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Well Being Quotient Session with ''Laura''

Dayawanti D'sa writes: I did a session in which we used the Well Being Quotient and Well Being Saturation Levels with a client who prefers to be addressed with the pseudonym "Laura" as the information shared is of such a personal nature. Here is her feedback on a WBQ session that she'd like to share with us all.

The Well Being Quotient will be taught at the PIVOT Seminar in Brighton, U.K. at a pre-conference Seminar on August 6th & 7th in the European Energy Psychology Energy Therapies Conference 2003. For more information, please download these free files here. There are testimonials of a different nature from each client - each pertaining to a different issue/problem, but essentially the energetic blocks in the chakras were cleared in all cases, bringing each client's Well Being Quotient up to 100%. The Energy 2003 Conference brochure and Registration information can be found here.

Love and blessings,


Dear Dayu,

I must tell you that I am feeling so free flowing after our Well-being Quotient/Saturation/Chakra balancing session we had this morning. I went into it thinking.....okay, I'm curious, I'll try it, without expectation. And what a surprise! You have my permission to submit any part of this letter as you see fit, as a testimonial of this wonderful process that you created.

I was really surprised to hear that all of my chakras below the throat coming from the Source were at 0%, and just as surprised that the energy coming in through the earth were at low percentiles of 10% and 15%. I was also surprised that the spiral energies emanating from the heart were also, spinning at 25%. As we systematically raised all of the chakra levels to 100%, and approached the root chakra, this is where we made the biggest discovery and a gem to me.

What I would like to share is how you skillfully and intuitively guided me through this major block at the root chakra, by explaining the problem thoroughly, so that I could see how it was being reflected in my outer world.

Little did I know that the very thing that was blocking me, was what I have been chipping away at for years, and didn't know how to resolve. The fact that you advised me that I needed to be conscious of the block at this particular chakra, brought about the whole healing. That in itself was a unique way of healing a long standing problem in my life. In the past, I would have just as soon used my iBSFF cue word and be done with it. I am so glad that you made me slow down and stop to take a look at it.

There was some personal information on the tape that I was transcribing, and while listening to the tape, I transcribed parts of what you explained to me. I guess I should explain to others that I realized that the block at my root chakra had to do with my relationship with my mate of 30 years. It dawned on me this morning (before I even knew we were going to have a session) that all the things I disliked about my mate must be the shadow side of myself that I am denying, and he is really serving purpose by reflecting that to me. (Where have I been?)

Other factors like being in our 60's, and closing down our business of 33 years, and not knowing where we would be getting our next income from, were also reasons for the root chakra to shut down. Of course, these issues were definitely affecting our relationship.

The following is part of the transcript as it related to treating the root chakra, and I am quoting you.

",,,,,Having the understanding that any thought or belief system that puts us outside of complete bliss, complete joy, is basically a perpetration, or a big fat lie. Most of our belief systems are not true, they are just belief systems that were created out of need in that moment of time, they had a positive intention in that moment, but they usually donโ€™t serve us beyond that original time. They have become survival mechanisms.

Having the energy flow exercise, having that expanded self consciousness, having the iBSFF, and knowing that our goal is to have that marriage between the inner feminine and the masculine, we can then very quickly just by allowing the energy to flow through and saying the code word, and by just coming from that place of love, very quickly and very soon understand what each part is trying to do, and allow all the parts to get their needs met simultaneously. It is like win-win.

Just explaining all of this has made it go up to 80%. It was at 0%, then 40%, now it is at 80%. Keep saying your code word, and send love to your inner masculine.

See if you can hear what it is trying to say. Ask it.....how have you been trying to help me all these years? What is it that you wanted to say that I havenโ€™t heard? What is it that you want to say that you would like me to hear? What changes do you want me to bring into my life? How can I be open to your needs? What are your needs? How can I help you? How can we help each other? How can we be a team?

I think it must be feeling heard because you just went to 100% in your root chakra."

And then, when you explained to me..... "when we work on our inner marriage of the masculine and the feminine, we will more than likely get what we want from our partner (under the Files section in the "In The Flow Research " List/YahooGroup). When our inner masculine and inner feminine stop meeting each other's needs, conflict usually shows up in our external relationships."

Boy, what a revelation, and what a healing. Once that was cleared, everything cleared so easily and quickly.

My well-quotient and saturation was operating at 100%, and I am feeling clear and flowing, relieved and glowing.

Thanks so much Dayu. Work well done.

Your Other, Laura

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Energy 2003

Join Daya's exciting new presentations at Energy 2003

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Brighton, U.K.

Preconference Seminar - Aug 6th,7th: MRT for SUCCESS: PIVOT
Including PIVOT Technique, Accurate MRT - Muscle Response Testing,
Well-Bring Quotient, Daily W-B Saturation Level, The Kalos Process,
Meridian Over-Energy Correction, The Perpetration Game, plus plus,
as well as a demo of D.E.P.T.H. - Daya's Energy Protocols for Thorough Healing
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Breakout Session - Aug 10th, 2003: Trust Index: Trusting Your Muscle-Testing Implicitly
When it comes to Applied Kinesiology, how do you know when you can trust your
muscle-testing implicitly and when you can't? Learn a parameter created by
Dayawanti D'sa for testing this called the Trust Index. Learn to identify when
your Trust Index is at its maximum level and when it is not - in other words,
when you can trust your muscle-testing and when you should not. Learn what
factors and variables affect muscle-testing and how you can bring those into
balance and harmony so that you bring a level of professionalism and accuracy
to your applied kinesiology for clients, for surrogate testing or for your own
self-testing - that leaves you and your clients with 100% confidence and trust
in your work. You will also learn the Conscious/Subconscious Alignment Index.
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