Tomatoes & Healing Life Lines

Food Anxiety, Tomatoes & Healing Life Lines

Just before the conference I had a telephone EMO session with a chap in Wales who had severe anxiety about food because he would break out in Hives all over his body when he ate certain types of food. He had had many allergy checks but felt his problem was now more emotional rather than physical.

Last month I reported on how I have begun to use crystals with EMO and how noticing the clients’ posture, and getting them moving, helps to get the energy flow going.

This has been particularly useful recently as I have helped a couple of people via Skype, one in the USA and another in New Zealand.

Telephone EMO is just as effective as you will see in my next case study.



Using Tomatoes With EMO!

Just before the conference I had a telephone EMO session with a gentleman in Wales who had severe anxiety about food because he would break out in Hives all over his body when he ate certain types of food. He had had many allergy checks but felt his problem was now more emotional rather than physical.

On the first phone call we worked on his feelings about his body because at that stage he really didn’t like his skin at all and was very self conscious. He could feel energy in his stomach, chest and throat with a particularly hard brick wall feeling at the heart. We worked through many layers and included visualisation of what he thought people think of him and what he perceived their faces to look like when they viewed his body (at a swimming pool for example). We got to the stage where he felt a lot better about his body and I set him homework to do ET on himself whilst looking at his body in the mirror.

Two weeks later and just after the conference we had another telephone session. He was still feeling better about his body but was now aware of the acute anxiety and stress about eating. The energy expressed itself in his chest. This time he couldn’t seem to soften the energy and I became aware of his frustration, which of course slows the process down. I had tried the usual protocols of “is there any reason you want to hold on to this”, answer “no”. “Give yourself complete permission to let the energy go”, he spoke out loud his permission but still no movement.

It is sometimes at this stage that the ETP can begin to get stressed themselves as they wonder what to do next. The simple answer is the basic and most important protocol you can ever do, BRING IN YOUR CLIENTS CREATIVE TEMPLATE FOR THE ANSWER. This is what I did and the answer was to tell him to get a piece of food to help the energy to soften.

I said to him I want him to go to his kitchen and pick an item of food, any item, and bring it back to the phone. I trusted that HIS energy mind would pick the right food for HIM. He came back to the phone with a TOMATO. I assured him that it might seem strange but actually the energy of the tomato will help. First I got him to hold the tomato in his hand and I explained that all things have an energy signature about them and to let the tomato energy flow in. As the tomato energy began to come into his hand and arm it brought up a wave of anxiety in his chest. I told him to lie down and place the tomato on the stuck energy in the chest. The energy in the chest began to soften and flow down to his stomach and out the anus, and up to the throat and out of the mouth as if following the digestive track.

After the energy had cleared he felt less anxious about tomatoes which he found interesting because it was one food item that his body really had a problem with. I suggested as homework that he experiments with different types of food to see what energy disturbances they bring up. We had our third phone call a week later and he was very happy to report that not only had a lot of food anxiety cleared but his body’s physical digestion was behaving a lot better as well. He felt positive that he had made big inroads into healing his physical and emotional body.


Life Line Healing with EMO

At the conference Detlev Tesch introduced a very interesting subject of healing your Life Line from conception through to your current age. At the conference I had a really big energy shift from my chest and stomach that related to just after birth and although I didn’t know what the blocks related to at the time of softening, the wisdom flowed in soon after. The blocks related to the fact that my mother wanted to feed me herself but the midwife bulldozed my mother’s ideas and insist she bottle feed me as I was a big baby. I suppose my mother could have stood up to her but she didn’t and I felt the energy related to my needs and my mother’s wants. Although I had been told this story by my mother I didn’t have an emotional tie in to it and was very surprised that there were any energy blocks about it at all. It left me with a deeper understanding of my mother who passed away 4 years ago. A rare gift indeed.

When I am experimenting with energy I know I can always rely on my very good friend Betty. I asked her if she’d be my guinea pig (willing victim!) to try out Detlev’s technique. At about 3 months after conception she felt a lot of energy outside of her skin, bearing down on her. We softened it and invited it in to her to see what wisdom there was to be gained. Amazingly it related to the fact that she was an unwelcome pregnancy during that particular part of her mother’s life. Her mother was not happy in her marriage and felt trapped as a result of being pregnant, just as Betty felt trapped by the energy that presented around her. Again, Betty knew the story about her mother’s early marriage but, like me, was not emotionally tied into it and so was surprised to find healing was needed here.

During the Master Class in June the attendees each had their own personal and amazing discoveries as we worked on the energy from conception to just after birth. If you would like to practice this technique please do come along to the next Master Class in September or contact Detlev directly at

Wishing you many EMO Adventures

Kim Bradley


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