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GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Welcome New GoE Members - January 2016

Welcome New GoE Members - January 2016

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. The very first of 2016!

Please congratulate and welcome...

January 2016

Emine Aylin Atakır (EFT MP)
Hasibe Pınar Ballı (EFT MP)
Julie Bell (EFT MP)
Judith Biscof-Lutz (EMO MP)
Peter Braesigke (EMO MP)
Stefan Bruhin (EMO MP)
Regula Bühler (EMO MP)
Susanne Bur (EMO MP)
Andy Burri (EMO MP)
Tricia Cochrane (EFT MP & MSM)
Esen Dedeoglu (ET P, +EFT & EFT MP)
Gonca Denizci (EFT MP)
Andrea Desics (ET P)
Fiona Dilston (Trainer)
Andrea Engelbracht-Uhlig (ET P)
Veronique Erdelyi (ET P)
Hayriye Erhan (EFT MP)
Regina Flamm (EMO MP)
Vildan Göncü (EFT MP)
Elizabeth Ann Gourlay (+EFT, EFT MP & MSM)
Heinz Graf (EMO MP)
Gerando Hugentobler (EMO MP)
Janine Klüver (ET P)
Marianna Marty (EMO MP)
Monique Mathys (EMO MP)
Kelly Mayne (Trainer)
Marina Morgan (EFT MP)
Regula Möri (EMO MP)
Prabha Nagaraja (EFT MP)
Lau Nga Man (EHA Practitioner)
Zsuzsanna Orosz (ET AP & ET P)
Ferenc Pintér (ET AP & ET P)
Toni Porter (EHA Practitioner)
Michelle Robinson (EFT MP)
Suat SarioĞlu (EFT MP)
Eveline Schwizer (EMO MP)
Yasemin Serbest Drury (+EFT, EFT MP & EMO MP)
Sadullah Sönmez (EFT MP)
Noa Straumann (EMO MP)
Andrea Stuber (EMO MP)
Rob Van Overbruggen (MSM)
Jlona von Bueren (EMO MP)
Denise Wirth (EMO MP)
Donna Wirth (EMO MP)
Beyza Yücel (EFT MP)
Angelica Zemp (EMO MP)

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