Web Based MET Certification Training (C.P.GOE)

Web Based MET Certification Training (C.P.GOE) Using MET Therapies & Techniques With Clients - Web Based Practitioner Certification Training (C.P.AMT) with full Tutor support available now world wide through The Sidereus Foundation. Designed & written by Silvia Hartmann under advice from The Association For Meridian Energy Therapies. SF Special - Sign up before Oct. 31st and save $50 on the Installment program.

The next step in MET - this practitioner training is thorough, intensive and will give full grounding in the principles of Meridian Energy Therapy and how to use it in a professional setting with clients. Includes extensive addicitons set, trauma protocols, treatment strategies and much more.

As a distance training, this course includes live tutor support as well as many integral exercises and assignments that are carefully stepped to prepare the participant for actual work with vulnerable humans in a safe and ethical manner.

For details, please refer to http://www.sidereus.org

*Please note that this training is based around the original live design AMT practitioner certification training, the only comprehensive MET Practitioner training in the world. Copies of this training are being taught by unqualified and unlicensed persons who have illegally taken the basic course materials and without having a full understanding of the design principles behind this course.

*Only* licensed GoE trainers are teaching this material legally and with the ongoing support of the designing and certifying board. As there are steps being taken to legally bring the plagiarists to justice, we would warn anyone that certifications derived from sources using the GoE materials without license and permission might prove to be legally non-existent in the future and insufficient to secure practice insurance.

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