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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 88 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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What is BSFF? BSFF stands for Be Set Free Fast, which is a further acronym for Behavioural & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness, & Trauma. Its developer is Dr Larry Phillip Nims

What is BSFF?

BSFF stands for Be Set Free Fast, which is a further acronym for Behavioural & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness, & Trauma. Its developer is Dr Larry Phillip Nims, a highly-regarded and much-loved clinical psychologist, academic, author and international trainer. Basically, BSFF is a way of working with great precision and rapidity with the unconscious mind in order to have it perform healing tasks instantly. Trance is not necessary, and results are challenged and tested as part of the protocol.

Dr Nims originally developed BSFF as a "tapping therapy" which incorporated tapping on specific meridian points while directing the unconscious mind to eliminate the emotional roots and deepest causes of a particular aspect of a problem. The method was, some 7 years ago, the fastest, most gentle method ever devised. Two years ago, Dr Nims further refined his techniques to develop "Instant BSFF", a truly remarkable treatment method which can completely eliminate an aspect of a problem in just seconds. To become a therapeutic "magician" with BSFF of course requires live training, since every therapist has unconscious issues which actually get in the way of good provision of BSFF and need to be treated as part of the training. Nevertheless, here is the basic procedure:

1 Explain current emotional experience as a cumulative effect of all of our life experiences. When these experiences have been negative (as countless thousands certainly were for all of us) we call them "negative emotional roots" and the belief systems which spring from them are called "deepest causes".

2 Explain the role of the unconscious mind: the thousands of tasks it performs simultaneously every second of every day, its overriding rule structure which ensures our survival and well-being, its ability to comply with any order whatsoever, provided it does not attempt to override survival/well-being and is languaged appropriately. The unconscious mind is "our faithful servant". The unconscious mind is able to access every single negative emotional root and deepest cause of any problem, and can eliminate it. It will do this in such a way that nothing could ever make us want to take the problem back, passively or actively receive it back, or even be receptive to its coming back in any way, shape or form, ever. It is permanent. The client is instructed to choose a "code word" which will be used as the command to the unconscious mind to eliminate every single emotional root etc, instantly and permanently, such that the client merely need notice a problem, say "unconscious mind, treat that *code word*, and it is done.

3 Use ideomotor signals to ensure agreement with unconscious mind is in place.

4 Begin treatment.

Complicating factors (nevertheless dealt with very quickly) are stoppers (unconscious, incorrect survival coding, eg "I'll die if I stop being sad") and leftovers (eg issues relating to anger at self for having had the problem in the first place). These also need to be treated, if a factor.

Our book on BSFF cannot possibly be a substitute for live training, but is deliberately written in a format which closely follows the structure of a live training. It is probably as effective as a book can get in communicating a powerful therapy. Dr Nims' reference text and training videos are available from our site, www.lifeworks-group.com.au

Stoppers - Those Unconscious Blocks to Success - How Do We Deal With Them When We Don't Even Know What They Are?

Stoppers, those unconscious beliefs or attitudes that get in the way of achievement or healing, are easily dealt with, but in the meantime tend to be totally self-sabotaging! Absolutely all of us have stoppers - otherwise we'd already be who we wanted to be, have what we wanted to have, and feel what we wanted to feel, right now!

Sometimes the only way to eliminate stoppers is to first identify them via rapid questioning of the unconscious. Since the unconscious is such an obedient servant, it is generally a simple matter to then deal with the exposed stopper. In our clinic we use ideomotor work in the form of muscle testing to expose stoppers, often testing first for the most common, such as

"I don't want to get over this problem now"

"It's not safe for me to get over this problem now"

"I don't deserve to get over this problem now"

etc, and we treat and eliminate each of these stoppers using BSFF.

We also go looking for more stoppers, by testing the statement: "There is at least one more problem which prevents me from getting over this problem now" and also eliminate whatever number of "other" problems show up, without needing to know specifically what they are. The original problem is then treatable.

This has great implications for goal setting and the treatment of self-sabotage.

Christine Sutherland, April 2000


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