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What If...? - The Energy to Cope

What If...? - The Energy to Cope

Have you ever gone through periods in your life where everything seemed to be closing in on you as you coped with one problem after another? When we're in those kinds of situations, it's hard to see the way forward and it's easy to feel you're completely stuck. When the pressure descends, you can feel so embedded in your situation that it's hard to believe things could ever change. With so little space in your mind to think clearly, let alone make decisions, panic arises, spirits descend and trying to stay on an even keel becomes an exhaustive and perilous balancing act.

I've just described the darkest of these situations but there are various shades of grey around these areas which I'm sure I don't have to describe. They fall into the general category of events called "Challenges".

It's curious to note however, that often, no matter how much work you've done on yourself in the past, these are times when you may find you forget every single self-help tool you ever knew! I know....I've had it happen to me at times!! So why is it that you completely forget to use EFT on your problems or give yourself Reiki to ease the stress or use another therapy/technique you know could help? Well, perhaps it's because as the emotional intensity piles up, your feelings overwhelm you and it becomes very hard to stand back and see that you do in fact know what you could do to help yourself to begin to release the problem.

One of the best things you can do to open up a stuck and frozen mind is to ask yourself some questions starting with two magic little words which are: WHAT IF....? Try it and see. Its effect is akin to being in a dark room and someone suddenly letting in a little shaft of sunshine. "What if....? allows you to gain some access to your inner guidance and higher being again. You'll find it brings a bit of space to your cluttered mind, eases that tangle of pressure and emotions a little, and gives you the opportunity to begin to see there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

"What if I could believe there was a solution to this? What if I could just OPEN UP to that possibility? What if I allowed myself to trust there's a positive aspect to this situation? What if I could walk away from this problem and let it go? What if I could find the courage to say/do what I need to do/say? What if I could accept how things are and find peace? What if I allowed myself to trust there's a positive aspect to this situation?" These are the kinds of 'what if' questions to ask yourself.

If you couple statements along these lines which are appropriate to your issue with some EFT tapping, you're opening up your mind to infinite possibilities and that in itself starts to release some of the pressure. And if you haven't already learnt EFT – What if you allowed yourself to do so??

Remember that however bleak your situation might be, it's how you THINK about it that matters. No matter whether you've been betrayed, given a raw deal, or made a huge mistake - or whatever - - if you're only thinking about how bad things are, you're digging yourself more deeply into the problem.

I think it was Einstein who said : "you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness as it was created" (or words to that effect). It's so true! We so often make the mistake of trying to solve things in the same old way time after time and then wonder why we've still got a problem. Ultimately, you have to think outside of the box and come at it from a completely different point of view and thinking.

And a really good way of doing that is to use the magic words: "What if....?"

I'll tell you why.....the buzzword in energy psychology these days is "neuroplasticity". In simple terms, it means that research has shown that we can "re-wire" our thinking if we choose to do so (and EFT is a wonderful way of doing this). The ability to re-wire our brains means that we CAN change habits, we CAN change direction, we CAN change limiting beliefs, we CAN develop optimism and attract abundance and a happier life, etc. We are creatures of energy (which is what fills and fuels us and everything around us), so we resonate with the Universe which is also energy and whose laws of time and space are more flexible and malleable than we might think. Working with our energies to create transformation in our lives is the route to changing yourself and your world for the better.

Try it next time you find yourself bogged down with a seemingly insurmountable problem. By thinking in terms of "what if....?", you're opening yourself up to what Deepak Chopra calls the 'field of infinite possibilities' and – you never know – you might find yourself on the receiving end of a miracle!

Sally Topham, March 2014


Sally Topham – EFT Trainer and Practitioner, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EMO Practitioner and Meditation Teacher in North West London www.energyharmonix.wordpress.com

Author of Finding the River – The Energy Self-Help Manual for Surviving Life's Challenges

PLUS: MP3 – Guided Meditations and Healing Techniques from Finding the River

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